Undertones of Tuesday's Announcements Overlooked

June 14, 2008

Listen carefully… What’s that you hear in the hallowed halls of mixed martial arts?

The sound of silence, since “Announcement Thursday” has come and gone with nothing from Dana White.

With the “big announcement” pushed to this coming Tuesday, many have overlooked the significance of this past Tuesday, which had the UFC and IFL making announcements that could not be more opposite.

While the UFC was announcing a deal with Jakks Pacific that will put UFC fighter action figures in the hands of children of all ages, the IFL announced it was canceling its August 15th show in NJ because of a cash shortage.

While the IFL’s website contends it’s “not dead yet,” the road to recovery will be hard for the league that as recently as a month ago, planned to go into New Jersey guns blazing and unveiling a new six-sided ring dubbed “The Hex.”

Meanwhile the UFC is finally tapping into all those licensing revenue streams created by their TV product, which will add even more cash to its coffers.

On the face of it the scenario is pretty simple: The UFC has a lotta money… And the IFL doesn’t.

But the undertones of these announcements made on the same day are pretty profound.

Leading up to “Big Announcement Tuesday,” MMAPayout’s Andrew Falzon will write a series of posted entitled “Undertones of MMA.”

Each article will be a brief commentary on one of the conclusions that can be drawn from announcements made last Tuesday.

The topics will include:

Saturday – MMA Sport or Lifestyle? (posting later today at 3 PM)

Sunday – The Flood Gates Are Not Opened

Monday – UFC By KO in Round 1

Tuesday – If Dana White doesn’t again disappoint fans by having to reschedule an announcement that was supposedly a “done deal” we’ll be focusing on his overtones, and not the The Undertones of MMA.

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