White takes TUF Finale to The Hard Rock

November 22, 2012

MMA Junkie confirmed reports that Dana White moved The Ultimate Final Finale from The Palms to The Hard Rock due to a personal issue with the Hotel and Casino.  White’s credit limit was cut in half at The Palms which made White decide to take his business elsewhere.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal originally reported the fallout between White and The Palms.  White had signed an exclusive deal to run TUF Finals at its venue since 2007.
The Palms cut White’s credit in half which precipitated the issue  White was a big spender at The Palms as he spent up to $20K on dinners and tipped up to $10K to staff.

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Payout Perspective:

This is more of a public relations issue for The Palms than White.  It is White’s right to take his business elsewhere if he has an issue with the business.  The Palms likely weighed the financial issue versus the public perception.  Realistically, The Palms was not making much out of the TUF finals considering the small venue and number of comps.  The only real revenue it could make would be to the influx of fans frequenting the casino, bars and restaurants at The Palms the night of the fight.  The Palms only concern was dealing with an angry White once he learned his credit was cut.  He was a long-time partner and spent a lot of money there.  But, if The Palms could no longer extend the credit, there’s not much it could have done to stop White from leaving.

3 Responses to “White takes TUF Finale to The Hard Rock”

  1. Brain Smasher on November 23rd, 2012 1:11 AM

    Im sure there was some value in having the Palms mentioned and seen on the Finale broadcast too. It sure doesnt hurt to get that exposure and their name out there during the show. Not sure what if any return on that would be. But in the end if they felt they where making money off it they would have kept the credit limit the same im sure. Just one of those things both parties had to do what was in their best interest.

  2. JUICE on November 23rd, 2012 2:37 AM

    We don’t know The Palms financial position so who is to say? I think the palms was foolish to let the UFC get away.

  3. Ironbuddha on November 25th, 2012 12:35 PM

    The Palms has been getting crushed lately by both Wynn dominating the nightclub scene, and The Cosmopolitan being the new spot for 21-35 year olds. That was The Palms market: The Real World, Rain, UFC fights, concerts. It used to be impossible to park there on the weekend. Now it’s impossible to park at The Cosmopolitan.

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