TUF Episode 6: 611,000 viewers

May 28, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that last week’s controversial TUF episode scored the highest ratings of the season with an average viewership of 611,000 viewers per a Nielsen source. It was 32% higher than its season average of 464,000.

Last Wednesday’s episode was hyped up by the UFC and some MMA media for its controversial ending. Hopefully, I do not spoil it for you but the crux of the controversy was the win by Roger Zapata of Team Penn over Ian Stephens of Team Edgar. In the first round, Stephens used his wrestling to control Zapata on the ground despite not inflicting much damage. Zapata did better in the second round despite Stephens taking him down. The third and final round saw Stephens control Zapata on the ground yet not doing much again. Zapata attempted elbows but was docked a point by ref Steve Mazzagatti as he deemed them illegal. Mazzagatti had alerted Zapata of the elbows earlier in the fight but this set off Dana White who left before the fight ended.

In the end, despite having a point deducted Zapata won which threw everyone for a loop. In one of the more confusing explanations and processes to declare a winner, the judges were told to circle who won the fight due to the fact that two judges had the fight a draw and one of the judges decided that Stephens won. So, Zapata ended up winning.

TUF Episode 6 Live + SD Graph

Payout Perspective:

There was much hype for this episode and it looks like that people tuned in to see what the talk was all about. The fight and subsequent winner may be a comment on the style of fights the UFC wants (i.e., no lay and pray). Yet, when watching you have to scratch your head as to how Zapata ended up winning despite losing a point. The end result: the best ratings of the season.

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