Despite UFC 151, Xyience event a success

September 5, 2012

Despite the loss of UFC 151, sponsor Xyience held its Xenart event in Las Vegas on Friday, August 31st.  The event was well attended and winners for the Xenart contest were announced.

According to Xyience spokesperson, Stephanie Forte, there were well over 200 people at the event held at the Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art in Las Vegas.  “So, in the end, the cancellation of UFC 151 did not impact the event as one would perhaps anticipate,” said Forte.

“We were thrilled to be able to bring together the art and MMA communities to celebrate the XenArt artists and our new beverages,” said John Lennon, XYIENCE’s president. “Congratulations to our winning artists and a sincere thanks to all of those who participated in the XenArt contest. We look forward to hosting another successful event next year.”

The event included many from the local MMA landscape rather than those that may have flown into town for the Jones-Hendo fight.  Nevertheless, the event was well attended as Xyience celebrated the winners of the Xenart contest.

The Winning Piece

Payout Perspective:

The lack of a more national presence is a result of the cancelled event.  However, the event reflects a unique perspective on the philanthropic endeavors outside of the octagon of MMA brands.  As we noted in a previous post, it also shows the varied skills of some of the UFC roster.  The art exhibition is a very different form of brand activation for a MMA sponsor but Xyience leveraged its social media (fans voted on winners through its Facebook page), introduced its new beverages at the art event.

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