Fury tops payout for Saturday’s Top Rank event

June 18, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the full roster of salaries from the Nevada Athletic Commission from Saturday’s Top Rank promoted event featuring Tyson Fury at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tyson Fury’s reported salary was $1 million although its been known that he’s receiving around $12.5 million for the fight.  According to the NAC paysheet, he’s paying $300,000 to the IRS as well as a $25,000 sanctioning fee. Fury also paid incidentals which equated to him taking home $673,428.  His opponent Tom Schwarz received $250,000 for the fight.  He paid $75,000 to the IRS and $7,500 in sanction fees for a take home of $167,450.

The rest of the roster payout from Saturday’s event are as follows:

Jesse Hart:  $150,000

Sullivan Barrerra:  $125,000


Mikaela Meyer: $20,000

Lizbeth Crespo: $10,000


Andy Vences: $20,000

Albert Bell:  $20,000


Isaac Lowe: $20,000

Duam Vue:  $20,000


Cem Kilic:  $4,000

Martez McGregor:  $5,000


Guido Vianello: $10,000

Keenan Hickman: $4,000


Peter Kadiru: $1,000

Juan A. Torres: $4,000


Sonny Conto:  $4,000

Daniel Infante:  $3,000

Payout Perspective:

The disparity in salaries from the top of the card to the mid-tier fighters to the starters is glaring.  One boxer just made $1,000 on the card in which Fury will reportedly making $12 million.   Fury did pay the most in sanctioning fees and to the IRS.

UFC 238 Payout Perspective

June 12, 2019

Welcome to another edition of Payout Perspective. This time we take a look at UFC 238 taking place at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Cejudo dispatches Moraes and becomes double champ

Henry Cejudo recovered from a shaky first round to defeat Marlon Moraes with at TKO in the third round of the main event at UFC 238 to win the vacant UFC Bantamweight title. With the win, Cejudo holds the UFC Flyweight title and the Bantamweight title.

The fight showed Cejudo’s growth and maturity of an MMA fighter. The first round saw Moraes getting worked by Moraes with leg kicks. Cejudo seemed a little tentative in the first round but pressed Moraes in rounds 2 and 3 to get the victory.

Shevchenko leg kick KOs Eye

Valentina Shevchenko showed why she is the Flyweight champion. She almost submitted Jessica Eye with a Kimura in the first round, but used a perfectly timed leg kick to the head to knock Eye out. It was a very scary couple minutes as Eye lay on the mat unconscious.

The broadcast showed how Shevchenko set Eye up for the KO with leg kicks to the body drawing Eye’s guard low. Then, instead of a kick to the body Shevchenko went to the head as Eye braced for a body blow. A perfect setup.

Attendance, gate and bonuses

The event at the United Center drew 16,038 for a gate of over $2 million.  The bonuses went to Cejudo, Shevchenko, Ferguson and Cerrone.

Prefight Hype

UFC 238’s return to Chicago saw Henry Cejudo throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game. He also showed up at a media luncheon with “bodyguards.” At the face offs during media week, Cejudo wore a costume to face off against Moraes. Shaun Al-Shatti explained it here:

Cejudo’s act may be just that to get him some publicity.  But, if he continues to improve and dominate opponents, he may be bringing a throne to his next fight face-off.

UFC Embedded was sponsored by Toyo Tires.


Octagon sponsors included Toyo Tires, Motel 6, P3, Nemiroff, Modelo, Poker Stars, Devour, PariMatch, Monster, Hudson Shipping and Monster Energy in the middle.

Modelo had the fighter checkpoint.

Interestingly enough, no real signs of the UFC’s newest sponsor, Aurora Cannabis.

Despite his loss, Donald Cerrone is one of the few UFC fighters with his own Monster Energy sponsorship with


The UFC Prelims on ESPN did its best since March scoring 964,000 viewers.  It served as a lead-in for Top Rank Boxing.  The UFC main card went up against the return of GGG on DAZN.

Odds and Ends

The Tony Ferguson-Donald Cerrone fight was everything you could have wanted until Cowboy blew his nose.  Ferguson looked sharp and if the fight have lasted longer, probably would have won a decision over Cerrone.  He should face the winner of Khabib-Dustin.

Tai Tuivasa was likely the star of the Embeddeds based on his outgoing personality.  However, he’s now lost two in a row as he lost a unanimous decision to Blagoy Ivanov.

There were some great performances on the undercards including Eddie Wineland, Calvin Kattar and Aljamain Sterling.

Sterling had a good week:

It was interesting to see Moraes get upset at a heckler at media day face offs.  It seemed over the top although you may believe that he was thrown off by it considering this was supposed to be media at the event.

Jessica Eye did not have a good start to fight week as she had problems with here airline.

The broadcast crew is using more technology in explaining a lot of the strategy and moves going on in the Octagon.  A prime example saw Daniel Cormier go step-by-step explaining how Shevchenko was able to get a clear headkick over Eye.

Is this good or bad?

UFC 238 google searches drew over 500,000 for Saturday and another 500,000 on Sunday.  Tony Ferguson had 100,000 himself on Saturday night


UFC 238 was a very entertaining show.  It went up against Top Rank Boxing on ESPN and the return of GGG on DAZN.   But the prelim ratings were up which may equate to a better PPV buy rate.  Reports indicate that the buys since going to ESPN+ have been lower than when on satellite and cable providers.

UFC 235 (pre-ESPN+ only PPVs):  520K-650K

UFC 236:  >100K buys

UFC 237:  ~70K buys

With that being reported, its hard to think that UFC 238 did better than UFC 236 although one might be generous and state that the buys were likely around 100,000.

GGG tops Saturday’s DAZN event payouts

June 9, 2019

ESPN’s Dan Rafael reported the purses for Saturday night’s Madison Square Garden event featuring Gennady Golovkin.

According to Rafael, the official payout for GG was $2 million although its likely he’s getting closer to $15 million.  Steve Rolls, his opponent, drew $300,000.  Ali Akhmedov earned $25,000.  His opponent, Marcus McDaniel received $45,250.  Akhmedov defeated McDaniel.  Charles Conwell received $15,000 as he defeated Courtney Pennington who received $13,500.  Brian Ceballo defeated Bakhtiyar Eyubov.  Ceballo earned $25,000.  Eyubov earned $8,000.  Israill Madrimov earned $48,000 as he stopped Norberto Gonzalez who drew $15,000.  Nikita Ababiy earned $8,000 as he KO’d Juan Francisco Barajas who earned $3,500.

PBC on Fox attendance, gate and payouts from this past Saturday in Virginia

May 16, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained from the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation the attendance, gate and payouts from the PBC on Fox event at the Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax.

The main card which aired on Fox and took place at the Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax drew a gate of $283,941.25 with 6,713 in attendance.  Of the attendance, 2,850 paid while there were 3,863 comps.  Of the tickets sold, 675 were purchased via discount.

Payouts were as follows:

Jarrett Hurd:  $1,250,000

Julian Williams:  $300,000

Mario Barrios:  $100,000

Juan Velasco:  $20,000

Matt Korabov:  $80,000

Immanuel Aleem:  $40,000

Stephon Fulton:  $20,000

Paulus Amwaunda:  $20,000

Drayvontay Rawls:  $6,000

Jonathan Perez:  $6,000

Aaron Anderson: $3,000

Carlos Galindo:  $1,500

Mark Duncan:  $4,000

Kevin Womack:  $1,200

Alexandry Mann:  $5,000

Luis Concepcion:  $5,000

Greg Outlaw:  $4,500

Martin Motomala:  $6,000

Payout Perspective:

The numbers reflect a disparity on the pay roster and also the fact that there were more comps and discounted tickets than sold infers that this event catered around the television broadcast.  This had to be a money loser for PBC but it fulfills its event obligation for Fox which eventually compensates them through this loss.

Main event fighters draw hefty purses for Saturday’s Top Rank event on ESPN

May 7, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the Payoff Sheet from the California State Athletic Commission from Saturday night’s event at the Stockton Arena promoted by Top Rank Boxing.

The event featured Artur Beterbiev as he defeated Radivoje Kalajdzic. Beterbiev earned $850,000 while Kalajdzic made $200,000.  After $314,500 miscellaneous fee and a $25,500 sanction that was not explained, Beterbiev netted $509,400.  Similarly, Kalajdzic received a sanction of $6,000 and an advance of $5,000 and another $500 for gloves.  After these and other miscellaneous deductions, he netted $181,000.

The rest of the payouts are as follows:

Jersin Ancajas:  $90,000

Ryuchi Funai:  $20,000

Gabriel Flores, Jr.:  $7,500

Eduardo Pereira dos Reis:   $6,000

Jesus Algandar Godlinez:  $2,000

Marco Antonio Arroyo:  $1,500

Vincent Jennings:  $6,000

Vislan Dalkhaev:  $6,000

Carlos Rodriguez:  $8,000

Brian Mendoza:  $10,000

Mario Aguilar:  $2,000

Felix Valera:  $30,000

Osbaldo Camacho Gonzales:  $4,000

Quillisto Madera:  $3,000

Joey Montoya: $5,500

Blake McKernan:  $800

The $850,000 purse for the IBF light heavyweight titleholder gives pause to many casual fans considering his fight was the second lowest-rated Top Rank on ESPN event this year. Obviously, opposite Canelo-Jacobs, this televised event was going to be a tough sell. Still, the main eventers received top payouts which rival most top-tier UFC fighters but past the semi-main event, the salaries resemble more of a UFC card.  It is interesting to look at the differing ways MMA and Boxing pay their respective independent contractors.

Payouts from Canelo-Jacobs; Canelo nets $23.6M after fees, license and taxes

May 7, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payout sheet from the Nevada Athletic Commission from this past Saturday’s Canelo-Jacbos fight. Canelo Alvarez earned the most for the night as he grossed $35 million.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez: $35M
Daniel Jacobs: $2.5M

Vergil Ortiz, II Jr.: $75,000
Mauricio Herrera: $75,00

Joseph P. Diaz, Jr.: $100,000
Freddy L. Fonseca: $10,000

Lamont Roach, Jr.: $75,000
Jonathan Oquendo: $50,000

Sadam Ali: $150,000
Anthony Young: $45,000

John P. Ryder: $100,000
Bilal Akkawy: $30,000

Aram Avagyan: $12,500
Francisco Esparza, Jr.: $13,000

Alexis Espino: $6,000
Wiliamm R. Wagner: $2,000

Yamguchi Falcao: $50,000
Christopher Pearson: $20,000

Steven Butler: $70,000
Vitali Kopylenko: $15,000

Erik Bazinyan: $50,000
Alan Campa: $17,000

Alexis Salazar: 23,150
Abraham Cordero: $5,850

Richard Acevedo: $3,900
Mario Sosa: $1,600

According to the payout sheet, Canelo netted $23.6M as a result of the fees, license and taxes associated with his payout. Jacobs netted $2.27M although, as reported by many, he is guaranteed over $10M for his part in Saturday’s fight.

Nevada Athletic Commission discloses Alvarez-Jacobs payouts

May 5, 2019

The Canelo Alvarez-Daniel Jacobs fight took place on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Alvarez defeated Jacobs via unanimous decision.

Jacobs had to pay a $250,000 per pound fine for being over 170 pounds at the morning weight check.  Both fighters made the contractual weight of 160 pounds.  Jacobs came in at 173.6 pounds.  Thus, he had to pay $1 million in fines (rounding up from 173.6 to 174) This put a dent into his over $10 million guarantee for the fight.

Canelo made $35 million according to the Nevada Athletic Commission.  Jacobs official pay was $2.5 million although he was guaranteed over $10 million per his DAZN deal.  Fighters Vergil Ortiz, Jr. made $75,000 while his opponent Mauricio Herrera earned $75,000.

The other salaries as disclosed by the NAC are as follows:

Joseph Diaz, Jr. $100,000

Freddy Fonseca $10,000

Lamont Roach $75,000

Jonathan Oquendo $50,000

Sadam Ali $150,000

Anthony Young $45,000

John Ryder $100,000

Bilal Akkawy $30,000

Payout Perspective:

Although Jacobs lost money on the contractual day of fight weigh-in one has to think he knew he’d lose money in order to win the fight – which would lead to a windfall of future big paydays.  We may receive some sort of indication on the viewership for the DAZN event but since it’s a digital platform, it will be hard to see viewership/buy rates unless disclosed by the company.


Barthelemy-Easter top Showtime Boxing event payouts

May 2, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from the Nevada Athletic Commission regarding Saturday’s Showtime Event at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Main eventers Robert Easter, Jr and Rances Barthelemy earned the most on the card earning $250,000 each.

Robert Easter, Jr: $250,000

Rances Barthelemy: $250,000

Viktor Postol: $20,000

Mohammed Mimoune;  $20,000

Efe Ajagba: $15,000

Michael Wallisch:  $20,000

Terrel Williams:  $15,000

Justin Deloach:  $11,000

Daniel Guzman:  $1,500

Fernando Ibarra:  $1,500

Flavio Rodriguez:  $4,000

Gaku Takahashi:  $3,500

Yovani Rodarte:  $4,000

Clay Burns:  $3,000

Burley Brooks:  $2,000

Steven Crowfield:  $2,000

Ranfils Encarnacion:  $8,000

Joe Bustos:  $1,500

Arlovski ($300K) tops UFC Fort Lauderdale salaries

April 30, 2019

The Florida State Boxing Commission has disclosed the salary information from this past Saturday’s UFC Fort Lauderdale event.  Notably, Greg Hardy’s second UFC fight garnered him $150,000 while Andre Arlovski’s  29th fight with the promotion made him $300,000.

The payouts per MMA Fighting:

Jack Hermansson ($41,000 + $41,000 = $82,000) def. Ronaldo Souza ($210,000)
Greg Hardy ($75,000 + $75,000 = $150,000) def. Dmitrii Smoliakov ($10,000)
Mike Perry ($55,000 + $55,000 = $110,000) def. Alex Oliveira ($64,000)
Glover Teixeira ($105,000 + $105,000 = $210,000) def. Ion Cutelaba ($22,000)
Cory Sandhagen ($33,000 + $33,000 = $66,000) def. John Lineker ($49,000)
Roosevelt Roberts ($12,000 + $12,000 = $24,000) def. Thomas Gifford ($10,000)
Takashi Sato ($12,000 + $12,000 = $24,000) def. Ben Saunders ($35,000)
Augusto Sakai ($12,000 + $12,000 = $24,000) def. Andrei Arlovski ($300,000)
Carla Esparza ($45,000 + $45,000 = $90,000) def. Virna Jandiroba ($12,000)
Gilbert Burns ($44,000 + $44,000 = $88,000) def. Mike Davis ($12,000)
Jim Miller ($90,000 + $90,000 = $180,000) def. Jason Gonzalez ($12,000)
Angela Hill ($24,000 + $24,000 = $48,000) def. Jodie Esquibel ($10,000)
Dhiego Lima ($17,000 + $17,000 = $34,000) def. Court McGee ($48,000)

Payout Perspective:

A couple interesting notes including Hardy’s pay is at $75K/$75K which is much higher than most “up and coming” fighters.  One would think that the name and his place on the card dictates the high pay.  Also, Andrei Arlovski is made $300,000 for his loss to Augosto Sakai who made just $24,000.  You may chalk this one up to longevity within the promotion.  Also, Glover Teixeira is now over $100,00o for his base with a change of doubling it.

Bellator 220 salaries: MacDonald tops roster

April 28, 2019

The California Athletic Commission has disclosed the salaries for Bellator 220 which took place in San Jose, Saturday night.

Rory MacDonald was the top reported salary making $200,000 for his 5 round draw with Jon Fitch.  Despite the draw, MacDonald moves on in the welterweight Grand Prix and retains his belt.  Fitch earned $140,000.  Neither fighter had a win bonus.

Via MMA Junkie:

Rory MacDonald: $200,000 (no win bonus)
vs. Jon Fitch: $140,000 (no win bonus)

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane: $75,000 (no win bonus)
def. Veta Arteaga: $40,000

Benson Henderson: $100,000 (no win bonus)
def. Adam Piccolotti: $22,000

Phil Davis: $160,000 (includes $80,000 win bonus)
def. Liam McGeary: $75,000

Gaston Bolanos: $15,000 (no win bonus)
def. Nathan Stolen: $10,000

Aviv Gozali: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Travis Crain: $1,200

Brandon Faumui: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Chris Avila: $5,000

Matt Perez: $2,400 (includes $1,200 win bonus)
def. Justin Tenedora: $3,000

Cass Bell: $10,000 (includes $5,000 win bonus)
def. Peter Ishiguro: $1,200

Chuck Campbell: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Bruno Casillas: $1,500

Hyder Amil: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Paradise Vaovasa: $1,750

Josh San Diego: $4,000 (includes $2,000 win bonus)
def. Brandon Laroco: $1,500

Jordan Williams: $3,500 (includes $1,750 win bonus)
def. Diego Herzog: $2,500

Abraham Vaesau: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Justin Roswell: $2,000

Chris Inocencio: $2,400 (includes $1,200 win bonus)
def. Boris Novachkov: $1,200

Tom Ponce de Leon: $3,000 (includes $1,500 win bonus)
def. Jamario Mulder: $1,200

Ignacio Ortiz: $1,500
vs. Roger Severson: $1,500

Jon Adams: $1,200
vs. Erick Gunha: $1,200

Payout Perspective:

The salaries for the top of the card are starting to resemble UFC payouts but the bottom of the Bellator card shows a vast disparity.  Making less than $2,000 as a pro MMA fighter for Bellator is really low and is similar to some payouts on the regional circuit.  Unless they are being compensated through sponsors, it would not be hard to think that they are losing money fighting.

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