MMA Payout Year in Review: No. 5 – PFL debuts

December 30, 2018

The Professional Fighters League began its first season this year and will end it on New Year’s Eve in New York.  Although the PFL has re-emerged from WSOF with a novel “season” with winners having a chance at $1 million, it still is suffering from lack of viewership according to its ratings.

The good news is the PFL found a television partner in NBC Sports Network.  It also had a concept which was intriguing as the fighters fought tournament style earning points with fighters entering the playoffs and a final in each of the weight divisions.

In August, it was reported that comedian Kevin Hart and several other famous Hollywood stars had invested $28 million in the PFL.  Hart even did a video promo for its playoffs this past October.

The new investors that took over include investment banker Russ Ramsey, venture capitalists Donn Davis and Mark Leschly and D.C. sports franchise owner Ted Leonis.

The PFL season started this past summer with playoffs occurring in October.  It will culminate on Monday, December 31st.  Despite the financial security it may have with its investors, the viewership of the events has been dismal as not one event has surpassed 200,000 viewers.  The ratings are smaller than WSOF events on NBC Sports Network.

With such notable investors, we will see what strategies they take to attempt to turn the tide for the organization.

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