Lashley Signs to Fight for MFC on 5/15

April 23, 2009

One of the most dominating up-and-coming fighters in the world has signed on with the Maximum Fighting Championship.

Former WWE star Bobby “The Dominator” Lashley will step into the MFC ring on Friday, May 15 at MFC 21: Hard Knocks live from the River Cree Resort and Casino and airing live throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico on HDNet Fights.

A chiseled and imposing figure at six-foot-three and 265 pounds, Lashley is the premier heavyweight prospect in all of mixed martial arts.

“Bobby Lashley is a phenomenal athlete and a very impressive fighter who wants to make a big name for himself in mixed martial arts,” noted MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich. “He is a very exciting prospect and he will get a monumental opportunity to break into the spotlight at MFC 21.”

Lashley (2-0) won his debut fight with a 41-second TKO of Joshua Franklin in December 2008. He is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Jason Guida in March.

At Hard Knocks, Lashley will square off against Mike Cook (7-3) who is trained by legendary mixed martial arts persona Frank Shamrock.

“We are excited to partner with the MFC to feature the network debut of Bobby Lashley on HDNet,” said HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon. “Bobby’s size, name recognition and collegiate wrestling background make him an unbelievable prospect in the heavyweight division.”

Lashley had a successful amateur background in wrestling, twice winning the NAIA college championship and then winning pair of U.S. Armed Forces titles. The Junction City, Kansas, native propelled his amateur abilities into the professional wrestling ranks with the WWE. During a three-year run, Lashley won three championships with the WWE, appeared on numerous pay-per-view events, and held prestigious spots on the WWE programs RAW, Smackdown!, and ECW.

HDNet’s “Inside MMA” will feature Lashley on the May 1 edition in a no-holds-barred discussion of his transition from professional wrestling to his future in MMA.

MFC & Gamma Labs Sign Sponsorship Agreement

January 13, 2009

The Maximum Fighting Championship is pleased to announce that it has agreed to a one-year sponsorship deal with New York-based Gamma Labs – a world leader in natural dietary supplements. Gamma Labs manufactures Gamma-O, the #1 all natural testosterone booster.

Gamma-O will now become the official supplement of the MFC which joins an exclusive list of Gamma-O sponsored organizations that include the 2008 & 2009 World Series of Poker and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Therefore, fight fans can expect to see the Gamma-O logo virtually everywhere in MFC: throughout the venue, on, and on the fighters themselves.

Gamma-O is the most powerful form of Gamma Oryzanol – an active ingredient in rice brown oil – and is used to safely boost testosterone levels in men. Its effects have proven to increase strength, enhance recovery time, improve endurance, and provide an athlete with greater amounts of energy.

“Gamma-O is almost like jet fuel for your body” says Clifford Morgan, CEO of Gamma Labs’ parent company, Gamma Enterprises LLC. “It makes your body run at peak performance.”

Yet, Gamma-O cannot be compared to injectable forms of testosterone that have somewhat tarnished the name of the naturally-occurring hormone.

“Your body will never produce an unsafe amount of anything” Morgan said. “Gamma-O gets your body to pump as much testosterone as it can safely produce. In other words, right about where you were at age 16 or 17.”

An average male athlete taking Gamma-O can expect to nearly double his natural testosterone production; thus, resulting in drastic performance enhancements without the harmful side effects of steroids, pro-hormone, or Andro products.


“There might be a million that watch [MFC] on TV and only 2,500 that watch it at the venue” said Morgan, when asked about the significance of Gamma-O’s substantial venue presence, but “I want to make sure that those 2,500 people know who Gamma is when they leave the arena.”

“And, obviously, I hope the million do as well, but the on-site, grass-roots marketing stuff really goes a long way.”

That is why Morgan and his lovely team of Natural Testosterone Boosters, the Gamma-O Girls, will also be in attendance to distribute Gamma-O merchandise during each of the five planned MFC events this year.

It is the type of commitment and involvement that MFC President, Mark Pavelich, is looking for in his sponsors and he seems to have found it in Clifford Morgan and Gamma-O.

“Mark and I were very much on the same page with a lot of the [negotiated terms]” Morgan said. “He made it very easy to do a deal.”

“I’m not looking to sponsor one event, write a huge cheque, hope it goes well, and then hope I’m going to ring the register. It really takes a long time for goodwill to come all the way around in this business.”

And if that’s true, this initial agreement could be the start of something truly special between the MFC and Gamma Labs.

More information on Gamma-O Male Athlete can be found at

Tickets for MFC events are available by visiting or by calling 1-780-451-8000.

MFC Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Assassin Fight Wear

January 9, 2009

This week, the Maximum Fighting Championship reached a one-year sponsorship agreement with Calgary-based Assassin Fight Wear.

While the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Assassin now becomes the exclusive MMA apparel of the MFC and will join official MFC merchandise as the only other apparel available for purchase at MFC events.

Under the agreement, the Assassin name and logo will adorn the ring mat, ring posts, and banners throughout the venue. In addition, Assassin will also be sponsoring select fighters on the televised portions of each MFC event.

Founded by Steve Fader, the Assassin Fight Wear product line includes a host of high quality fight shorts, rash guards, t-shirts, hoodies, headgear, and ladies apparel.


A strong corporate community is vital to the success of any professional sports organization in the new millennium because live-gate revenue is simply no longer enough to cope with the rising costs of production, personnel, and existing overhead.

This is particularly evident now, in a struggling global economy, where even the sports industry – despite historically being relatively impervious to economic downturn – is experiencing hardship.

Not only are casual fans pinching their purse strings, but so are the major corporate players like Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds.

Therefore, vertically integrated sponsorship agreements like the one signed with Assassin Fight Wear are truly crucial to the continued growth and development of organizations like the MFC and the MMA industry as a whole.

Though, according to MFC President Mark Pavelich, an equally important element of the new agreement is the type of working relationship that he has established with Fader and Assassin Fight Wear.

“We got excited about Steve because he really wants to be involved with the MFC” Pavelich said. “We had other larger companies from the U.S. that were willing to cut us a cheque but they weren’t going to be involved with us.”

“The big thing in ’09 with our company is we want people that are going to get involved.”

The agreement also makes dollars and sense from the Assassin perspective. It enables Assassin to directly target their core demographic and push those individuals to purchase apparel from the sales booth at the venue (which will enjoy the benefit of its right to retail exclusivity).

Although the greatest long-term benefit for Assassin is likely to be the exposure it receives as a result of the MFC’s live TV broadcast deal with Mark Cuban’s HDNet.

“The deal with [MFC] is our first step to getting a North American marketing push” Fader said. “We’ve proven that the logo and the name have sold well and that the public is taking to it very well.”

“So, hopefully the television exposure for our logo and our name will increase sales on the internet and at the live events as well.”

And as the television exposure is helping to build the Assassin brand, Fader will be working hard to iron out several local distribution deals to ensure that Assassin Fight Wear can capitalize on its exposure.

It’s a big endeavour for the young entrepreneur, but one that he’s determined to make a success.

“We haven’t really had a lot of financial backing, up until recently, to be putting in any kind of major marketing push” Fader said, but “now that we’ve got the opportunity to work with Mark and on this level, it’s really do or die now.”

“I think 2009 is going to be a big year.”

Check out the MFC and Assassin Fight Wear online:

MFC Renews Deal with HDNet Fights

October 20, 2008

EDMONTON – A strong partnership is about to get even more powerful.

After a terrific launch, the Maximum Fighting Championship and Mark Cuban’s HDNet have agreed to a second three-show deal which will air MFC events live throughout the United States , Canada and Mexico . This new deal will commence with the final MFC show of 2008 – MFC 19: Long Time Coming which takes place on Friday, December 5 inside The Venue at River Cree Resort and Casino.

The MFC is the first and only organization based in Canada that airs live on HDNet Fights.

“We are very proud to have that distinction,” said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich. “But I’m also excited about where our partnership with HDNet will lead in the future. As the Maximum Fighting Championship gets closer to having its first shows on American soil in 2009, we expect that HDNet will be a big part of that.

“Our goal in 2008 was to land a major television contract and we did that with an elite partner. In 2009, we will conquer our next goal and that is to put on shows in the U.S. Whether we are at home in Canada or in the U.S., this is very exciting because the partnership between the MFC and HDNet means two of the biggest dogs are running together in a pack that is going to dominate.”

Mark Cuban attended MFC 17: Hostile Takeover and came away impressed by what he saw first-hand from ringside in addition to his time spent alongside Mark Pavelich and the rest of the MFC staff.

“As a business guy I am here as much to watch how the MFC puts the promotions together and how the fans respond and everything,” he told the Edmonton Sun. “They have got a great reputation for putting on great shows and selling out the venue. The fans here seem to love it. I’ve come here to enjoy the fights but also to steal some ideas.”

Cuban expected his company and Pavelich’s MFC would be able to strike a renewal agreement shortly afterwards and there was little time wasted in making that happen.

“HDNet Fights seeks out the best partners around the globe and this past year the MFC brought some amazing action to HDNet,” said Andrew Simon, CEO of HDNet Fights. “It was an easy decision to renew our partnership with the MFC.”

HDNet Fights play-by-play announcer Kenny Rice called the MFC “one of the hardest tickets to get in all of MMA.” That point has been proven as the MFC has sold out 11 straight events.

“The entire working relationship has been tremendous,” added Pavelich. “Kenny Rice is one of the very best in the business – second to none. Ringside analyst Ron Kruck and the entire HDNet crew have been first-class. There is a strong mutual respect and admiration between both organizations that will definitely continue. The MFC is growing at an incredible rate and we are glad to have HDNet teamed with us.”

Since its inception in 2000, the MFC has been regarded as one of the fastest rising mixed martial arts organizations in North America . The MFC is home to three outstanding champions in Roger Hollett (light heavyweight), Patrick Cote (middleweight), and Pat Healy (welterweight), a wealth of talented fighters including Ryan Ford, Aron Lofton and Ariel Sexton, one of the most-stacked lightweight divisions in all of MMA, and a new featherweight division that will be highlighted in 2009.

MFC Inks Deal With The Fight Network

June 6, 2008

Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC), a mixed martial arts based out of Canada, issued a press release today summarizing the consummation of a deal with The Fight Network to air MFC programming. The deal includes the broadcast of eight previously unaired MFC cards as well as the next three MFC events, including coverage of the weigh-ins beginning with MFC 17: Hostile Takeover on July 25th at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton.

This distribution deal along with MFC’s contract with HDNet provides a strong television base for the promotion and moves them to the forefront of the Canadian MMA scene. With the recent dissolution of Hardcore Championship Fighting, there are few competitors for the MFC on a national level, with Stephane Patry’s TKO promotion out of Montreal being the only other major player of note.

The MFC is another promotion that seeks to rise above a local promotion status to that of a regional power. Strikeforce is an example of one such promotion that made the leap, with others like Adrenaline MMA looking to do much the same. With co-promotion increasingly being seen as a model of the future, these strong regional promotions will be key in providing sufficiently large gates to make this model possible. The Shamrock-Le fight is a prime example of this, with Scott Coker’s local promotional expertise being key in doing over a million dollars at the gate for that fight.

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