Yahoo! Sports features Evans in Elite Athlete Workouts

July 22, 2011

Yahoo! Sports has a feature on its web site on Elite Athlete Workouts. This week it features Rashard Evans as he trains, mentally and physically for his upcoming fight. It also looks into Evans’ diet and nutrition.

Broken into three videos, the workout feature looks at Evans and his workout regimen in preparing for a fight. The three minute workout video goes into several exercises Evans performs during training. Mike Van Arsdale describes the workouts which seem to be geared toward workout fans wanting to see how a top athlete trains. Van Arsdale also talks Evans through the mental aspect of fighting. In the third video, Evans talks with Summer Sanders about nutrition and supplements.

Workout Routine

Mental Game

Nutrition and Diet


NFL players Maurice Jones-Drew and Larry Fitzgerald will be featured in upcoming weeks.

Payout Perspective:

A good mainstream piece on the rigorous mental and physical training needed to be an MMA fighter. Ironically, it features a guy that has not fought in over a year. ┬áThe UFC Countdown shows give you a small snippet of workouts in preparation for a fight and I’ve always been a big fan of learning the workouts for fighters. These three videos gives a little more detailed look at what Evans goes through in training. Notably, the nutrition video with Summer Sanders is interesting for the fact that Evans takes so many supplements each day.

Two other interesting notes. Not sure if Evans is sponsored by the company, but I noted he was wearing coordinated Adidas gear during his workout. Coincidence or is the three stripes an Evans sponsor? Also, the videos were presented by Dodge. Also a UFC sponsor.

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