Don King Issues Cease and Desist with Shine Fights

May 5, 2010

According to, Don King Promotions has issued a cease and desist order to Shine Fight Promotions on the grounds that Ricardo Mayorga is contractually obligated to fight exclusively for Don King. Mayorga is set to fight Din Thomas on May 15th at Shine Fights 3: Worlds Collide.

Don King Productions has become aware that an entity known as Shine Fight Promotions recently announced their intention to present a match showcasing former three-time world champion Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga.


Don King Productions has a valid promotional contract granting the right of exclusive representation of Ricardo Mayorga and has advised Shine Fight Promotions accordingly.

Payout Perspective:

Mayorga sued Don King in September of 2009 for failure to perform (arrange an adequate amount of fights) and for violation of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act (citing a conflict of interest). There’s no indication that suit has been settled yet, but there’s obviously some bad blood lingering; the idea that King just became aware of Mayorga’s fight one week prior to the event is more than convenient.

Regardless of what the deal is between King and Mayorga, Shine Fights is likely to pay the cost. The promotion has been marketing this fight for nearly two months and just about to ramp things up for fight week; without the main event, they’ll be in tough to garner much interest for the PPV.

7 Responses to “Don King Issues Cease and Desist with Shine Fights”

  1. JJ on May 5th, 2010 9:44 AM

    I’ve always been a little bit surprised with the talent in these shows, good fights with great ATT prospects. It will be good with or without the main event from a fan perspective, however from a promotional aspect it’s a nightmare.

    Maybe this is the scenario that will focus more light on the Ali Reform act and whether it can be applied to MMA. Couture got kind of close, but had too much to lose by not competing and probably not enough money. Hopefully Mayorga has the money to fight it if he chooses to do so, it’s not like he’s got a bright MMA career to lose. Although fighting Don King in court is probably the same as Dana White–hard to win.

    This is somewhat like the Anderson Silva wanting to box, but White won’t let him.

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  3. Brain Smasher on May 5th, 2010 4:09 PM

    I dont like the Ali act. Atleast for MMA. Anderson Silva should not be allowed to Box when he is under contract with the UFC. The UFC spneds a lot of time and money making fighters into larger than life athletes. Its important than the fighter doesnt do something stupid to ruin it. Silva going into uncharted water and gettign KOed ruins his image the UFC built and depends on for PPV buys and other revenue. Couture was and is just a greedy person. Him leaving the UFC to fight Fedor was simply because eh was greedy. That was the third time he held out in the UFC during his career over money. Basically he expected the UFC to follow the contract agreed on but he dont have to. If you cant honor a contract dont sign it. Its that simple.

    Also the UFC migtht not be lumped into the Ali act. Ali Act was for boxers because there is no league or organization to govern the fighters. The UFC is for all intent and purposes a self contained league.

    In the case of Mayorga. It seems King breached his contract by not getting him fights. King can not disallow a fighter to earn a living. So he dont have a leg to stand on if this is true. But Mayorga needed to clear this up before fighting in MMA. Which due to slow legal process would have given King what he wanted and that is Mayorga not being able to work in Boxing or MMA.

  4. brain smasher2 on May 6th, 2010 12:31 AM

    to brain smasher you say King didnt give mayorga fights so the contract was breached..because he is deprived of earning a living…well if we are talking about earning a living whats the difference with the ufc contract that you are defending? how many fights does a regular ufc fighter get in a year? they have 200 fighters with contracts… divide what they earn by 12 thats theyre monthly salary..the fact that anderson silva who is the P4P champ and one of the very few highly paid talent….wants to do boxing for money just shows you he is not payd enought….he probably gets 250T fighting in the ufc………….also even if king didnt get mayorga enough fights he still earned tons of money way way way more than brock lesnar ..for fighting dela hoya,trinidad,and there is no comparison
    what i see here is you just dont want an mma fighter to jump over to boxing because they would not do love mma so much that you dont want your sport reputation to get ruined but how about the fighters? they need money too..they want to be rich like mayweather,pacquiao,tyson dela hoya,klitchko,hell even a journey man like peter mc neeley got 1 million dollars just to get flattend by tyson 15 yrs agoetc…etc… they dont want to put up gyms and dojo and be a coach to make end meet(pretty pathetic if your 50 and still an instructor lol)…an athletes career is very short and they should make the most out of it
    .common sense dictates boxers get paid more and have more promotions worldwide so they can make more money fighting full time…..people who says they fight for glory are young guys or people with no ambition…but for anderson who is in his last couple of years of fighting theyre thinking of financial security….

  5. Brain Smasher on May 6th, 2010 6:45 PM

    You are confusing WANTING more money with the right to earn a living. No employer can prevent you from making a living. Next i didnt accuse King of anything. That is what Mayorga is claiming. King didnt give him the emount of fights he was contracted to or any fights at all so he cant make ANY money.

    Silva isnt being forced to be inactive. Just because he wants to boxing(which has nothing to do with money) dont mean the UFC is keeping him from making a living. You cant breach your contract just because you can make more money with a compeitior. If Silva had a contract that requires the UFC to offer him at least 2 fights per year and he hasnt fought in 14 months you might have a point.

    Strengthen your reading comprehension please.

    Before you talk about how much boxers make compared to MMA and not wanting to run gyms at 50. You might want to look into how many “millionaire” boxers are bankrupt. Why are so many former boxing champs going to K-1 over the years? Why was Botha in K1 and MMA? Mercer, Briggs, now Toney? Because they need money or looking for a challange. The same reasons MMA guys want to box.

    BTW, if you think Silva would make more money as a boxer than in MMA then you are a moron. At best Silva would have 1 big fight. Since he has always been known as a HORRBILE PPV draw i dont see anyone buying his boxing match. If he loses his ability to make money boxing is over.

  6. travel on May 8th, 2010 2:27 AM

    there is no connection between boxer millionaires being bankrupt and the fact that they made tons of money in theyre career..they wasted theyre millions that they earned…where they spent it is another story…facts mike tyson made 500 million dollars in total throughout his career.he blew it away different story.thats his fault but he did get that much money.on the other hand delahoya got 80 million dollars total with his fight with mayweather but he had good business sense and has a promotional company,a soccer team and now has a real estate project worth 300 milion…THE POINT is that the RECIEVED the said money in theyre profession as a boxer…
    boxers who jump to mma cant get big fights anymore in boxing mayorga . in his last 7 fights mayorga lost 4 of it by K.O. and hes 37 years old…toney is 41 years old and in his last 7 fights won only 3…and botha also won 3 on his last 7 fights and is also 41…….
    anderson silva is at he’s peak with 12 consecutive wins and is 35 years of age..
    so its definitly not the challenge for boxers but they do it for payday because boxing promoters wont give them anymore lucrative fights or even worthwhile fights…
    on the other hand anderson is the p4p champ in mma…why would be the reason for that…because boxing has really more money…how come the ufc has more ppv buys but cant pay higher…because boxing has all the international rights that they sell all over the world.
    .each of those countries pay broadcast rights to boxing promoters.thats why you see all those foreigner analysts with theyre tv monitors in boxing events at ringside but you dont see them in ufc fights.

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