HBO wins head to head versus Showtime

January 29, 2014

HBO Boxing almost doubled the television ratings of Showtime Boxing in a head to head face off on Saturday night.  Both boxing events ran up against each other and a portion of UFC on Fox 10.

HBO’s Boxing After Dark series featured Mikey Garcia taking on Juan Carlos Burgos taken by Garcia.  The broadcast scored an average of 777,000 viewers from its HBO subscriber base.  Showtime Boxing featured Lamont Peterson vs. Dierry Jean which averaged just 390,000 viewers from its Showtime subscribers.  Peterson took the fight in the Showtime main event.

(H/t:  Boxing Scene via Neilsen Media Research)

Payout Perspective:

HBO has more subscribers than Showtime so we might just dismiss the comparison.  Yet, it’s an interesting look at a rare head-to-head between boxing programming on the two premium channels.  Admittedly, these two shows are for boxing fans as the main events are not mainstream names that would move the dial for the casual viewer.  It does show that boxing is becoming more prevalent on television which should be good for fight fans.

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