Bellator 128 Live + 3: 731,000 viewers

October 15, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from Nielsen sources that the Live +3 adjusted viewership ratings from this past Friday reflect a raise to 731,000 viewers.  The peak, which occurred at 10:06 pm, increased to 990,000 viewers including the Live +3 number.

Bellator 128 DVR

Payout Perspective:

The increase in viewership is comparable to the past events this season.  The Live +3 average is at 749,500 and the peak Live +3 is slightly over 1.1 million.  Through six events in this season, it is slightly behind the 10th season average of 786,000 but is ahead of the 1 million viewer average of last season.

Bellator 128: 668,000 viewers

October 14, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from Nielsen sources that Bellator 128 this past Saturday drew 668,000 viewers with a peak of 946,000 viewers.

Bellator 128

In the main event, Joe Warren upset Eduardo Dantas to win the Bantamweight title.

Payout Perspective:

The season live average is now up to 685,500 with a live peak of slightly over 966,000 viewers.  Viewership was up for the first time in the past three events for season 11.   The peak also returned to the mid 900s.  Bellator competed with the MLB playoffs on TBS which led the night on cable Friday with close to 6 million viewers.  Notably WWE Smackdown did 2.67 million on SyFy Friday.

WSOF 14: 229,000 viewers

October 14, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that World Series of Fighting14 this past Saturday drew an average of 229,000 viewers on the NBC Sports Network.

WSOF Ratings 1-14 (1-10 and 12-14 on NBC Sports Network)

WSOF 1 – 198,000 viewers

WSOF 2 – 210,000 viewers

WSOF 3 – 201,000 viewers

WSOF 4 – 264,000 viewers

WSOF 5 – 227,000 viewers

WSOF 6 – 161,000 viewers

WSOF 7 – 94,000 viewers

WSOF 8 – 212,000 viewers

WSOF 9 – 242,000 viewers

WSOF 10 – 365,000 viewers

WSOF 11 – 781,000 viewers (NBC)

WSOF 12 – 206,000 viewers

WSOF 13 – 246,000 viewers

WSOF 14 – 229,000 viewers.


Payout Perspective:

Disappointing ratings for WSOF”s latest offering which had Ryan Ford and Jake Shields squaring off in the main event.  Certainly, one would have wished that WSOF could have put on a better card considering it was the only MMA event on this past Saturday.   Of course, it was competing with MLB (Cards-Giants, which drew 5M viewers in reported fast nationals per TV By the Numbers), NASCAR and Ole Miss-Texas A&M which all aired within the same block as WSOF on NBC Sports.  A re-air of the event can be seen tonight on NBCSN per company press release.

Bellator 127 Live + 3 increases slightly to 670,000

October 8, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Nielsen source that the adjusted viewership for Bellator 127 on Friday drew up just 61,000 viewers to 670,000.  The live +3 peak was up to 886,000 viewers which made it the lowest of the season.

Bellator 127 DVR

Payout Perspective:

It’s the smallest increase this season for Bellator as the overall viewership for this event was the lowest of the season.  The peak viewership was the lowest of the season and the first under 1 million.  Overall, it looks like baseball took away from Friday’s show.

TUF 20 Episode 4 Live +3: 813,000 viewers

October 8, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that the adjusted viewership for last Wednesday’s TUF 20 Episode 4 drew an additional 236,000 viewers an ended with 813,000 total viewers reflecting an increase of 41%.

Episode 1 – 536,000 viewers; 831,000 viewers

Episode 2 – 574,000 viewers; 946,000 viewers

Episode 3 – 433,000 viewers; 791,000 viewers

Episode 4 – 577,000 viewers; 813,000 viewers

TUF 20 Episode 4 DVR

Payout Perspective:

This was the lowest increase in adjusted viewership from DVRs of this season. The average increase from live to live+3 is 315,000 viewers which is much more than Bellator has seen in adjusted viewership. The live + 3 average is 845,000.

UFC Fight Night 54 on FX: 413K, but last hour does well on FS1

October 7, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 54 which aired on multiple Fox networks due to MLB baseball drew a final overnight viewership number of 1,267,000 in the last hour of the event if you include viewership on both FX and FS1.

The event was simulcast on both stations as FX aired the complete UFC Fight Night card from Halifax while FS1 aired the last hour after the Washington Nationals-San Francisco Giants extra, extra inning game.

Broken down, the 3 hour and 2 minute main card on FX received an overall viewership of 413,000 and scored 0.20 in the overall adults 18-49 demo, 0.28 in the males 18-49 and 0.27 in the males 18-34.  When the fights were switched onto FS1, there was a boost in viewership as that block received 799,000 viewers and scored 0.50 in the adults 18-49 demo, 0.71 in males 18-49 and 0.56 in males 18-34.

In addition, the prelims for UFC Fight Night 54 received a viewership of 102,000 in the 2 hour block on Fox Sports 2.

Payout Perspective:

I would say that we’d have to throw out the ratings for this night as MLB took it over on FS1.  Still, to have 799,000 viewers tune into the last hour of the event likely meant a residual amount of people stayed and watched the fights.  One would think that a great deal of the 413,000 viewers on FX were UFC fans (and not just people too lazy to turn their channel) that found the event after it was moved.  The DVR numbers may not do much here since many people that wanted to watch the fights on FS1 wound up with a lot of baseball.

Bellator 127: 609,000 viewers

October 7, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that Bellator 127 which took place last Friday drew an overnight viewership of 609,000 viewers which is down 7 percent from the previous week.  The peak of 780,000 viewers occurred during the main event in which Daniel Straus ended Justin Wilcox in round 1.

Friday night’s 5th episode of season 11 for Bellator drew a 0.36 rating in the men 18-34 demo which was up 29% from the previous week.  The peak occurred at 10:41 p.m.

Bellator 127 live

Bellator 127 included some familiar names including Karo Parisyan, Rob Emerson and Kendall Grove.

Payout Perspective:

The MLB Playoffs on TBS and FS1 as well as ESPN College Football (BYU-Utah St.) likely drew away some of the viewership from Friday’s Bellator event.  The season average is now at 689,000 viewers and the average peak is slightly over 970,000.

TUF 20 Episode 4: 577K viewers marks season high

October 2, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Nielsen source indicates that last night’s episode 4 of The Ultimate Fighter season 20 received 577,000 viewers Live + same day. Wednesday’s episode received the largest audience for the season.

Episode 4 featured Carla Esparza as she tapped out Angela Hill in the first round of the fight of the episode.

TUF 19 Episode 8 Graph

Of note, this season’s TUF average is up from last season through four episodes (433,500 vs. 530,000).  Also, the rerun of episode 3 which preceded the new episode drew 194,000 viewers which is up about 15% above the average of all TUF repeats in that time slot.

Payout Perspective:

Notably, Anthony Pettis was not on the show as Urijah Faber filled in for Showtime.  Perhaps I was paying attention more last night, but I thought the background on both fighters was excellent.  In addition to exceeding last season’s live ratings, it is also averaging 850,000 viewers in its DVR +3 day adjusted ratings versus last season’s average of 769,000 (through 3 episodes).

Bellator 126 Live + 3 up to 687,000 viewers

October 1, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Nielsen source that Bellator 126’s adjusted viewership increased to 687,000 viewers.  The peak also went up to 1,011,000 viewers at 10:53 p.m.

Bellator 123 – 687,000, live; 979,000 live peak – 777,000, live +3; 1,193,000 live +3 peak

Bellator 124 – 771,000, live; 1,200,000 live peak – 836,000, live +3; 1,429,000 live +3 peak

Bellator 125 – 742,000, live; 947,000 live peak – 796,000, live +3; 1,120,000 live +3 peak

Bellator 126 – 656,000, live; 946,000 live peak – 687,000, live +3; 1,011,000 live +3 peak

Bellator 11th Season - 126 DVR

Payout Perspective:

This week’s adjusted viewership represents the lowest increase this season.  However, the peak viewership drew it up over 1 million viewers.  The live peak + 3 viewership average drew to 1,188,000 viewers.

TUF 20 Episode 3 Live +3: 791,000 viewers

October 1, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Nielsen source that the adjusted viewership rating for last week’s #TUF episode 3 drew an additional 358,000 viewers.  The additional viewership increased 83% from 433,000 to 791,000.

TUF 20 Ep 3 DVR

Episode 1 – 536,000 viewers; 831,000 viewers
Episode 2 – 574,000 viewers; 946,000 viewers
Episode 3 – 433,000 viewers; 791,000 viewers

Payout Perspective:

The numbers for the third episode bring up the adjusted viewership average which includes DVR viewership for the 3 days after the live event to 856,000 viewers. The Live +3 rating for TUF 19, episode drew 723,000 viewers in comparison to this year’s 791,000 viewers.

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