Pacquiao’s State Street Produce commercial

January 7, 2012

Bad Left Hook provides us with Manny Pacquiao’s commercial for his sponsor, State Street Produce. The message is positive but the commercial is questionable.

Here it is:

Payout Perspective:

It would be interesting to hear from someone in the advertising/marketing industry to tell us your thoughts about the commercial. The actual message by Pacquiao is clear as to why he wants to be associated with the brand. But the concept seems to be lacking. He’s in an open ship container with a heavy bag and then he runs to another and needs help to unlock it. And then, he’s interviewed with sunglasses on. I really think the last 5 seconds of the video (with Pacquiao and all the kids and Pacquiao giving the tag line) is all you needed.

By the way, if you want your MMA tie-in, one of the kids helping Pacquiao opening the container in the video is wearing a jiu jitsu gi.

There hav been questions about whether Pacquiao’s brand has peaked. State Street Produce is one of the bigger deals Pacquiao has and it will be interesting how successful it will do. As most know, the HP tablet, one of Pacquiao’s other major endorsements, has flopped. Its not all Pacquiao’s fault there, but one wonders about his draw as an actual pitchman for products. He seems to have an engaging personality and not afraid to be a showman (e.g., his singing, movie career) so it should follow that he’d be a good person to represent a brand.

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