TUF 10, Episode 7: Ratings

October 29, 2009

MMAPayout.com has confirmed that episode 7 of The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights generated a 1.9 household rating for an average viewership of 2.5 million. The show also drew a 3.6 and 2.8 in the M18-34 and M18-49 demographics, respectively

Payout Perspective:

Episode 7 is the first time the household rating has dropped below 2.0 on the season, and the ratings without Kimbo, as expected, have been falling ever so slowly week by week.

   TUF 10 Overall M18-34 M18-49
  Episode 1 2.9 5.3 4.3
  Episode 2 2.2 4.2 3.2
  Episode 3 3.7 6.9 5.4
  Episode 4 2.2 3.8 2.4
  Episode 5 2.2 3.3 2.9
  Episode 6 2.1 3.3 2.8
  Episode 7 1.9 3.6 2.8


As was commented on via Twitter last night, it was surprising to see Lesnar-Carwin ads airing over the TUF 10 commercial slots. It was a slight oversight on the UFC/Spike’s part as they’ve only got three weeks to promote UFC 105, which is an integral event for them in terms of generating buzz for the organization through to the end of the year.

It’s no surprise that Dana and the UFC are so upset with Rampage. The type of dislike that Rampage and Rashad have for one another comes off as very legitimate through the episodes, and the feeling probably was before the airing that they were sitting on a gold  mine with both Kimbo and the coaches on one show.

How much of this intensity will be forgotten by the casual fan, if and when Rampage gets back into the Octagon?

There’s been so much speculation about who Kimbo is going to fight on the Finale, but given the circumstances might it be a good idea for them to bump him to the main card of 107 or 108?

Does the UFC even consider such a move given what Dana has said about Kimbo in the past, how Kimbo has performed over the last couple of months on TUF, and all that has been said about his ground game in the wake of the reality series?

There’s a trade-off there: integrity vs. short-term revenue.

I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. If they want to continue to establish themselves as the best organization in the world, sticking to their word is crucial. Kimbo fighting on the main card of the Finale makes sense because it was essentially HIS show, but placing him on the main card of a PPV would be nothing other than a ratings grab.

Interesting conversation nonetheless. Comments section below.

7 Responses to “TUF 10, Episode 7: Ratings”

  1. Brain Smasher on October 29th, 2009 5:26 PM

    There is only one way to justify Kimbo being on a PPV or on the main card of a PPV. That is to get him wins. If they put him on a PPV he has to win or they lose credibility. I am a huge believe in styles making fights. The UFC can find him someone he cant beat. The UFC has been very good at this in the past. Find X fighter a name fighter who just is a bad style match up yet most fans are none the wiser. Of course nothing is 100% in the fight game.

    The rumored Kimbo vs Houston Alexander is a perfect example. Houston dont have the chin to beat Kimbo. He dont have a threat of a ground game and dont have the size or power of Kimbo. Houston has a punchers chance. BUt i would have Kimbo is a pretty good favorite to win.

    The point of this is 1 win. 2 wins for sure. Gives the UFC opportunity to claim Kimbo isnt the same fighter Dana White trashed in the past. This is MMA Kimbo. Not Street Kimbo from youtube and XC. Even if Kimbo is the same fighter. THe UFC can justify it with just 1 win. BUt if he loses on finale or PPV they have to release him to save face.

  2. Joseph on October 29th, 2009 5:35 PM

    1) TUF 10 was built around Kimbo and was a ratings grab to begin with.

    2) Kimbo vs Houston is close to being finalized, which people mistakenly think Kimbo can win, which he won’t and will get KO’ed bad.

    3) They will get as much ratings and PPV buys as they can with Kimbo now, because he won’t be getting better any time soon. He is going to lose and the UFC knows this, so they want to make as much money using him as they can, then spit him out so no other promotion can use him.

  3. Peter Griffin on October 29th, 2009 6:47 PM

    “There’s a trade-off there: integrity vs. short-term revenue.”

    Yep, but people have been incredibly forgiving of the UFC in the past. I’m sure they’ll milk Kimbo dry in whatever way they feel maximizes their revenue and then move on, and there won’t be much more made of it than a slight ripple.

  4. Kelsey Philpott on October 29th, 2009 6:57 PM


    You make a good point: TUF 10 was a ratings grab.

    However, I think the UFC can play that off as giving him an opportunity to show that he was always what they said he was. He did in fact lose in the first round of the tournament.

    If they put him on a PPV after failing the TUF test, what does that say about their word? Moreover, what does it say about the sport of MMA?

    I think it’s a gamble and short-sighted.

  5. mma guru on October 29th, 2009 7:49 PM

    As i predicted, TUF days at 2.0+ ratings are over. This season has been an utter slap in the face to MMA with the Kimbo diatribe. Not sure why i feel that way. Kimbo in a PPV would be another one. Dana seems to be taking the UFC down a slippery slope.

  6. Machiel Van on October 30th, 2009 8:04 AM

    I don’t think it would bring up an integrity issue to have Kimbo fight on PPV against an opponent like Houston Alexander. If they take this route they’re putting Kimbo up against a man who is 2-3 in the Octagon, is not anywhere near the top of the division, and it could be argued that he and Kimbo would be fighting merely to keep their UFC careers alive. If the fight was sold this way, it communicates to the fans that the UFC recognizes where Kimbo is at and that he has to earn a stay in the UFC by defeating a tough, but also a journeyman opponent (Houston’s last fight was not for the UFC). The desperation of the two to remain in the UFC, paired with Kimbo having an opponent who will most likely stand and trade with him, should serve the dual purpose of squashing the integrity question while at the same time delivering a match that fans would love to see. Regardless of your feelings on Kimbo, wouldn’t you all like to see Houston and Kimbo engage in an all out slugfest? I would, and I probably wouldn’t find fault with the UFC from any angle.

  7. Caidel on November 2nd, 2009 4:58 AM

    Michael Van: I will definitely watch Alexander-Kimbo fight and I think, it will be pretty fun fight, but at the same time, I think it is a HUGE integrity issue for UFC. I cannot recall any other fighter, who would get a handpicked opponent like that. (Point of this matchup selection is not really for both guys standing and trading – that could do a lot of guys against Kimbo, because by MMA standard, his standup is not really that good. Point of that matchup is find someone, who under no circuimstances will take Kimbo to the ground (which is something that lot of clever strikers would do)). Also, that catchweight thing. UFC also don’t do that too often.

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