TUF 24 Episode 6 draws 366,000 viewers

October 6, 2016

TUF 24 Episode 6 drew 366,000 viewers on FS1 Wednesday night per Sports TV Ratings.  It’s an increase over last week’s episode.

In the fight of the show, Matt “Danger” Schnell defeated Matt Rizzo via submission.


The episode is down from last fall’s TUF 22 Ep 6 (585,000) and last spring’s TUF 23 Ep 6 (444,000).

Payout Perspective:

You might remember Schnell from the MTV reality show about MMA fighters a couple years back.  It was a very entertaining fight if you had a chance to watch.  As for the ratings, it went up against the MLB Wild Card game featuring the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets which drew 7.4 million viewers on ESPN per Sports TV Ratings.

UFC cancels Fight Night in the Philippines

October 6, 2016

The UFC announced that it will reschedule its Fight Night event on October 15th in Manila, Philippines.  The event was canceled due to an injury to BJ Penn.

Penn was set to face Ricardo Lamas in the main event.  The UFC decided not to find a replacement for Penn.

Via UFC press release:

Athletes scheduled to compete on the Oct. 15 card will be rebooked at upcoming UFC events in the near future. Each athlete set to compete on Oct. 15 will also receive compensation due to the card being rescheduled. With its 2016 calendar finalized, UFC officials will discuss future dates for the event.

Payout Perspective:

Disappointing for the Filipino fans.  The UFC last visited the Philippines in May 2015.  The fans are rabid for the UFC but the elimination of the Penn fight probably would have seen a decline in the attendance and buzz.  Hopefully, the UFC can reschedule in the first part of 2017.

Alliance MMA goes live on the NASDAQ

October 6, 2016

CNN Money reports that Alliance MMA, a self-described “premier developmental league for aspiring mixed martial arts fighters” is now a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ.  It went live on the NASDAQ on Thursday.

The company’s investor page is sparse with financials but it indicates that it wants to develop the next generation of UFC fighters other premier MMA promotion champions.

In an interview with CNN Money, its CEO Paul Danner outlined a plan in which it would sponsor fights across the country through regional promotions.  Its revenues will be drawn from the attendance, live fight access and attraction of national sponsorships.

More information on the stock can be found on Nasdaq.com.  Its stock symbol is (AMMA).

According to its company financials, its net income is -$223,941 and its total assets is $56,766.  Its total liabilities are $661,874.

Its initial share price is $4.50 per share.

Payout Perspective:

Will this stock take off?  One has to think that this IPO is capitalizing off of the UFC’s monstrous sale of $4 billion this past summer.  But will investors think that regional/developmental MMA is a good investment.  Certainly, the niche audience for sports has a certain attraction (e.g. FloSports) and can generate revenue.  We shall see if investors believe in this business model.

TUF 24 Episode 5 DVR+3 ratings: 492,000

October 5, 2016

The 5th episode of TUF 24 on FS1 drew 492,000 in DVR + 3 ratings according to Nielsen.  Last Wednesday’s episode was the lowest rated of the season.

Likely due to the low Live + SD rating, we get the lowest DVR rating of the season.  The rise in the DVR rating is actually more than the increases in the first two episodes this seasons.



Marquardt leads UFC Fight Night 96 Payouts

October 5, 2016

MMA Junkie reports the salaries from UFC Fight Night 96.  The official payouts were disclosed by the Oregon State Athletic Commission.

Via MMA Junkie:

John Lineker: $72,000 (Lineker forfeited 20 percent of his original $40,000 show money to Dodson for missing weight)
def. John Dodson: $38,000 (includes 8,000 from Lineker’s show money)

Alex Oliveira: $43,200 (includes $24,000 win bonus. Oliveira forfeited 20 percent of his original $24,000 show money to Brooks for missing weight)
def. Will Brooks: $57,800 (includes $4,800 from Oliveira’s show money)

Zak Ottow: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Josh Burkman: $54,000

Brandon Moreno: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Louis Smolka: $32,000

Luis Henrique da Silva: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Joachim Christensen: $10,000

Andre Fili: $39,200 (includes $18,000 win bonus and $3,200 from Dias’ show money)
def. Hacran Dias: $12,800 (Dias forfeited 20 percent of his original $16,000 show money to Fili for missing weight)

Shamil Abdurakhimov: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
def. Walt Harris: $12,000

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Keita Nakamura: $19,000

Nate Marquardt: $112,000 (includes $56,000 win bonus)
def. Tamdan McCrory: $15,000

Ion Cutelaba: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Jonathan Wilson: $12,000

Curtis Blaydes: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Cody East: $10,000

Ketlen Vieira: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Kelly Faszholz: $10,000

Payout Perspective:

If not for missing weight, Lineker would have made $40K/$40K while his opponent, Dodson made $30K to show and likely another $30K win bonus.  Interesting to note that Will Brooks is already making $53,000 to show.  He made $50K/$50K in his UFC debut this past July at the TUF 23 Finale.  For being a veteran, Nate Marquardt made the most with $112,000 not to mention his Reebok payout of $20,000.

White states Rousey is biggest UFC star

October 4, 2016

In a recent radio interview, Dana White stated that Ronda Rousey is the biggest star in UFC history.  The proclamation would seemingly go against the numbers (PPV, attendance, gate) which would show Conor McGregor as the biggest star.

White was emphatic with his praise of Rousey stating that she was, “by far the biggest star ever.”

McGregor’s last 3 PPVs have scored over 1 million buys and he has produced record attendance and gates in those events.  McGregor will likely eclipse more records when he headlines UFC 205 in New York this November.  He’s also made the most (reported) for a UFC event as he made $3 million this past August for his fight with Nate Diaz.

While Rousey has done well on PPV, she has not done the numbers that McGregor has produced.

White could be talking about how Rousey’s popularity has brought the UFC to the mainstream and opened up the young woman’s demo to the sport.

(H/t: Yahoo! Sports)

Payout Perspective:

While McGregor has produced monetary records for the UFC, he’s been a little more difficult for the company than Rousey.  McGregor deciding not to do media for UFC 200 and his subsequent removal from the card probably did not sit well with the UFC.  Nevertheless, the bottom line is that he’s produced big numbers on big shows for the company.  But, as for a shift in thinking about the sport, Rousey probably is the more transcendent star.  She’s changed how people think about woman’s MMA and despite what people think of her personality, she’s been a mainstream success.

UFC Fight Night 96 draws 657,000 viewers

October 4, 2016

UFC Fight Night 96 drew 657,000 viewers on FS1 Saturday night according to Sports TV Ratings.  It’s the lowest-rated Fight Night since May’s UFC Fight Night 87.

The event started an hour later than most, 11pm ET, due to college football and ran until 1:26 am ET.  The main event featured John Lineker and John Dodson with Lineker taking a split decision.

The main card drew 394,000 viewers in the adult 18-49 demo.

The prelims drew 294,000 viewers which was the lowest-rating of the year.  It drew 151,000 viewers in the adult 18-49 demo.

The post-fight show on FS1 drew 250,000 viewers (139,000 A18-49) from 1:25-2:25am ET per Sports TV Ratings.

UFC Fight Night 2016
Main Card Prelims
UFC Fight Night 81 2,288,000 1,767,000
UFC Fight Night 82 1,300,000 1,093,000
UFC Fight Night 83 983,000 829,000
UFC Fight Night 85 1,149,000 766,000
UFC Fight Night 86 781,000 443,000
UFC Fight Night 87 656,000 494,000
UFC Fight Night 88 757,000 469,000
UFC Fight Night 89 964,000 369,000
UFC Fight Night 91 609,000 311,000
UFC Fight Night 92 863,000 662,000
UFC Fight Night 94 826,000 637,000
UFC Fight Night 95 1,109,000 582,000
UFC Fight Night 96 657,000 294,000

Payout Perspective:

It’s likely the ratings took a dip due to the late start and college football.  Flyweights as a main event may have also contributed to the lower ratings.

UFC Fight Night 96 Reebok Payouts

October 3, 2016

MMA Junkie reports the Reebok payouts from this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 96.

John Lineker (12th fight): $10,000
def. John Dodson (10th fight): $5,000

Alex Oliveira (7th fight): $5,000
def. Will Brooks (2nd fight): $2,500

Zak Ottow (1st fight): $2,500
def. Josh Burkman (16th fight): $15,000

Brandon Moreno (1st fight): $2,500
def. Louis Smolka (7th fight): $5,000

Luis Henrique da Silva (2nd fight): $2,500
def. Joachim Christensen (1st fight): $2,500

Andre Fili (7th fight): $5,000
def. Hacran Dias (7th fight): $5,000

Shamil Abdurakhimov (3rd fight): $2,500
def. Walt Harris (5th fight): $2,500

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (3rd fight): $2,500
def. Keita Nakamura (7th fight): $5,000

Nate Marquardt (24th fight): $20,000
def. Tamdan McCrory (9th fight): $5,000

Ion Cutelaba (2nd fight): $2,500
def. Jonathan Wilson(3rd fight): $2,500

Curtis Blaydes (2nd fight): $2,500
def. Cody East (2nd fight): $2,500

Ketlan Vieira (1st fight): $2,500
def. Kelly Faszholz (2nd fight): $2,500

The UFC Athlete Outfitting program payout tiers are based on the total number of Zuffa-era fights (including Strikeforce and WEC).

Payout Perspective:

As you can see, the Reebok payouts are far less than what we hear about with fighter sponsorships.  Marquardt made the most in his 24th fight under Zuffa.  Josh Burkman made $15,000 in his 16th fight.

UFC Fight Night 96 attendance, gate and bonuses

October 2, 2016

MMA Fighting reports the attendance, gate and bonuses from UFC Fight Night 96 in Portland, Oregon.

The event at the Moda Center, home to the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers drew 6,240 for a gate of $501,035.

The bonuses went to Nate Marquardt, Brandon Moreno, Henrique da Silva and Curtis Blaydes.  No Fight of the Night bonus for anyone.  Each earned $50,000 bonuses.

Payout Perspective:

A modest audience for an event that saw several upsets on the card.  The event is on par with a standard Fight Night with modest attendance and gate.

UFC’s Senior VP and GM for Brazil resigns

October 1, 2016

MMA Junkie reports that the UFC’s senior vice president and general manager of Brazil, Giovani Decker, has resigned from the company.

An official announcement from the UFC will be made shortly.

Prior to his stint with the UFC, he was the president of ASICS Brazil.

Decker’s last newsworthy decision with the UFC was the announcement that the company would not punish Roy Nelson for a kick at referee John McCarthy for not stopping his fight with Antonio Silva sooner.  Nelson believed that he inflicted more damage on Silva than he should have since McCarthy was slow to stop the fight.  Decker indicated that it would be up to the Brazilian athletic commission to decide whether to punish Nelson for his post-fight actions.

Decker joined the UFC in March 2015 after his time with ASICS Brazil.

Payout Perspective:

We will see if the UFC announcement comes with the news of a replacement for Decker.  The UFC has held 25 events in Brazil and the latest event last week drew surprisingly good ratings with Cristinae “Cyborg” Justino in the main event.

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