UFC 115: "Good to Go" in Vancouver

March 31, 2010

TeamRadio in Canada is reporting that the UFC and Vancouver Athletic Commission have settled their differences and UFC 115 should be “good to go” now in Vancouver.

The UFC has sorted out its issues with the city of Vancouver, clearing the way for a show in June.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the on-again, off-again card will take place June 12 at GM Place.

A three hour meeting was held last night between the Vancouver Athletic Commission and Mr. Hammel, the Assistant Director of Vancouver’s Licensing and Animal Conrol Division.  The meeting was described as one where some big hurdles were cleared but still far from being out of the woods.  Vancouver MMA proponent Paul Lazenby reported details of last night’s meeting:

The VAC’s actions have cut through enough red tape to keep our hopes alive for now, with the next step being a meeting of City Council on April 6, at which the city will decide whether or not to allow the UFC to come to Vancouver in the wake of the VAC’s passed motions, approval of Zuffa’s promotional application and agreement to the date and place of the event. Mr. Tweedale stated after the meeting that: “Given the conditions and procedures for combat sports events as required by the Commission, as endorsed at last night’s meeting, the June UFC event should be going ahead–absent deliberate interference.”

The Canadian Press now also confirms the news:

With insurance a major sticking point, the UFC played hardball and the MMA juggernaut appears to have won the day.

There was talk Monday of moving the show to Cincinnati. That was followed by the UFC giving city officials 24 hours to sort out the issue or else, according to a source.

As mentioned above, a major sticking point was insurance money,  with the city reportedly seeking up to $12 million in insurance for the event.  One of the motions passed in last nights meeting was reducing the cost of insurance for combat sport events and combat athletes:

… the level of insurance needed for combat sport events at $5 million, and then set the level of individual insurance needed by combat athletes at $100 000 (and not even that is required of athletes covered by BC Medical). It was also established that matters of financial security would be the sole responsibility of the VAC.

Though it appears all hurdles have been cleared, the Vancouver City Council will still need to meet on April 6 to vote on whether to allow the UFC to come to Vancouver with regards to the new motions passed in last night’s meeting.

Payout Perspective:

UFC 115 will bring a good amount of revenue to the city of Vancouver and to the UFC.  Though there were a good amount of hurdles to overcome in order to host UFC 115 in Vancouver, in the end, both parties will benefit greatly through the latest VAC motions passed and the City’s willingness to allow MMA to be regulated and hosted.  I don’t think we are out of the woods yet, as there are still a good amount of MMA opponents in Vancouver, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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