Metamoris offers OTT network

April 4, 2015

Metamoris is the latest organization to offer a subscription-based over the top platform with its “All Access” exclusive network it is offering for $7.99 per month.

Many of you MMA fans that have ordered Metamoris in the past or are on its mailing list received an e-blast from the company this past week announcing the network. The network will offer all of its Metamoris events, its “Road to Metamoris” web series, the Metamoris library, virtual seminars and match breakdowns. There are also talks of a “competition network” which would feature top pros as well as new talent. The subscription-based online experience caters to the devout jiu jitsu and grappler.

Payout Perspective:

The production of Metamoris videos hyping its events have been spectacular and we shall see if it can continue with the stellar production. Content is key with these type of subscription-based offerings and while Metamoris caters to a niche audience, the fact that UFC fighters appear on its cards helps the company.  It also helps that the jiu jitsu community has grown since the popularity of the UFC.

A recent article on MMA Fighting indicates that Metamoris may be seeking to secure the exclusive rights to some of grappling’s best talent. This would benefit Metamoris to offer some of the best practitioners in the sport only on its network. Of course, this has been met with some criticism as the argument is that it limits the opportunities of some pros.

We will see how the “All Access” network does for the organization.

Sonnen readies for Metamoris, no clarification from NSAC

August 7, 2014

Despite threats from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it appears that Chael Sonnen will participate at this Saturday’s Metamoris event in Los Angeles.  Sonnnen’s legal representatives believe that he has a case that the NSAC penalty assessed in July does not apply to this event.

According to MMA Junkie, Sonnen’s lawyer in this matter has contacted the commission twice seeking clarification yet it appears that it has yet to respond to the inquiry.  It was the commission that warned Sonnen about violating the terms of his year suspension by participating in the grappling event on Saturday.  Notably, the NSAC did not question Sonnen about the event even though he was before the commission to receive his punishment in July.

Sonnen’s lawyer argues that the NSAC has “no jurisdiction” over the grappling event.  Essentially, Metamoris is not regulated because it does not fall within the ambit of “unarmed combat” per the Nevada rules.

Payout Perspective:

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the NSAC does when Sonnen participates.  If the NSAC levies a fine, it would not be surprising to see Sonnen fight it considering the strong arguments made by Sonnen’s attorney.  The lack of clarification from the NSAC to Sonnen’s lawyer infers that it is not wholly clear on whether Sonnen is violating his suspension.

NSAC threatens Sonnen participation at Metamoris

August 4, 2014

MMA Junkie reports that the Nevada State Athletic Commission may attempt to block Chael Sonnen’s appearance at this Saturday’s Metamoris grappling event in Los Angeles.  The Commission believes his participating is in violation of the suspension that was handed out last month.

Junkie identified a source “close to the commission” that stated the commission sent a letter to Sonnen informing him that the Metamoris event violated the terms of his suspension.  Sonnen’s legal rep responded to the NSAC’s definition of competing.  No word yet from officials at Metamoris.

The news was initially reported by BR’s Jeremy Botter.   Sonnen could be fined $250,000 per drug violation.  As you may recall, Sonnen tested positive for 5 PEDs and was given a 2 year ban by the NSAC without a monetary fine but for payment of doctor fees for the drug tests that he did not pass.

Although the Metamoris event is not sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission as it’s not considered a combat sport, the NSAC does not want Sonnen to participate.

Payout Perspective:

Hard decision for Sonnen and a very concerning issue for Metamoris since Sonnen is in the featured event of the online PPV.  Without Sonnen, buys for the event may not be as high.  Furthermore, the organization may get complaints from those that purchased the event early to take advantage of the discounted rate.  For Sonnen, he runs the risk of a stiff fine and he does not have a current place of employment.  We shall see if the NSAC enforces its threat of a penalty.