Lawsuit Filed in Couture-Affliction Dispute

November 12, 2008 has learned that a lawsuit was filed this morning in Las Vegas by Kim Couture, wife of Randy Couture, against Affliction owner Todd Beard. The suit alleges that Beard threatened Couture and seeks a restraining order preventing Beard or others working in concert with Beard from interacting, communicating and/or having any contact with Couture, including attending the events surrounding UFC 91 this weekend at the MGM Grand. A temporary restraining order was granted by a judge this morning.

In support of this request, the complaint includes a summary of a private background check on Beard. The background check allegedly discovered Beard to be a five-time felon with prison and jail time served. Among the offenses Beard allegedly committed are forgery, fraud, domestic abuse, and DUI. The complaint also alleges that Beard appeared in a Los Angeles court room just last week on a charge of threatening another’s life.

The alleged threat to Couture took place on Friday, October 17. The following Monday the infamous Affliction-UFC conference call took place during which Beard and Lorenzo Fertitta were reportedly involved in a shouting match. The next day Beard made a highly publicized appearance on the Scott Ferrall show on Sirius Satellite radio.

Randy Couture is business partner of Beard and Affliction as co-owners of the Xtreme Couture clothing mark. However, the relationship has become increasingly hostile since Couture’s decision to return to the

UFC. This suit appears to mark the beginning of the end of that relationship.

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