UFC calls report of UFC 225 PPV buys “material misrepresentation”

June 15, 2018

The UFC has refuted an LA Times report that UFC 225 scored just less than 150,000 PPV buys.  UFC attorney Hunter Campbell told the LA Times that the number was a “material misrepresentation” of the actual buys and short by “something in excess of six figures” although he did not provide an actual figure.

UFC 225 featured Robert Whittaker taking on Yoel Romero in a non-title middleweight fight after Romero missed weight.  It also had Colby Covington take on Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title.

The report of less than 150,000 buys would be a disappointment for the UFC considering it was one of the better cards this year.

Payout Perspective:

In general, the legal definition of a material misrepresentation is the act of intentional hiding or fabrication of a material fact which, if known to the other party, could have terminated, or significantly altered the basis of, a contract, deal, or transaction.  But, truth would be a defense to a claim of material misrepresentation.  Moreover, the UFC would have to prove that the industry source intentionally knew the PPV price and then gave a false number.

Having an attorney come out to refute a report and then provide the legal term “material misrepresentation” is a bit ominous.  Certainly, if the reports were not true, its within the right of the UFC to respond.  But, to provide a response with actually correcting the number seems short of a full explanation.  Being “six figures” short could mean that it did less than 150,000 as well as doing six figures more than 150,000 buys.  The inference here in the response is the possibility for legal action if there are inaccurate reports.  But, how do we know that they are inaccurate if not provided the real number.

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