Wrestlemania 27 PPV: 1 million buys

April 29, 2011

Variety is reporting that the tentative numbers for the WWE’s annual supershow met expectations with 1 million PPV buys. The buy rate reflects a 30% increase in North America and 15% overseas.

The 1 million buys was helped by the return of The Rock to the WWE roster and the annual celebrity involvement, this time it was Snooki of the Jersey Shore. In 2009, the buy rate neared 1 million with 960K buys and 2010 received a disappointing 885K. 2010’s numbers probably spurred Vince McMahon to make a push for big talent. Hence, the return of The Rock. 

 Via Variety:

WrestleMania is the company’s single biggest moneymaker each year. Last year’s PPV earned $19 million; ticket sales to the Phoenix show chalked up another $5.8 million. But that was down from previous years. In 2008, Orlando’s ‘Mania earned nearly $24 million from PPV buys and another $6 million in ticket sales.

The recession recently caused consumers to reconsider ponying up $50 for WWE’s version of the Super Bowl, or save money by holding viewing parties, causing PPV buys to drop. Fans also complained storylines were weak leading up to the event.

Payout Perspective:

2011 will be an interesting year to see the direction of the WWE. Today, it announced that it has cut its dividend amid weaker financials. It recently changed its name and strategic direction. How much has MMA taken from the WWE’s audience? Is the WWE’s move into other arenas a sign of diversifying for its shareholders? Or, is it for a potential sale to another company (something I contend is unlikely)?

It will be interesting to compare UFC 129’s buy rate with that of Wrestlemania 27.  While many might balk at this comparison, it’s a nice sample of where people are spending their money.

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  1. Eric on May 2nd, 2011 5:53 AM

    What did Wrestlemania do in the U.S. Only, There’s no competition UFC to WWE when it comes to international buys. I’m guessing Wrestlemania did something like 600k domestic

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