DVR numbers help TUF 19 Ep. 2

April 30, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Nielsen source that the second episode of The Ultimate Fighter 19 scored a DVR +3 rating of 628,000 viewers.  This is almost doubles the overnight rating of 320,000 viewers.

Episode 1: 595,000, overnight; 861,000 DVR +3

Episode 2: 320,000, overnight; 628,000 DVR +3

TUF 19 DVR rating

Payout Perspective:

It’s clear from the DVR +3 ratings is that most people are recording the show for later.  The takeaway is to not freak out when the overnight number comes out because it’s likely that the number will move up considerably.

6 Responses to “DVR numbers help TUF 19 Ep. 2”

  1. BrainSmasher on April 30th, 2014 10:26 PM

    I wouldn’t say most people. But there is, according to these two numbers, about 300,000 who are recording every episode.

  2. billy on May 1st, 2014 4:38 AM

    TUF 18 was gaining 300k viewers with DVR +3 too, so the numbers are still way down compared to last season.

  3. Diego on May 1st, 2014 6:32 AM

    People are catching on that the best way to view reality TV is to DVR it and fast forward to the fights. That’s pretty much true of all reality TV.

  4. Saldathief on May 2nd, 2014 5:40 AM

    Just because someone DVR’s a program doesn’t actually mean they watch it! Once again flawed inaccurate data .

  5. Dudebro on May 2nd, 2014 10:48 AM

    Why is it taking so long for the Episode 3 ratings to be released?

  6. assassin on May 3rd, 2014 1:28 PM

    Diego – Correct. That is all I do now is fast forward to fights unless I see something interesting (watched a few minutes of Gracie).

    Salad – The metric is measured on when you view Same Day is most preferable as it is considered a pure timeshift. Industry is fighting that DVR +3 days has value but tht remains to be seen. If you watch something 3 days after you tape it, do you still watch the commercials?

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