GSP vs. Diaz rumored to be next Primetime series

August 7, 2011

MMA Weekly reports that the next UFC Primetime series will likely be Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz. The three-part series will go in depth behind each training camp prior to their championship fight at UFC 137.

Although GSP is a Primetime veteran, it is unknown how Diaz will do in the behind the scenes, all-access show.

Via MMA Weekly:

The thing about Diaz is he’s never been one to play the promotional game all that much. He doesn’t like to do interviews. He doesn’t like to hype fights. But he loves to fight and he’s damn good at it.

Diaz being Diaz is as appealing to television ratings as it is a nightmare for the UFC’s promotional staff. He’s notorious among the media for being late for interviews and conference calls, if he bothers to show up at all.

Payout Perspective:

I am interested in this Primetime series to see what angle they focus on for GSP this time around and what they do with Nick Diaz. In my opinion, it would be interesting to see footage of Diaz doing a triathlon, a hobby Diaz does to stay in shape. That might be hard to do since most triathlons are in the summer. Its likely that we may see a lot of Diaz’s fight camp to compensate for Diaz. But, the series could be interesting if Diaz opens up, or at least provides some entertaining footage. If not, the series could be very boring and/or heavy in GSP footage.

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