Bellator will implement rematch clause in 2013

November 26, 2012

MMA Fighting reports that Bellator Fighting Championships will modify its current tournament structure to allow for championship rematches.  The rematch clause should help bring exciting fights, storylines and recognizable names to its move to Spike TV.

On the Bellator web site, Bjorn Rebney wrote a letter to fans explaining of the slight change to the organization’s tournament format.

Payout Perspective:

The change for Bellator will aid in its transition to Spike TV.  The best scenario for Bellator would be an exciting title fight with the champion losing his belt and for a rematch to occur within a short span after the first fight.  Thus, Bellator could capitalize on the buzz of the first fight by heavily promoting the rematch.  It also would enable new viewers to familiarize itself with its fighters.  This move is programming driven to ensure that it hits the ground running (i.e. ratings) on Spike TV.

2 Responses to “Bellator will implement rematch clause in 2013”

  1. Brain Smasher on November 27th, 2012 3:38 PM

    Can they lose anymore credibility? They are losing their top talent because they refused to let former champs avoid tournaments. Not they create a loophole to allow it ONLY when they want to or to make money. Let me guess. When there is a champ they like who is marketable there wont be a rematch. When the guy they dont like when they issue a rematch? So everyone has to earn a title shot through tournaments unless we dont like the outcome of a fight and we want a do over!

    Bellator choose their format and now they are finally seeing what anyone with a half a brain saw long ago and now they are dropping it one piece at a time. You cant give fans the fight they want in this model. You cant build stars or keep champs active.

    Is this “new” policy a reaction to Eddie Alverez refusing to go through the tournament for a title shot and now being a free agent and wanting to leave? Hard to say. I predict Belltor will run these rematches into the ground when they use it as a filler to bridge the gap for the champ. The champs are often waiting for ever for a tournament to finish before they can fight. Now Belltor will issue pointless rematches to buy time for a tournament to finish. Basically their format doesnt work and this is a bandaid. Just patching holes on a slowly sinking ship. Within 2 years they will be down to running regualr shows like everyone other promotion with tournaments on the side. If they are in business at all!

  2. Dfdfdfd on November 27th, 2012 10:06 PM

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