MMAterial Facts 07/19/10: FEG (K-1, DREAM) Plans for Global Domination

July 19, 2010

– FEG (K-1, DREAM) Plans for Global Domination

– Fans attracted to ‘forbidden fruit’ of violence (CNN)

– Death in the Cage: The Michael Kirkham Story

– Bout between Toney and Couture could bring boxing-vs.-MMA debate to head

– UFC’s Marshall Zelaznik Talks UFC 120, Global Expansion and More

FEG (K-1, DREAM) Plans for Global Domination

Mike Kogan, Director of FEG USA, on Friday told ( that the lucrative new deal between DREAM’s parent company, Fighting and Entertainment Group, and Shanghai-based investment bank PUJI Capital is an important step in regaining MMA’s foothold in Japan and the rest of the world.

But for DREAM to thrive, Kogan said it’s crucial that the company converts some of its fanbase to “a paying public.”  (MMAJunkie)



MMAPayout Notes:

1) PUJI CAPITALS Managing Partner’s Michael Chen was present at the press conference. He said that investment company PUJI Holdings (part of PUJI CAPITAL) was established 6 years ago. Their base is in Shanghai and they are expanding to Beijing and Singapore. The PUJI group cover a lot of ground in their projects like for example natural resources stuff (oil, coal, etc). By request from the Chinese government they are also expanding into Australia and Africa. (NOB)

2) Present were officials from Japan, China, and Korea, hoping to form a combat coalition to expand the DREAM and K-1 brand firmly into these countries and beyond, with the exception of the US since they believe the market is saturated and too developed at this time.

3) FEG Korea is currently in discussions to bring in Taekwondo practitioners recommended by the Taekwondo Association to make their K-1 debuts.  FEG want’s to have the full support of Korea, China, along with Japan for world class combat sport athletes to take part in K-1 and DREAM.

4) PUJI is currently in negotiations with the following:

Shanghai Media Group (SMG): The number one media management business in China.

Infront Sports & Media: Main office in Switzerland. Top 3 international sports marketing enterprise. They fix televising rights licenses for the FIFA world cup for example. (NOB)

5) About PUJI Wealth Management: Puji is a rapidly growing financial services and investment group, encompassing private equity, wealth management, property investment and mortgage broking services in the Peoples’ Republic of China and holds a portfolio of wealth management assets. Puji’s Property interests include a joint venture with the Constellation Hotel Group to develop and manage mid-tier hotels in China. Puji is also the largest mortgage broking group in Shanghai and a leading mortgage arranger for the Bank of China and ICBC.

Fans attracted to ‘forbidden fruit’ of violence (CNN)

In late June, a mixed martial arts fighter, Michael Kirkham, died two days after getting injured in a competition. His death, which is under investigation by the South Carolina athletic commission, brought attention to the controversial sport once likened to human cockfighting. This was the second death in the sport; another MMA fighter, Sam Vasquez, died in 2007. (CNN)

Death in the Cage: The Michael Kirkham Story

Michael Kirkham lost that amateur fight in Columbia, S.C., on April 24 via a technical knockout, a bout he lamented on Facebook should have resulted in the disqualification of his opponent. Kirkham was given an automatic 30-day medical suspension for the TKO loss, but it doesn’t appear that he followed up with a doctor.   (MMAFighting)

Bout between Toney and Couture could bring boxing-vs.-MMA debate to head

The 41-year-old Toney, a former boxing champion in three divisions, has signed on for his first mixed martial arts event Aug. 28 against former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight king Couture, 47. The rhetoric is already heating up.  (LA Times)

UFC’s Marshall Zelaznik Talks UFC 120, Global Expansion and More

It’s already been a busy year for Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC U.K. President and Managing Director of International Development, and the fall isn’t looking any easier. In October the UFC returns to England for the first time in nearly a year with UFC 120, and then later this year the UFC will once again turn its focus toward Germany. (MMAFighting)


UFC 119 Poster


Mike Kogan (Director of FEG USA):  “Just funds alone are not enough,” he said. “That’s one of the biggest reasons why all these MMA organizations that come out in the U.S., [such as] EliteXC, IFL and all these other places – even Bellator, I think Bellator is on their way out pretty soon – they think that you go get venture capital money, and you’re like, ‘OK, I’ve got 100 million dollars, I’m going to get all these people to fight each other and life will be good.’ Obviously, as its shown, that’s not true. (MMAJunkie)


  • UFC 119 gets four more bouts, Guillard vs. Stephens set for main card (MMAJunkie)
  • UFC 119 in Indianapolis gets Spike TV “UFC Prelims” special, after all (MMAJunkie)
  • Jake Shields signs with UFC, meets Martin Kampmann at UFC 121 (MMAJunkie)
  • Damm-Kujala Completes Aug. 13 Strikeforce Women’s Tourney (Sherdog)
  • Mir-Nogueira Rematch, 2 Other Bouts Official for UFC 119 (Sherdog)
  • Silva, Kharitonov, Overeem Shortlisted for Fedor (Sherdog)
  • Weekend Rundown: Starnes, Drysdale, Somdet Victorious (Sherdog)
  • Cain Velasquez Won’t Trade Trash Talk With Brock Lesnar (MMAFighting)
  • Somdet, Tsuchiya, Okazaki Retain Titles at The Way of Shooto 4 (MMAFighting)
  • Notes: Fading stars a sad sight (Yahoo! Sports)
  • “UFC Prelims” Special Returns For UFC 119 (Heavy)
  • Bellator 26 Set For Kansas City On August 26 (Heavy)


  • HDNet Fights Vault: 2009 World GP Final HL’s at 8:00 PM ET on HDNet (07/23/10)
  • Fighting Words with Mike Straka (Frankie Edgar) at 8:30 PM ET on HDNet (07/23/10)
  • Inside MMA at 9 PM ET on HDNet (07/23/10)
  • HDNet Fights: K-1 World MAX 2010 at 10 PM ET on HDNet (07/23/10)
  • Strikeforce Challengers: Del Rosario vs Mahe at 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime (07/23/10)


  • Strikeforce Challengers: Del Rosario vs Mahe at 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime(07/23/10)
  • HDNet Fights: K-1 World Max 2010 Final 10 PM ET on HDNet (07/23/10)
  • HDNet Fights: K-1 World GP 2010 at 10 PM ET on HDNet (07/30/10)
  • UFC on Versus 2 : Jones vs Matyushenko at 10 PM ET on Versus (08/01/10)
  • UFC 117 : Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen at 10 PM ET on PPV (08/7/10)
  • Bellator 24: Lombard vs Goodman on FSN (08/12/10)
  • Strikeforce Challengers: Riggs vs Taylor 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime (08/13/10)
  • HDNet Fights: KOTC: Imminent Danger at 9 PM ET on HDNet (08/13/10)
  • WEC 50: Cruz vs Benavidez at 9 PM ET on Versus (08/18/10)
  • Bellator 25 on FSN (08/19/10)
  • Strikeforce: King Mo vs Rafael Feijao at 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime (08/21/10)
  • Bellator 26 on FSN (08/26/10)
  • HDNet Fights: Sengoku Raiden Championships 14 on HDNet (08/27/10)
  • UFC 118: Edgar vs Penn 2 at 10 PM ET on PPV (08/28/10)
  • Bellator 26 on FSN (09/2/10)
  • UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Belcher at 9 PM ET on SPIKE TV (09/15/10)
  • UFC 119 : Minotauro Nogueira vs Frank Mir 2 at 10 PM ET on PPV (09/25/10)

4 Responses to “MMAterial Facts 07/19/10: FEG (K-1, DREAM) Plans for Global Domination”

  1. Machiel Van on July 20th, 2010 8:27 AM

    UFC 117 is on 8/7/10. The FEG expansion plans are interesting, but it sounds like the money won’t be in place for a few years. What is the market for professional combat sports like in Africa? I was surprised it was a major part of their global expansion plan.

  2. Machiel Van on July 20th, 2010 8:29 AM

    Also, Strikeforce: Houston is on 8/21/10.

  3. Jose Mendoza on July 20th, 2010 11:10 AM

    Thanks Machiel,

    Made the corrections and also updated with a few more UFC and Bellator dates.

    About the FEG chart and where they plan on attacking, I wouldn’t take it too serious. I think their point was that they are going to expand internationally. They themselves said that North America is not a place where it would make sense for them to go, yet it’s on the chart above. =)

    From what I heard, they will concentrate mostly on Europe and Asia for now.

  4. Bill hardiek on July 20th, 2010 12:46 PM

    Dream is the company that brought us the SuperHulk Tournament. They are a spectacle not a sport. FEG have been proven to have ties to the Japanese mafia. They are style but no substance. How many of their champs have a chance against a WEC or UFC champ? I would favor the Zuffa champ in every matchup. Japanese MMA is at the lowest point in recent memory, but Dream are trying to expand? How is this possible? I have seen it all and heard it all and read it all before. Bodog, EliteXC, Dream, Strikeforce, Affliction, IFL etc. Are coming after the UFC, who is still standing? The common thread amongst the above listed MMA orgs is this: lack of vision, poor management of resources, corruption and incompetence. UFC/Zuffa are none of these things.

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