Titan FC moves April 25th event

April 14, 2014

MMA Fighting reports that Titan FC has moved its April 25th event to May 16th.  The reason for the change appears to be due to injuries of some of its fighters.

“I refused to put out a subpar fight card when just this weekend three more fighters got hit with the injury bug,” Titan FC president and CEO Jeffrey Aronson said.  Raphael Davis is still scheduled to face Jason Brilz in the main event.

In addition to moving the date, it is moving its location from Kansas City, Missouri to Newkirk, Oklahoma.

Another change will be its live streaming of prelims on CBSSports.com instead of CBSSportsNetwork.com.


Payout Perspective:

It’s rare that you see a company move an event so close to the intended date.  But if it’s due to injuries and the second time it gets a chance to appear on CBS Sports Network, it wants to put its best foot forward.  I am not sure how big the move from CBSSports.com to CBSSportsNetwork.com is in terms of actual viewers, but it appears that there is a possibility of reaching a much broader audience according to Aronson.  We have seen WSOF live stream on NBC Sports Network online and Bellator stream prelims on SpikeTV.com.  And, of course the UFC has now moved its prelims to its Fight Pass platform.  The move to online viewing is another way for fight organizations to grab viewers.

UPDATED – WWE Network reports 667,287 subscribers

April 7, 2014

WWE announced in a press release this morning that it has 667,287 subscribers to its network which launched this past February and “is well on its way to reaching its goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of 2014.”

UPDATED 9:05am PT – 4/7/14:  It looks like that investors are not impressed with the 667K  numbers according to Deadline.com and the sell off  is more than just investors capitalizing on the stock price.  Deadline states that at least one analyst predicted the sub number to be between 500K-800K on Friday.  The original expectation was that it was to be at 1M after Sunday’s big event.

The press release comes just one day after Wrestlemania 30 aired without major tech issues on its network.  The news appears positive for the company long term although short term WWE stock is taking a hit.  In morning trading Monday, the stock is down almost $4 as it appears that many investors are selling off the stock.

The WWE also announced that it broke the record for the Superdome (Mercedez-Benz or Silverdome if you are Hulk Hogan) as its highest grossing entertainment event for the venue.  The announced attendance was 75,167 for a gate of $10.9 million.

Payout Perspective:

UPDATE:  It looks like Wall Street is not impressed with the 667K announcement as it expected a higher number of subscribers.  The stock is taking a big hit as shares have gone done at least 20% today.  We will see how this number is spun as the WWE is set to announce a new rights fee agreement in the coming weeks.

The network announcement for its subscribers should be seen as a success as there were many concerned about tech issues that would scare many away.  However, there were few reported glitches on any platform for yesterday’s big event despite the fact it was likely the most watched day for the network as most WWE subscribers and many curious non-wrestling fans tuned in to see it.  Looking at this strategically, the timing of the announcement makes sense since one would think many signed up close to Wrestlemania to take advantage of the streaming as opposed to paying $70 on PPV.

The real test will be how (and if) the WWE can retain these subscribers.  Wrestlemania was the big carrot for the network this year and realistically a one-time thing.  How will the WWE continue to grow its subscribers to reach 1 million?

Based on this information, can we assume that UFC Fight Pass is having similar success?  While the UFC will not release any information, the speculation is that it is doing well with its digital network and since it is now available for international fans, it probably continues to grow its subscriber base.

Tech issues hamper WWE Network launch

February 26, 2014

On Monday the WWE launched its much heralded Network which it advertised to be available on almost every platform imaginable. The good news is that number of those signing up exceeded expectations. The bad news is that it is experiencing technical difficulties across most platforms.

The WWE’s technological partner in the venture, MLB Advanced Media, indicated that it had not expected the demand it has received from people signing up. The WWE released a statement Monday regarding the issues upon signing up and the subsequent technical issues subscribers found once they were able to attain access.

The WWE also stated that MLBAM was aggressively working to resolve the matter on Monday morning. Although not directly, the WWE inferred that the fault lay with MLBAM for the tech issues. At least, that’s how it is being interpreted in the press. One would think that a part of this has to do with the one week free trial. Even as of Wednesday, there are still problems with logging in.

In my own experience, I was able to sign up at 6:01 a.m. on Monday via PC, one minute after the promoted launch, but was only able to watch last year’s Wrestlemania in the first hour. I was not able to go through the library until mid-morning. Later that day, the stream was fine for me on the PC but I experienced issues on my iPad. Notably, I have experienced more buffering issues on the PC on Tuesday night and today.

Certainly, these issues are being worked on but the technical issues are a concern for the WWE going forward since its heavy investment in the product. The WWE and MLB Advanced Media must make the fixes soon. If the free trial ends with the problems persisting, its likely that the WWE will lose a lot of potential customers.

Payout Take:

Tech issues were a given as to challenges facing this network. The question is how fast can the WWE and ML BAM fix them. If we are to spin this in a positive light, the overwhelming demand for the Network reflects the fact that its promotion of its product created a swell of interest. But, the tech issues could make folks concerned and they may decide not to subscribe if they feel that these issues will be an inherent part of being a subscriber.

The complexities of Internet PPV

July 12, 2013

Live streaming of events is a relatively new technology that smaller MMA/boxing and pro wrestling promotions have taken to as a way to expose its brand to a broader audience.  But setting a bigger footprint comes with growing pains as production costs must be weighed with exposing your brand to bigger audiences.

The biggest example of the problem with live streaming occurred this year when Invicta FC’s event in January had streaming issues running through Ustream.  The problem dealt with Ustream’s paywall which prevented access to the event.  “The issue was an overload of requests to purchase the event in a very short amount of time,” Ustream spokesperson Victoria Levy told MMAPayout.  Eventually, the paywall allowing viewers to pay for the event was taken down.  Ustream acknowledged an issue with a public apology.  Since that issue, Invicta ran another event on the Ustream platform without any substantial issues as Ustream addressed the issues. “The stability of the existing system was improved and basically the whole process was rebuilt to avoid this in the future,” explained Levy of the process to address the Ustream issues

Wrestling promotions Ring of Honor and New Japan among others have had multiple issues with live streaming online.  ROH indicated it would not offer live internet PPVs again after several issues with the streaming.  Its last iPPV experienced streaming issues during the main event.  This was not the first time its events were marred by streaming issues.  It has decided to tape delay its events to avoid further issues.

What is Internet PPV?  

As you can gather from the name, Internet pay per view, or iPPV, is a platform in which viewers can pay to watch a live show which is streamed online.  A company can have the iPPV on its own web site or have a third party, like Go Fight Live, host the event.

Who uses it?

Anyone.  From small to big, regional to national, MMA, boxing, pro wrestling and other combat sports utilize iPPV in order to promote its product.  The promotion usually fronts the costs for the technology and production costs in order to run the event.

Most promotions seek to establish a bigger footprint outside of its region and perhaps garner an internet following.

What are the obstacles to iPPV?

There are several barriers to entry when it comes to live streaming an event.  The first is the cost.

The costs of an iPPV vary.  But, according to Roy Englebrecht, promotions should focus on the look of the iPPV.  Production costs are very important in how the PPV will look to the viewer.  Englebrecht runs Fight Club OC in Southern California.  He has attempted iPPV twice but decided to forego online streaming to focus on the people in attendance. “Nobody wants to buy a small club show on the internet because there are not many quality fights and the production is not that good,” explained Englebrecht.

Fight Club OC

The second issue which ties in with the first is the production value.  Englebrecht brought up the issue that the promotion’s brand is out there for the public and anything less than a top notch looking product hurts the brand.

Englebrecht runs an instructional course on fight promotion and does not talk about iPPV or PPV because it makes no sense.

“There are many hard costs before making a dollar,” explained Englebrecht.  If a promoter wanted to run an iPPV Englebrecht estimated that at a minimum a promoter would have to spend $2,000-$5,000 on lighting alone.  A decoder, a technological piece that is needed for the PPV to work would cost at least $500. These are only a couple of the big ticket costs for an iPPV.

“The key for any promoter is to put on the best show for ticket buyers that are there,” Englebrecht added that if a promoter were to put on a PPV, they would be worried about the PPV broadcast rather the show.  “He’s hurting his bread and butter [the fans in attendance].”

Go Fight Live


One of the reasons why small companies use iPPV is to promote its brand and expand its footprint.  It offers a chance for those that cannot attend a local event to see it.  For fans of the organization that cannot make it, its a chance to watch it at home.

Go Fight Live (“GFL”) is a web site which airs iPPVs for MMA promotions, boxing, muay thai, professional wrestling and other types of combat sports.  It started in 2008 and has had over 2000 shows according to GFL’s president David Klarman.

“We’ve sold and had viewership in 199 countries,” stated Klarman.  “Our biggest buckets are the U.S., Canada and the UK.”

GFL offers a revenue share of 50/50 for an organization to use GFL to stream an event. It also includes GFL marketing, promotion, customer and tech support for the event. GFL charges the organization if it needs production (e.g., cameras, lighting, etc.)

GFL indicated that a 3 camera shoot with replay technology, audio technology and a commentator area would be at least $1,800 plus travel expenses.  A single camera shot would be only $300.  However, a one camera shoot may not look and feel as professional as having different camera angles.

GFL’s demographics is 70% male in the 18-45 age range.  Klarman indicated that 70% of GFL uses Apple TV, iPTV, iPads, tablets and mobile devices.

GFL has an internal process to ensure that live streaming occurs without any flaws.  Klarman stated that GFL has internal diagnostics to figure out issues.  GFL has staff to investigate the issue and determine if its a bandwidth issue or something else.

“Its far more complex than that cable that goes in the wall,” said Klarman.  GFL has customer service to address streaming issues and can let customers know if its experiencing issues.  In the alternative, if a customer could not access a stream they paid for, GFL would refund money.

The Future

Although iPPV and online streaming is still a new technology to most, there are signs of where it will be going.

Klarman sees a shift over the next generation that cable TV will change how it interfaces with the consumer.  Based on the viewership, more people may be turning to mobile devices.

“Live video streaming will absolutely expand to other platforms,” said Levy.  “  We’ve already seen a significant increase in mobile viewing over the past 6 months and we predict that mobile viewing will be as high as 60-65% by the end of the year. Live video streaming will continue to become available to everyone through multiple devices such as smart TV’s, mobile devices, and tablets.”

GSP releases health and fitness app

May 16, 2013

The Sports Business Journal reports on Georges St. Pierre’s health and fitness app as the latest in his portfolio of sponsorships. In addition to his recently released book, “The Way of the Fight,” GSP has been tabbed to do voiceover work for the animated film, “Monsters University.”

GSP remains busy despite successfully defending his title last month against Nick Diaz.  The app comes due to the collaboration between GSP’s agents at CAA and developer Zolmo. The app, named “Touchfit” is $6.99 and GSP has an equity stake in the venture although specifics were not mentioned.

GSP’s agent at CAA, Nez Balelo, detailed the difficulty he had at first in finding sponsors for GSP as he had to educate them on who he is and what he did. The article notes that Gatorade and Under Armour were the two big deals that separated GSP from other MMA fighters in terms of sponsorship.

In addition, TheStar.com (of Toronto) reports that he will voice a character in the Quebec French language version of the prequel to Monsters, Inc.

Payout Perspective:

The GSP brand continues to roll.  The app coincides with the release of his book, “The Way of the Fight.”  GSP’s voicework on the Quebecois/French Canadian version of “Monsters University” is his second film this year as he was tabbed to play a villain in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” slated for release next year.  GSP has carved out a solid portfolio of work that will eventually carry him to his post-UFC career.

YouTube’s new fee-based subscription service includes UFC channel

May 10, 2013

MMA Junkie reports that the UFC has launched a fee-based subscription service with YouTube. The UFC is one of several channels that is part of a YouTube Pilot Program that subscribers can pay a fee to watch its programming.

“UFC Select” offers a 2 week free trial but will be $5.99 per month. Eight fights will be introduced into the channels’ rotation each week. Old episodes of The Ultimate Fighter will also be shown on the channel.

The launch of fee-based subscription services is a step toward a la carte programming.

Via Wired:

This is a solid business move, even if advertising will almost certainly remain YouTube’s main source of income. It helps YouTube promote itself as a complete video delivery platform by giving producers yet another way to earn money there.

The article suggests that the subscription model will do well with sports channels such as the UFC.

Payout Perspective:

It will be interesting to see how well the UFC channel does. What does it mean for the UFC programming on Fox Sports 1? Why watch something you will have to pay for if you can get it through cable. Certainly, the pay channel will have some fights not available on television, but will it be worth it to the casual viewer? Notably, the WWE declined having a paid channel and moved to Yahoo! But, TNA Wrestling has a YouTube channel which will have its content.

Ultimate Poker launches legal online gambling in Nevada

May 2, 2013

UltimatePoker.com launched this week as the first legally operated online gambling web site in Nevada. The site, owned by the Fertittas passed a bill granting legal online gambling a couple months ago.

Ultimate Poker has been advertising with the UFC since last year in anticipation of this launch.  As many recall, US legislation banned online gambling sites.  Delaware and New Jersey have passed legislation for online gaming but have no sites in those states have launched.

Via MMA Junkie (via USA Today)

Games will be as small as 25-cent bet tournaments and $300 limit table. The company believes the games will be a complement to casino gambling and not a competitor. The goal is to allow players who may be intimidated in a casino or otherwise more comfortable in an online setting.

Payout Perspective:

This investment could prove to be a boon for the Fertittas.  Online poker was one of the driving forces behind The World Series of Poker phenomenon which had ESPN airing hours upon hours and multiple-versions of the poker tournament.  With legislation passed in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, we can see more poker sites going up which may mean, in an indirect way, more sponsorship opportunities in MMA (pinpointing on the young male demo).


Top Rank Boxing Looking to Capitalize on Content

April 17, 2013

The Sports Business Journal recently ran an in depth section focusing on the importance of content.  One of its features included Top Rank Boxing and its strategy of producing its own feed for PPVs with the future hope that fans will turn to its web site as opposed to cable and satellite providers.

When subscribers pay $60 for a PPV, half of it goes to cable and satellite companies. Top Rank is attempting to cut into that pie by offering its own broadcast on its web site.  Top Rank has teamed with MLB Advanced Media in developing content for its web site and offering its own production of its events.  This includes its own feed of the PPV with its own camera angles and broadcast team.

Top Rank states that 3,000 people paid the same amount charged by satellite and cable providers for Pacquiao-Marquez IV.  The belief is that with the growing amount of cord-cutters, the number of those ordering PPV online in the future will increase.

In addition to airing PPVs, the Top Rank site includes weigh-ins, interviews and behind the scenes content.

Payout Perspective:

The UFC has looked into partnering with XBox in hopes of finding alternatives than the traditional PPV measures.  The one issue pointed out in the SBJ piece is that a move to online PPV eliminates the promotional assets of the satellite and cable companies.  This is something that boxing and the UFC rely on in promoting its upcoming events.  The other issue is the reliance of live streaming.  Several organizations including Invicta and the WWE have experienced technical difficulties during its live events.  This can be a big issue if the platform becomes unreliable.  But, turning to its own self-production of its product can mean bigger profits for the company.


Spike TV Launches Bellator App

February 28, 2013

Spike TV launched an iPad and iPhone App to be used while watching Bellator MMA.  According to the press release, the App will give users real time fight data as they watch the event.

Via press release:

When the Bellator cage door closes and the gloves touch, the innovative app works in concert with the live Spike broadcast to supply fans with real-time fight data only available through the app.  Developed from the ground up to make watching live fights more immersive, viewers will have the unique ability to track expansive fighter analytics and participate in the on-air broadcast.  As “The 4th Judge,” fans can score rounds with the help of real-time statistics powered by CompuStrike, a service providing data in 26 categories from arm strikes to submission attempts.

“The Bellator app is truly the first of its kind.  It allows our passionate fans to experience the fight as a virtual fourth judge – creating a level of immersion that’s unparalleled in any sport,” said Jon Slusser, Senior Vice President, Sports and Multiplatform Events, Spike TV.  “We see this second-screen as a game-changer.  The results from the app will actually become part of the on-air discussion.  There’s nothing like that in all of sports television.”

“At Bellator, we continually look for new ways to connect with our fans in a more meaningful way,” said Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney. “This innovative app will resonate with our first-adopter audience, who will feel closer to the action than ever before.”

As “The 4th Judge,” viewers will be able to have their opinions known during the live telecast.  The Bellator broadcast team of Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock will announce the results of viewers’ polling to see how fan opinion compares to their own as well as the official cageside judges. (“The 4th Judge” voting will not factor in the actual judges’ decisions).

The app features historical statistics for every fighter, pre-fight fan picks, and “Favorite Fight of the Night” polling, which will be sharable via social networks. The Bellator MMA app also gives fans the opportunity to watch exclusive videos, and dig deep into fighter biographies.

Spike TV worked with Omnigon Communications to develop the App.

Payout Perspective:

Multi-tasking is something that most of us do all of the time.  When watching Bellator or UFC, most check tweets to see what others are saying about the fights.  Its a good source of information and social interaction.  Hence, the Bellator App will create a center for fans to go.  The statistics and “The 4th Judge,” feature will create discussion among fans and another way to connect.

FUEL TV added to XFinity lineup after Fox-Comcast deal

February 13, 2013

MMA Fighting reports that Comcast and Fox have struck a deal which will allow Fuel TV on Xfinity cable.  The deal improves the viewership audience by an estimated 22 million based on the number of Xfinity cable customers.

Terms of the deal were not available but the deal means that a whole new audience of viewers will be able to see Fox’s 20 broadcast outlets including the UFC on Fuel TV.

According to the Comcast press release (via deadline.com), the retransmission deal will include the opportunity for the companies to engage in new multi-platform offerings.  Thus, we can expect more collaboration online and other digital media offerings.

Payout Perspective:

The deal makes sense for both companies and will aid Fox’s rebranding of its networks – notably, Fox Sports 1 and 2.  As we know, Fuel TV (and UFC programming) will end up on one or both of these networks.  It also opens up more ways for the UFC to engage with viewers.  Certainly, there will be online integration as Xfinity customers will have the opportunity to access content on Fox’s websites and application.  It will be interesting to see how the UFC and Fox decide how to engage its audience via online content on Fox’s end.  Overall, the deal means that the UFC will have a broader audience as Fuel TV will be available to 22 million more potential viewers.

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