Yankee uses MMA to get into shape for spring training

February 24, 2011

WSJ reports that new Yankee Catcher Russell Martin utilized mixed martial arts training to get into shape for spring training. Martin, a native of Montreal, used GSP’s gym to help him get into shape for baseball.

Via WSJ:

…Martin went over to the gym where Mr. St. Pierre trains, and sought out his world-renowned trainer, Jon Chaimberg.

Mr. Martin did not do any actual fighting or sparring. but he did watch the MMA fighters train, saw several fights and hung out with Mr. St. Pierre.

Payout Perspective:

Similar to the NBA’s Roy Hibbert, here is another example of ¬†a¬†professional athlete using MMA to get ready for their sport. The article ties in GSP since Martin, who is from Montreal, sought out MMA training in his hometown–and found where GSP trains.

The MMA fitness industry is growing along with the sport. Not only are we seeing the UFC get into the gym business, but there are fitness videos and a fitness magazine with a focus on an MMA workout.

H/T: Fight Lawyer

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  2. Simco on February 28th, 2011 9:55 AM

    Except he didn’t use MMA, he used a trainer who is most well-known for his association with MMA.

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