MMAterial Facts (01/18/10)

January 18, 2010

  • Boxer’s treatment costs spur look at injury fund
  • One on One With Shari Spencer
  • Looking at Japan in 2010
  • Get an inside look at how Illinois legalized UFC
  • Fighting for MMA

Boxer’s treatment costs spur look at injury fund

The creation of a fund earmarked for catastrophic injuries to boxers and martial arts fighters is being studied by the Nevada Athletic Commission, its chairwoman said Tuesday…

Lundvall said to prevent taxpayers from paying the medical bills of fighters in the future, she is asking some of the “best minds in insurance” to devise ideas “along the lines of an annuity.”

Lundvall, a Reno attorney, said she envisions a monetary pool for catastrophic injuries being funded through a small percentage of both ticket sales and pay-per-view sales in Nevada.

How much that percentage would be, she said, “needs much more study.” She said the question of how to fund a catastrophic medical pool will be on the commission’s agenda in February.

A recent study done by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority on the nongaming economic effect of 20 major fights since 2005 found that nearly $200 million was poured into the community by visitors… (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

One on One With Shari Spencer

Just as his accomplishments inside of the UFC’s Octagon can be attributed to hard work, dedication, and the continuing improvement of a skill set that is already amongst the most formidable in any weight class, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre’s accomplishments outside of the cage can almost exclusively be attributed to the efforts of his personal manager, Shari Spencer. Aside from defending his title twice in 2009 against two of the best fighters in the welterweight division, St-Pierre became the first MMA fighter to truly break into the mainstream of sports advertising when he signed exclusive sponsorship agreements with marketing juggernauts Gatorade and Under Armour last year, two of the largest sports-related advertisers in the world… (Tapology)

Looking at Japan in 2010

Michael Schiavello: I think 2010 will be a resurgence year for K-1. We’ll see K-1 do some big things in Europe, such as the rumored four European shows including possibly a European Grand Prix in a major European city (I can’t say which city just yet, but if the rumor comes true, it’s a city K-1 hasn’t been in yet and one that would be very exciting). Also I believe we’ll see K-1 return to mainland USA this year, with at least one show but maybe as many as three, which is big in itself and has a lot to do with the enormous popularity K-1 has garnered on HDNet.

Michael Schiavello: I don’t think it’s easy for anyone to do a show in Japan unless you’re working in with FEG. They’re the big power in Japan. They hold all the aces in their pockets with television, marketing, the best fighters, venues, etc. Scott Coker is a smart cookie and has tremendous experience with the Japanese market from his many years working with K-1. A Strikeforce show in Japan done with the blessing and partial assistance of FEG could be successful depending on which fighters were utilized. The key to capturing the Japanese fans is using Japanese fighters, not American fighters. Strikeforce and FEG have a working relationship which I believe is very healthy. My dream scenario would be for a joint Strikeforce/Dream series doing one show a piece in the USA and in Japan, not unlike Dynamite was a DREAM/Sengoku series… (MMAFighting)

Get an inside look at how Illinois legalized UFC

It didn’t take any punches or kicks or choke holds for mixed martial arts to be legalized by the Illinois Legislature and signed into law by then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, just the usual mix of political clout and a little campaign cash, according to a portion of Blagojevich’s new book, The Governor.

Other key players declined to talk about Blagojevich’s version of the story, but public records back up key portions.

Blagojevich writes of his distaste for the sport, which takes place in an octagonal steel cage and combines boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu and other martial arts. But he says he put that distaste aside and signed the legislation legalizing mixed martial arts to score points with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel, the real-life model for the character Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage.”

And why might Ari Emanuel care about mixed martial arts? Among his Endeavor Talent Agency’s clients:  Zuffa LLC, the Las Vegas company that owns UFC… (Chicage Sun-Times)

Fighting for MMA

According to, a website devoted to spreading the word about MMA, an HR&A study conducted in 2008 analyzed the economic impact one Ultimate Fighting Championship (a company that hosts MMA caged bouts) event would have in Buffalo and Downstate New York.

According to the study “$1.7 million of direct spending is leveraged three times to result in $5.2 million of total activity in the local economy,” which means one event “could increase direct sports-related activity in Buffalo by 20 percent.”

Every dollar spent planning, promoting and staffing the event,  along with  every dollar spent on ticket sales, merchandise, food, travel, hotels, and entertainment will has a three-fold impact on the community.

By attracting event-goers and employing locals to work at the event, just one UFC or MMA event will bring money in to the community and keep it there. The money is leveraged because it will continue to circulate within the community even after the day of the fight.
Furthermore, the direct revenue benefits, or taxes, to New York State could total $320,000, and that’s from just one event.

The impact on Downstate New York is even greater: findings indicate potential for $11.3 million of economic output,” which is 15 percent of the [region’s] economic activity over a single weekend.”

“The Times Union Center in Albany anticipates a single MMA event generating close to $1 million in economic impact for Albany businesses and an additional $100,000 in tax revenues for Albany County” the study reported… (Saratoga Today)


  • Herschel Walker isn’t joking about MMA (ESPN)
  • Expectations rise for Strikeforce’s Bobby Lashley (USA Today)
  • Report: Floyd Mayweather to fight on May 1st, would go head-to-head against UFC PPV (Fight Opinion)
  • UFC president says May 1 card in Montreal could be moved to another date (The Canadian Press)
  • Sanchez contemplates return to 170 (Yahoo! Sports)
  • Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson vs. Matt Mitrione targeted for UFC 113 in Montreal (Yahoo! Sports)
  • Derrick Noble vs Yves Edwards Heads MFC 24 (MMAWeekly)
  • Weekend Rundown: Monson Wins; Houston Alexander Loses (Sherdog)
  • ESPN to air UFC: Best of 2009 on free-to-air weekend (
  • Kongo vs. Buentello, Ludwig vs. Fisher Added to UFC on Versus (MMAFighting)
  • Kampmann vs. Saunders set for UFC 111 main card, two bouts official for prelims (MMAJunkie)
  • Bellator Signs GSP Training Partner Mike Ricci (MMAWeekly)
  • Koscheck vs. Daley at UFC 113 in Montreal (MMAWeekly)
  • Update On Bobby Lashley’s Strikeforce Opponent (MMANews)


  • HDNet Fights Presents K-1 Classics (Asian GP 2008) at 8 PM ET on HDNet (01/22/10)
  • InsideMMA (Ed Soares, Jose Aldo, Jon Fitch, & Randy Couture) at 9 PM ET on HDNet (01/22/10)
  • HDNet Fights Presents Best of 2009 K-1 World MAX at 10 PM ET on HDNet (01/22/10)
  • Best of Pride FC  at 10 PM ET/PT on Spike (01/22/10)


  • Strikeforce Miami: Diaz vs Zaromskis at 10 PM ET/PT on Showtime (01/30/10)
  • FCF 39: Women’s 135 lbs Grand Prix: Opening Round on TBD (01/30/10)
  • KOTC: Toryumon from Okinawa, Japan on PPV (01/30/10)

Dynamite!! Likely to Return in 2010

January 7, 2010

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer writes that Dynamite likely did enough with its ratings on NYE to secure a slot with Japanese TV station TBS next year.

It is the rating for the big matches that the network is most concerned with, and it was considered a success, being in second place for what is traditionally the most-watched night of television of the year in Japan. While Sadaharu Tanigawa of K-1 seemed disappointed, hoping to be more competitive with the concert, particularly during the Masato and Ishii matches, TBS president Toshimi Ichihara did a press interview talking about the success of the show in beating a comedy show on NTV that featured a lot of big names. After last year, the tradition was in trouble, but this rating guarantees TBS doing it again next year. The problem is when you look at what drew the rating, Ishii’s debut was a one-time thing and he didn’t look good, and got destroyed in all the newspapers, and Masato, who ended up being the star of the show, was retiring. I could easily see a big push next year to bring him out of retirement because they’ll need him.

Payout Perspective:

The news is good, but Meltzer does hint at the larger problem which still clearly exists in Japanese MMA: the sport’s reliance on the non-traditional matches to draw viewership. Masato’s retirement bout will not be available and Ishii’s star is fading, so what will the organization do next year?

In fairness, you have to give FEG credit for this year’s show; it was the first in a long time that didn’t feature any freak show bouts (even if it did feature the final of the Super Hulk tournament). Moreover, even the regular MMA shows routinely draw 20-40k at the gate, which in many cases is far greater than what MMA is doing in North America.

However, as we move into the future, the one big issue surrounding MMA in Japan will continue to be whether the sport, itself, will take in the country.

Ratings: FieLDS Dynamite!! 2009

January 2, 2010

The numbers are in, and FieLDS Dynamite!! 2009 drew a 16.7%.

Fightopinion with the translation:

The final numbers: NHK’s Kohaku music show – 40.8% (37.1% and 40.8% for the two parts), Dynamite!! with Masato’s last match drew a 16.7%, and Nippon TV’s Downtown comedy special (hotelman 24 hours) did a 16.4%. Fuji TV did a 9.2% rating for it’s program. 

Payout Perspective:

The event finished second in the annual NYE ratings battle, which is a good showing. The result tops what Dream and Sengoku were able to do all year, and is the best Dynamite!! result since 2006.

A list of the Dream and K-1 ratings on the year can be found at Nightmare of the Battle.

Payout Perspective: FieLDS Dynamite!! 2009

December 31, 2009

The last major card of 2009 was held just outside Tokyo, Japan last night as FEG held its annual FieLDS Dynamite!! card from Saitama Super Arena. The event drew a strong 37,000+ people and featured a host of interesting MMA bouts including Shinya Aoki, Gegard Mousasi, Melvin Manhoef, and Kid Yamamoto.


The crowd was great – at one point the announced attendance was 45, 406 – and there’s still very much something to be said for the ability of Japanese MMA to draw 37,000 people to an arena. The feeling is that a great deal of the support for this event surrounded the retirement of Masato, but the showing is nonetheless a good one for MMA as a whole.

That panoramic television view showing the huge crowd really gave the event a big time feel, and it’s undoubtedly something that North American MMA events will be shooting for in the coming years. It’s the kind of picture that communicates a thousand words, and something that would surely signal to a larger audience that MMA is legitimate. It’s hard to think that the UFC won’t try to accomplish a massive event like this within the next two years; either with GSP in Canada or BJ Penn in Hawaii.


Expect the ratings late this week or early next.

Business Story Lines

Kid Yamamoto and Masanori Kanehara put on perhaps the fight of the night with a spirited back and forth affair. It would appear that Kid will have to re-tool his game in order to compete in the more well-rounded and competitive bantam and featherweight divisions. His ability to draw in Japan – and the appeal of him crossing the pond to fight in the WEC – will now be called into question. However, his lack of wrestling/ground game could fuel the fire for him to join a camp like Xtreme Couture.

Alistair Overeem looked impressive, but faced a clearly over-matched opponent in Fujita. He remains committed to K-1 until late March, but Strikeforce has been adamant about getting him into the cage in time for their CBS show in April. The organization would then look to setup a bout between the behemoth and Fedor Emelianenko on PPV later in the year.

This strategy isn’t without its risk, however. Not only might there be issues surrounding the status of Overeem’s contract in the future, but the swirling allegations surrounding PED use at Overeem’s gym in Holland are also a concern. Strikeforce could invest a lot of time and money in this big fight – not really having any other clear alternative at this point – and then have it crumble as the result of a contract or a bad test. There’s always some risk involved in any fight, but it seems to be heightened in this case.

Gegard Mousasi mentioned about a week ago that he’d likely be a part of the Strikeforce card in April, which bodes well for the CBS event that’s already likely to feature Fedor and Henderson.

Shinya Aoki was very impressive, but the lack of respect he displayed at the end of the fight took away from the performance. It was reminiscent of Lesnar’s antics after the Mir fight, only worse because Aoki was taunting a downed opponent that wasn’t getting up any time soon.

On one hand, these gestures at the end of the fight are the types of thing that MMA’s opposition – or even the fence sitters – look at and use as ammunition as to why the sport is brutal savagery.  On the other hand, it’s something that a promotion can use to fuel interest in a fighter – people like to see bad guys get beat.

Melvin Manhoef is always so impressive on his feet. It’s a real shame that he’s stated he has no desire to work on the ground, because he could be a force in MMA with some solid take down and ground defense. That’s the real danger as a promoter, too: the guy wants big bucks, but you risk flushing that investment down the drain. Manhoef is far too one-dimensional and that just doesn’t cut it in MMA anymore.

Fields Dynamite: Dream vs. Sengoku Finalized

December 28, 2009

The last major card of the year, Fields Dynamite: Dream vs. Sengoku, has been finalized with the addition of Melvin Manhoef vs. Kazuo Misaki and will air on NYE morning in North America on HDNet. The 11 fight event will feature five Dream vs. Sengoku matches, in addition to the final of the Super Hulk tournament.

Sherdog’s event coverage if you haven’t already read up on the event:

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Masanori Kanehara
Satoshi Ishii vs. Hidehiko Yoshida
Shinya Aoki (No. 2 LW) vs. Mizuto Hirota (No. 9 LW)
Alistair Overeem vs. Kazuyuki Fujita
Melvin Manhoef vs. Kazuo Misaki
Tatsuya Kawajiri (No. 5 LW) vs. Kazunori Yokota
Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Akihiro Gono
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Michihiro Omigawa (No. 6 FW)
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hiroshi Izumi
Marlon Sandro vs. Hideo Tokoro
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Now, according to Dave Meltzer early indications are fairly positive for the show in Japan, which bodes well for this last second alliance between former competitors. It might also be a good sign for the future of MMA in Japan as discount store Don Quijote is rumored to be interested in acquiring FEG’s MMA division which includes Dream and K-1.

The New Year’s Eve advance is strong largely due to the Masato retirement. They’ll draw 35,000 at the Saitama Super Arena for the show, which will be the biggest MMA crowd of 2009.

Overeem Committed to K-1 Until Early April

December 24, 2009

Steven Marrocco of MMAWeekly sheds some interesting light on the fighting and contract status of Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem:

In January, the promotion secured Overeem to a one-year, three-fight deal, obligating him to a return in lieu of an informal talent-sharing agreement with K-1 that saw him snag the title in November 2007.


Overeem, who was forced to pull out of two scheduled Strikeforce events in June and August with a serious hand injury, is scheduled to appear against Kazuyuki Fujita at K-1 Dynamite on New Year’s Eve – his fifth K-1 fight in 2009 – and is planning a sixth in late March/early April 2010.


That was grim news to those expecting a showdown between Overeem and Fedor Emelianenko under the CBS eye in April. More confounding was that it was Overeem asking to fight the Russian after sacking James Thompson at Dream 12.


“Alistair Overeem wants to fight Fedor in April 2010,” the Dutchman said after the Oct. 25 fight. “So write that down.”


And while Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told he would invite the champion to participate on the promotion’s second CBS card in April, his manager said the K-1 opportunity – the final fight on his contract with the Japanese promotion – is too good to pass up.


“I never said he wasn’t fighting in April,” Overeem manager Bas Boon told “What I said was there will be a fight by the end of March or April in K-1, and actually, he did very well in K-1 and he’s got an extremely good contract. Commercial-wise, it’s better for him, and we agreed to this already on K-1, that we will do that fight. After that fight, he will fight in Strikeforce. Two, three times, whatever is available in May, June, July, we don’t care.”


Boon said Overeem could make a late April date if he wasn’t injured, but doubted Coker would agree to promote a fight under those circumstances. He said the hand injuries extended the time on his Strikeforce contract, but did not say for how long.


For now, it was time to strike when the iron was hot.


“(Golden Glory) has a 10-year relationship with Alistair, and we told him that this is a better way to work for him,” said Boon. “Think about it, man, he’s broadcast in 150 countries (on K-1). Right now, he’s got more sponsors than he ever had before. In his own country, he had a crazy rating during the Grand Prix, but also on EuroSport and also in Thailand. And this is where the UFC isn’t even broadcast. UFC is not even broadcast in Europe. Nobody knows about the UFC. Semmy Schilt and Alistair Overeem are gods there. You’re talking about a continent with 280 million people.


“(American fans) have to understand, man, to fight Badr Hari, Remy Bonjasky, Peter Aerts, Texeira, and again, Badr Hari, these are the top strikers in the world. If there would be any Americans wanting to win $400,000 or $500,000 in U.S., which is big money, why are they not there? Why are they not in K-1?”

Payout Perspective:

Herein lies the issue with non-exclusive contracts: not only does Strikeforce have to compete for fighters entering the entertainment business, but it’s also got to compete for the time and booking of its own fighters with other organizations. For as much as the contract type helps the organization secure new talent, it’s also managed to put two of Strikeforce’s divisions on hold for the better part of the last two years.

It’s tough to fault Overeem for taking the money and the exposure in Europe; the latter of which might really pay off for M-1 if and when it comes time to promote a Fedor vs. Overeem fight internationally.

However, given that Overeem only signed a one-year, three-fight contract —  and that it has already been extended — you have to wonder for how many more fights he’ll remain in the organization. Depending on the type of extension that has already been applied to his contract, it’s conceivable that he could leave Strikeforce without defending the belt against Fedor. Worse still, he could beat Fedor and then walk – leaving Strikeforce in a very bad position.

Dream vs. Sengoku on NYE

November 25, 2009

It was officially announced earlier today that Dream and Sengoku will come together on December 31st to promote a mega show in Japan underneath the Dynamite!! banner.

Sherdog’s Tony Loiseleur with the latest:

World Victory Road’s Sengoku Raiden Championships will contribute fighters to Fighting and Entertainment Group’s Dynamite event on New Years Eve at the Super Saitama Arena. FEG president Sadaharu Tanigawa and World Victory Road representative Sumio Inamura confirmed the cooperative effort at a joint press conference on Wednesday at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel.


Beyond planning for five to seven bouts dedicated to the Dream-Sengoku crossover theme on Dynamite’s 19-fight bill, no concrete details have been hashed out yet, said FEG’s Tanigawa and Dream event producer Keiichi Sasahara. Fighters participating in the collaboration, as well as rules and weight classes the fights will follow are currently under negotiation between the two promotions.


Perhaps most importantly for the Japanese audience, one of those bouts will likely pair Beijing Olympics gold medalist Satoshi Ishii’s MMA debut against Barcelona Olympics judo gold medalist Hidehiko Yoshida, in what would have been Sengoku’s headliner for their apparently now-canceled New Year’s Eve effort.

Nightmare of the Battle has more:

FEG’s Tanigawa said that he himself proposed this union event. They started discussing since the end of October. He also said that he doesn’t know what will happen with the FieLDS sponsorship next year.


The WVR GM said that the current plan for the next SRC event is March. The fighters participating will be the fighters who have fought there until now.


Sasahara said that there will be 18-19 fights on NYE, and there will also be fights between DREAM fighters so it’s not only SENGOKU vs. DREAM on the MMA side. Kawajiri and KID couldn’t attend the press conference because they were out on other business.


About SENGOKU only fights (besides Ishii vs. Yoshida) the WVR GM said that it’s yet to be decided if there will be any.


Misaki’s participation is also yet to be decided. There will be a meeting about if his suspension will be lifted or not. Misaki himself said: “I want to obey the instruction of the SENGOKU side.”


There will be foreign fighters competing as well, but the Japanese fighters will be the focus.


Tanigawa wants to match the champions with each other. The rules might depend on the fight.


About a future merger, Tanigawa said that Dynamite!! is mainly TBS’s event so there’s nothing like that.


The plan is for a double main event but Masato’s fight will probably be last since they’ll have a retirement ceremony after the fight. The event will start at 3 PM.

Payout Perspective

There are currently many doubts as to whether Sengoku will continue to operate as a separate entity in the New Year. It likely depends upon a number of things, but chiefly: how well the NYE event goes and how well the two organizations are able to work together. If they find a great deal of success, they’ll likely continue to run joint-events.

And, really, it’s quite a shame to see the current state of Japanese MMA in such disarray. However, out of turmoil comes opportunity, and these two organizations now have the chance to start a new. They can use the publicity from this announcement to generate some real interest in the event to come. Keep a close eye on the forthcoming announcements, because the fights obviously play a key role in bringing two organizations together like this – if you’re going to have a mega show, you need mega fights.

I’ll also throw in another angle here, and that’s from the perspective of the UFC. They’ve once again established a television deal in Japan, and they’ve made no secret about their intent to hold another card in that market. Dwindling competition may present an opportunity for the UFC to move into the Japanese MMA market a little faster than expected.

Yet, it’s necessary to mention the caveat, here: if MMA continues to struggle in Japan, might its lack of visibility hurt the entrance – or at least make it much more difficult – for a foreign competitor like the UFC? Likewise, if Japanese companies are currently hurting, what about the UFC product is going to make it that much more successful? It’s an interesting angle.

HDNet Fights Presents: FieLDS K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Yokohama

March 27, 2009

Event to be broadcast LIVE from Japan, Saturday, March 28 at 1:00 a.m. PT

WHAT: HDNet will broadcast LIVE coverage of “HDNet Fights Presents: FieLDS K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 Yokohama.”  This is the first event in 2009 of the much anticipated K-1 World Grand Prix.   HDNet’s partnership kicked off late last year with the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals and features the best kickboxers in the world.  LIVE coverage of this event will include, Alistair Overeem v. Remy Bonjasky, Peter Aerts v. Errol Zimmerman, Jerome Le Banner v. Ewerton Teixeira, and a four-man, one night tournament for the K-1 Heavyweight Title featuring Melvin Manhoef.

WHEN: Saturday, March 28 at 1:00 a.m. PT with an encore presentation on Saturday, March 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

About HDNet

HDNet ( is a network that is original, thinks independently and delivers

unique content and provocative, authentic programming that appeals to men of all ages, delivered in true high definition.

HDNet is the exclusive, high definition home for popular, original programming, including television’s only HD news feature programs “HDNet World Report,” and the Emmy Award winning “Dan Rather Reports,” featuring legendary journalist Dan Rather.  Only HDNet goes beyond the headlines to deliver real news that is redefining the way we look at our world.  HDNet News is provocative, sometimes controversial and always relevant  – telling the important stories of our time in-depth, with attitude and with independence.

HDNet presents championship sports coverage featuring the best of Mixed Martial Arts through HDNet Fights.  HDNet Fights partners with leading MMA promoters including Affliction, DREAM, Sengoku, XFC, M-1, K-1, K-1 Max, MFC, Adrenaline and more.  HDNet produces more live mixed martial arts events than any other network and HDNet’s “Inside MMA” is the hottest mixed martial arts program on television, giving MMA fans their weekly fix for everything MMA.

HDNet also delivers the world’s largest and most diverse concert line-up through the HDNet Concert Series.  The HDNet Concert Series features leading artists and bands including Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, John Mayer and more.  HDNet also features revealing lifestyle programming featuring “Art Mann Presents,” “Vegas Confessions,” “Deadline” and “Get Out!”  HDNet is also the exclusive high definition home to critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries as part of the InFocus series.   “NASA on HDNet” presents all live shuttle launches through 2010.

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