McGregor sued by security guard stemming from UFC 202 bottle throwing incident

September 10, 2017

Conor McGregor is being sued by a security guard that claims he was hit by a can at the infamous bottle-throwing back and forth with Nate Diaz and his entourage at UFC 202.

A report from web site The Blast, was the first to report the lawsuit which claims that the security guard was hit in the back by a can.  He claims to have incurred $5,000 in medical bills and is requesting at least $95,000 based on McGregor’s reported salary of $15 million.

McGregor and Diaz were both fined by the Nevada Athletic Commission for their parts in the press conference incident that took place in August 2016 at the Copperfield Theatre in Vegas.

ESPN reports that the lawsuit was filed in March 2017 by the security guard against McGregor and his sports and entertainment company.  A motion to dismiss the lawsuit was denied in May.

Payout Perspective:

This will be an interesting lawsuit.  First, it seems that this has gone under the wire for a while which is interesting because you would think that this would have surfaced last month during The Money Fight hype.  When I used to do personal injury law, a favorable settlement was between 3 and 5 times the medical bills.  Here, it appears that he is requesting nearly 20 times the medical bills.  Notably, this case was not thrown out by the judge so there is a possibility that McGregor will need to go through discovery in this case.  However, one has to think that a settlement is being negotiated but the sides are far apart at this point.

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