Corona retail promotion is boxers on bottles

June 24, 2013

The Sports Business Journal reports that Corona is affixing faces of familiar fighters on lines of bottles starting in mid-August.  The boxers are Miguel Cotto, Bernard Hopkins, Peter Quillin, Erik Morales, Abner Mares and Danny Garcia.

The fighters will be included in 18-packs in 32 states distributed primarily to Hispanic accounts. The promotion starting in August will run through October.  Three commemorative bottles will be included in the 18 packs.

Via @RealMiguelCotto

Via @RealMiguelCotto

According to the SBJ (subscription required), this will be the first time that Corona will build a retail promotion around boxing.  In a way, Corona’s promotion concedes the fact that Tecate has been successful with its in-store retail promotions (i.e., $25 rebate coupon for certain Pacquiao fights if fans bought Tecate can products).

Corona distributor Crown Imports signed on as a Golden Boy Promotions sponsor and its the company’s first major in-store promotion.  Golden Boy sees the opportunity to activate in 50 states which gives it a bigger reach than Tecate’s previous in-store promotions which were narrowly targeted.

While the promotion seeks to target the Hispanic market with a direct emphasis on Mexican Independence Day in September, the bottles feature two Mexicans (Morales, Mares), two Puerto Ricans (Cotto, Carcia) and two African Americans (BHop, Quillin).

Payout Perspective:

The promotion not only features the fighters but taps into the cultural pride.  Notably, it hopes to capitalize on a fight featuring Miguel Cotto in mid-September.  What about that other fight happening on September 14th between Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather?  While it would have made the most sense, there were obstacles from having the two featured on bottles.  First, at 22 years of age, Canelo Alvarez is too young to appear in beer ads per U.S. beer industry rules.  Mayweather declined to appear on the bottles.

While a survey reveals Corona is the preferred imported beer among Hispanics in the U.S., we will see if this promotion aids Golden Boy’s upcoming fights.  Moreover, will the promotion see a return on the costs expended for it.

Rousey stars in new marketing campaign for Insureon

June 13, 2013

Ronda Rousey stars as “The Insureon Protector” in a YouTube video promoting Insureon – an online company specializing in insuring small businesses.  Rousey kicks, punches and uses her trademark armbar in fending off lazy tech support workers.

Payout Perspective:

This is one of the first commercials featuring Rousey since she won the UFC women’s bantamweight title.  According to the Sports Business Daily, the video is the start of a marketing campaign featuring Rousey in a series of videos (presumably as “The Insureon Protector”) as well as an interactive website.  We will see if this catches on for Rousey and if this will lead to bigger deals.

Payout Interview: Elie Deshe of VFD Marketing

March 8, 2013

MMA Payout had the opportunity to speak with Elie Deshe, a partner at VFD Marketing.  Deshe and his organization represent several UFC fighters including Leonard Garcia, Travis Browne, Clay Guida and Nate and Nick Diaz.  We covered a couple interesting subjects including the Diaz Brothers, agent regulation and working with sponsors.

VFD Marketing is based out of Miami, Florida.  Deshe (the D in VFD) works on the marketing aspects of fighter representation including brand marketing and emerging technologies.  Deshe also works with sponsors. SafeAuto Insurance (a company he previously worked for) and MusclePharm are a couple of the sponsorship deals Deshe and his company have brokered for their representatives.

VFD consists of 6 employees and the company actually has 3 arms with a sports agency, a modeling agency and a media agency.  VFD manages several fighters and serves as marketing agent for others. One client is Nick Diaz.

The interview came at an opportune time as the Nick Diaz-GSP/UFC 158 telephone conference just ended.  VFD Marketing secures sponsorships for the Diaz Brothers.  They are working on deals for Nick for March 16th.

Marketing for the Diaz Brothers

“I don’t think people realize that they’re different people.  They just get lumped in the same category. Love them or hate them, people have an opinion and so long as they are on people’s minds, it makes them marketable.”

Deshe added that it’s not hard to find companies that will work with them.

“All they do is train.  They don’t care about the limelight or attention.  They’re there to fight.  It’s up to us (VFD) to show sponsors the differences between the two. There has been no scenario where a sponsor has said, ‘I like Nate but not Nick.’”

As for sponsors for next week, Deshe said that they will be working up until Thursday night to secure deals for Nick.  Fighter shorts are turned in on Friday and VFD ensures that everything is in the right place.  For Deshe, ensuring “everything is in the right place” may mean making sure the sponsor logos are in the right place on the shorts or banner to whether the logo looks good on television. “Sometimes we’ve said to sponsors to try a different logo to maximize how it looks on TV,” explained Deshe.

Agent Regulation

We asked what he thought of regulating agents that manage fighters.  “It’s a very loose term.  If the UFC had a vetting process of who is an agent and who is not, we wouldn’t have a problem with it. Some of the agents are friends of the guys growing up.  Does that make them qualified?  They may be good on their own merit.”  Deshe stated that fighters could be hurt, “if someone is in it for the wrong reasons.”
UFC sponsor tax

“We get why it’s in place. But we put sponsors in a position to succeed unlike most.  If it was like in the early days, (obtaining sponsorships) it makes a manager’s job easier, but makes it tougher to distinguish who is good.”

Negotiation with sponsors

Deshe stated that negotiating terms of a deal on how much their clients are paid is not the hardest thing.  “The bigger part of it is getting the sponsors on board.  Its about selling the sport to them.  UFC is the best value in sports entertainment from a marketing perspective.  Once on board, the budgets will work.  It’s good to get money for one fight, but if they (sponsors) don’t see value, they won’t come back.”

Deshe commented that a part of working with companies is to ensure that the sponsorship is supported through social media and blog articles among other things.  He also seeks out opportunities outside of the octagon.  Four of VFD’s fighters have appeared in Safe Auto commercials. “Being in the ring is great, it can’t be the only thing to do for these guys,” said Deshe.

How much do sponsors pay

“Ranges are all over the map.  Deals range in the mid to high 6 figures and we’ve done deals in the low four figures. We’ve done everything. That’s why we spend time working with sponsors.  VFD has become a company sponsors want to come to.”

Deshe stated that VFD receives inquiries from companies that want to sponsor fighters and come to them to find out how. “They know we can get them on the right guys, make it look right, get social media support and add value.”

Fighter income between fights

We asked Deshe about how fighters maintain income after a fight is over or before their next fight.  Deshe indicated that there are several ways fighters can supplement their income between fights.  One way is negotiating deals with sponsors which would allow the fighter to receive a monthly payment from the sponsor.  For instance, a deal may consist of sponsoring a fighter over the period of a year and the fighter would be compensated monthly.

There are also the usual opportunities to book appearances, seminars and autograph signings.

Deshe noted the limited time for their fighters to supplement their income.  “There’s not a big window to do all of the things in between.”  They maybe take a couple months off but are usually back in the gym training.

UFC 157: Payout Perspective

February 25, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Payout Perspective.  This time we take a look at UFC 157 from The Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In the main event, Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche in the first ever women’s bout in the UFC.

Rousey submits Carmouche, UFC wins

Saturday night’s title fight between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche could not have gone better unless it had gone 5 rounds…or even 2.  But, Rousey’s trademark armbar with just seconds left in the first round left the crowd and many fans satisfied with the main event.

UFC 157 poster

The fight legitimized women’s MMA.  Rousey did what she does (i.e., armbar) and Carmouche showed that she was not a tomato can.  In the end, the UFC ended up winning as it showed that the women could put on a show.  It took a risk in putting this as the main event and the women came through.  Now the only issue is where it goes from here.

Machida wins, the fans do not

This fight complemented the main event because it was not an entertaining fight.  If Rousey-Carmouche were not on top of the card it would have been this fight.  Fortunate for everyone, the UFC went with the women.  With that said, it was a tactical fight that was slow paced.  Whether it was Machida’s in and out or Henderson’s constant measuring of the Dragon, the fight lacked any excitement.

Machida will get another shot at Jon Jones but after watching this fight, I’m not sure if that excites anyone.

Faber chokes out Menjivar

The details of jiu jitsu.  If you have the fight on DVR, during the finish watch how Urijah Faber uses his non-choking arm to peel back the forehead of Ivan Menjivar which exposed his neck despite Menjivar’s attempts to tuck his chin.  With the neck exposed, Faber slid in his arm and coupled with the body triangle Menjivar was forced to tap. The peel back of the arm is what Carmouche was unable to do with Rousey when the two were in a similar position.

An impressive win for Faber as he looked fresh and reminiscent of his time in the WEC.  However, the rub is that he’s in a place where he’s better than the mid-card but not good enough to claim a title.  We’ll see what the UFC does with Faber.

Attendance and Gate

Announced at the post-fight press conference, the Honda Center was sold out with 15,525 for a gate of $1.4 million.  There was no confirmation on paid attendance versus comps.

As we detailed here, it was the highest attended event at The Honda Center which included UFC 121: Velasquez versus Lesnar.  It also bested the two Affliction events held at The Honda Center although Affliction: Banned earned more ($2.1M gate per MMA Payout’s Blue Book).

It seems as though Anaheim is the “go to” venue outside of Vegas.  This venue worked for this event.  The Honda Center is down the road from Rousey’s home in the LA area and up the road from Carmouche’s in San Diego.  Most fans could travel easily up or down Interstate 5 to support their fighters.  Southern California is a hub for MMA and is more progressive than most areas of the country.  Sure, it’s in Orange County but it’s in Anaheim, not Newport Beach.


As reported previously, the bonuses were $50,000 each and were awarded below:

Fight of the Night:  Dennis Bermudez v. Matt Grice
Submission of the Night:  Kenny Robertson
KO of the Night:  Robbie Lawler

Promotion of the Fight

Rousey was on every media outlet imaginable: ESPN, SI, The Jim Rome Show, Time and HBO Sports to name a few.  The UFC stated that this event received the most media attention ever and Rousey has received more media than Brock Lesnar.  The Rousey media blitz drew support from mainstream notables that gave their support via twitter.



The UFC pitched gay media to focus on the Liz Carmouche her story.  The UFC did a good job in marketing Carmouche as a pioneer for the gay community without exploiting her sexual orientation.  It also stressed the fact that she was a U.S. Marine.

With Danica Patrick competing at the Daytona 500, media were eager to jump on the women’s weekend.  Realistically, it’s hard to blame the media focus: it is historical, out of the ordinary and an easy lead that would get readers/page views.

UFC Primetimes

The 3 part UFC Primetimes were especially good this time around.  It had more meat to it for the obvious reasons.  Both fighters had compelling stories that drew you in.  It’s what the Primetimes are supposed to do.  It seemed more like the good HBO 24/7s especially the last 5 mins of the first and third episodes.  Good narration and great writing made the shows.


The night’s sponsors in the Octagon included Xyience, MetroPCS,, Toyo Tires, Dodge Dart, TapouT, new sponsor Head and Shoulders and Bud Light in the center.  Corn Nuts also sponsored the corner cam.

Rousey was sponsored by the UFC as she donned the UFC-Monster headphones and wore UFC sponsored gear although I believe that Lululemon Athletic made the fight gear.  Will double check on that.  She also had a Xyience patch on her shorts.

In addition to inside the Octagon, Rousey also has deal with Fuji gis.

Fuji gis

Carmouche had several sponsors including VA Home Mortgage (which sponsored several fighters on the card), Salesforce and Torque.

Henderson had his Twitter and Facebook handles on his shorts in addition to Clinchgear.

Machida was sponsored by official UFC sponsors Bony Acai and Head and Shoulders in addition to Venum,

Kenny Robertson won submission of the night and also gets the award for best sponsor:  Mason Funeral Home.  A funeral home sponsoring a UFC fighter?  Everyone dies so it is in the UFC demo.

Josh Koscheck and Lyoto Machida are still sponsored by Lugz.  I didn’t know that the company was still around.  But, these two have had long-term sponsor deals with the company.

Post-UFC 157 Headlines

What’s next for women’s MMA – It was a good debut for the women in the UFC.  It was an exciting, competitive match and no blood.  There was the concern of Rousey almost losing her top but the UFC avoided that issue. So, what’s next?  Rousey will be a draw the next time she fights.  But, the bigger issue is what happens when other women fight.  The UFC would not be able to get as much buzz for another women’s fight if Rousey is not in it.  We’ll see how the UFC uses women’s MMA to complement the male card.

Machida next for Jones – Is anyone excited to see this rematch?  Perhaps the UFC hoped for Henderson to win here to get a redo for UFC 151.  I’d rather see Alexander Gustafsson get the shot.

Odds and ends

–  Kenny Robertson will be teaching class on Monday at his “day” job.

– I was sitting on the tweet that Henderson was going to knock the head off of Machida’s shoulders all night.  It didn’t happen.

–  I wonder if there was a proposition bet on whether Carmouche would have gotten out of the 1st round.  If so, that would have been exciting.

–  It’s obvious that the UFC has a working relationship with Invicta as Carmouche’s coach wore the shirt and the logo was seen during the UFC Primetimes.  Zuffa wouldn’t let this happen unless there was a business relationship.  If women’s MMA starts to take off could we see another Zuffa purchase?  More likely I could see the UFC using Invicta like a farm system and call up fighters to fight on a UFC card.


With all of the great media attention the UFC received for Saturday’s event, it will be interesting to see how much of the media attention will convert to PPV buys.  It reached out to more media than usual in getting attention for this event.  Rousey and Carmouche have been great ambassadors for women’s MMA.  But, I think it will boil down to whether the casual viewer can stomach the possibility of seeing a woman busted open and bleeding like Joe Lauzon at UFC 155.  Or, can they watch an arm be broken right in front of their eyes.  These are questions that seem silly but will really determine whether women’s MMA can succeed with the UFC.

With that being said, a low to mediocre PPV buy rate would be disappointing considering the amount of public relations and press buzz the UFC received for this bout.  Yet, how many new viewers can be added for this event?  Would the backstory of Rousey and the novelty of the women’s fight be enough to convert non-UFC followers to pay for the PPV.  Last year’s PPV average hovered around 450,000 buys.  If UFC 157 hit the average it would be a success.

Bruce Lee images used to promote UFC on Fuel TV 6

November 9, 2012

The UFC on Fuel TV 6 will be held early Saturday morning for us in the US as Zuffa makes its first venture into Asia.  Interesting enough, Bruce Lee is a dominant figure in the fight promo for the event Saturday.

A quote from Dana White sits atop the promo poster stating that “Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts.”  Lee’s image is at the center of the featured main card fighters.

The daughter of Bruce Lee and the president of the Bruce Lee Foundation, Shannon Lee, spoke with The MMA Hour this past week.

Lee told

“In a way the UFC and the rise of MMA have really helped solidify my father’s legacy and position in the world of martial arts,” she said. “That has been really important. There’s always discussion, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t want to have the discussion about Bruce Lee and MMA, and that’s fine but martial arts was really my father’s life.”

When Dana White approached Lee about using her father’s likeness in promoting the company’s card in China, she stated it would be an honor.

Payout Perspective:

The promotional use of Bruce Lee should help with those fans in China (Macau to be specific) that are not familiar with MMA or the UFC.  Lee is a revered person in martial arts and the use may help bring a certain portion of martial arts fans to give the UFC a try.  Entering the Chinese market, the association of Lee can garner brand trust for the UFC.

As stated in her interview on The MMA Hour, Shannon Lee is working on building a Bruce Lee Action Museum in Seattle.  More on that can be found in this article.  The area they plan to build would sit in Seattle’s Chinatown District (International District for the more politically correct).  Fundraising still goes on for the project.

Cruz to serve as NASCAR pace driver

October 27, 2012

Bantamweight Champ Dominick Cruz will serve as an honorary pace car driver for the Advocare 500 in Phoenix.  This will be the second time this year Cruz will make an appearance at a NASCAR event.

Earlier this year, Cruz served as the honorary driver at the Subway 500 held in Phoenix.  Jon Jones made an appearance at the Daytona 500 this year and Anderson Silva served as the honorary pace car driver for the Kobalt 500 last November in Phoenix.

Via UFC Press Release:

Phoenix International Raceway President Bryan R. Sperber announced today [October 25th] that Ultimate Fighting Championship® bantamweight champion, and former star of The Ultimate Fighter® Live on FX, Dominick Cruz has been named Honorary Pace Car Driver for the AdvoCare 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday, November 11.

“We are honored to have Dominick Cruz as our Honorary Pace Car Driver, he has always represented his sport and the state of Arizona with class,” said Sperber. “We know our fans will be excited to see him drive the pace car on race day.”

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Cruz, 27, has ascended to the top of his profession. Known for his outstanding speed and footwork, Cruz has compiled a 19-1-0 professional record that includes wins over the likes of Demetrious Johnson, Urijah Faber, Scott Jorgensen, Joseph Benavidez and Brian Bowles.

“I’m excited to be making my return to PIR and the Advocare 500 NASCAR race,” said Cruz. “My first experience in the pace car was one of the coolest and most unique opportunities I have ever had. To feel even a sliver of the adrenaline that these drivers experience was so awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Cruz will participate in pre-race ceremonies and will make appearances onsite at PIR on Sunday, November 11. Additional information on race weekend activities is available on Phoenix International Raceway’s official website at

Payout Perspective:

With the UFC-Fox relationship, it makes sense that there is some cross-promotion of the UFC and NASCAR.  Cruz has been out with an injury so helping out with marketing the UFC helps keep his name in the minds of UFC fans.  He must have done something well since he is coming back to be a pace car driver again.

Golden Boy sets record highs for Mayweather-Cotto

May 2, 2012

The Sports Business Journal reports on Golden Boy’s haul of blue chip sponsors for this Saturday’s Mayweather-Cotto fight.  Corona, not Tecate, will have the center of the ring as the beer sponsor recently signed with Golden Boy.

In addition to the new beer sponsor, “AT&T, DeWalt, O’Reilly Auto Parts, History Channel and the Mexican state of Puebla the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions (Richard Schaefer) estimates the fight will bring in about $2 million in sponsor rights fees and a promotional value of at least $8.5 million,” according to the SBJ.

Among the various promotions, the sponsorship activation includes DeWalt promotions in Home Depots, O’Reilly promotions at its stores as well as $1.5 million in radio ad buys, AT&T advertising its GoPhone and NCM Fathom advertising showing of the fight in theatres.

The sponsor fees and promo values are the most ever for Golden Boy as it overshadows its previous top fight ever of Oscar de la Hoya vs. Mayweather.  Coincidentally, that fight occurred the first weekend of May as well.  In addition, the fight had the biggest PPV buys ever with 2.4 million.  This Saturday will likely not beat that record.

The ring layout for this Saturday’s fight.

Payout Perspective:

If the UFC wanted blue chip sponsors, maybe it should look to Golden Boy to find them.  We are kidding of course.  If your name is not Mayweather or Pacquiao, boxing would not see this amount of sponsorship money and promotional value. While we have debated whether boxing is dead, big name fights in boxing are still in the marketing budget for blue chip sponsors.

Despite the fact that the Mayweather fight is secondary to the hype surrounding the fight, we still see sponsors willing to spend big money to be a part of it.  The activation involved is a sign that projections for buys in this fight should be robust.  It also shows that no matter how much people hate Mayweather, he is still the top draw in boxing (dare I say the Brock Lesnar of boxing).

With Corona taking the center of the ring, it means no $25 rebates for the PPV as Tecate has done in the past.  While Corona spends a lot on media buys but does not do a lot of activation surrounding events as Tecate has for promoting its fights.

UFC 144 Storylines: UFC Returns to Japan

February 25, 2012

MMAPayout will be taking a look at the storylines heading into UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson, which will be held at The Saitama Super Arena in Japan on Saturday February 25, 2012.

UFC Sells Out Long Awaited Return to Japan

UFC officials today told ( that ticket sales are still moving briskly for this weekend’s event at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, and the fight card is expected to sell-out all of the nearly 20,000 available seats.

Furthermore, UFC officials are so encouraged by the buzz surrounding UFC 143 that plans for a return to Japan are already under consideration, and multiple annual visits – as well as a version of “The Ultimate Fighter” – are also possible.  (MMAJunkie)

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Misses Weight

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson missed weight by 6 pounds last night at UFC 144 weigh-ins. Jackson claims that this was due to an unspecified injury and as a result he will forfeit 20% of his show money to his opponent, Ryan Bader. (MMAPayout)

UFC Japan Sponsors Plus “Pay-to-Play” TV Deal with TV Tokyo, – Event Set To Air at 3AM in Japan

“This is why Dentsu backing UFC is so critical. A multi-year deal to promote shows in the country means nothing unless Dentsu, which has plenty of juice, can convince sponsors to back them to get the events on TV. If an outlet like TV Tokyo, which historically has plenty of pay-to-play examples for buying programming time, is taking a pass on the UFC… that spells trouble. WOWOW doesn’t cut it. You need a major broadcast TV network backing you or else you are going nowhere on a big scale in Japan.”

– TV Tokyo will air 90-minute highlight version of UFC Japan show from 3:15 AM to 4:45 AM JST after the show is done.

– Don Quijote & UFC Undisputed 3 are the TV sponsors.

– This was a last-minute deal by Dentsu. (FightOpinion)

MMAFighting Hit’s the Streets of Japan and Tests UFC Brand Strength and State of MMA

UFC 144 will mark the promotion’s first event in Japan in over 11 years, and its return to the “Land of the Rising Sun” has forced the MMA community to once again figure out just how healthy the Japanese MMA scene is. With that in mind, we hit the streets of Tokyo to find out whether the locals were UFC fans and why they think MMA has fallen on hard times in the country. (MMAFighting)


UFC 144 Marketing and Advertising

The UFC has been doing a pretty good job of sucking in those hardcore nostalgic MMA fans who hold Japanese MMA and their tradition in high regard.  Although some may have wanted the UFC to be held in a white ring and have a ramp with Lenne Hardt announcing the fighters, Dana White was not shy to remind MMA fans and Media that this isn’t PRIDE and that the Japanese promotion who was top dog only a few years ago is dead.

Having said that, the posters released for UFC 144 have been great, adding some of that Japanese and PRIDE feel to them while maintaining the UFC’s brand.  Key to the UFC this time around is to spread brand awareness and create some roots for future expansion into not only Japan, but Korea, Philipines, and China, who they feel have even more potential at the moment as untapped markets.  At this time, it’s going to take a good amount of time and effort to elevate the MMA scene in Japan to what it once was.

UFC 144 Poster + UFC 144 Rampage Poster:


Japanese fighter Megumi Fujii Tweeted an anime version of the UFC 144 Japan poster:

UFC left off of Businessweek’s Top 100 in Sports

January 27, 2012

The UFC was shutout for the 2nd straight year in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Top Power 100 Sports Ranking. Notably, boxers Manny Pacquiao (28) and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (49) were on the list.

Drew Brees edged out Aaron Rodgers for the top spot this year. Brock Lesnar and Fedor made it on the list in 2010. The list is based on an athlete’s performance, popularity and marketability.

Last year’s top spot, Peyton Manning, fell to 51st on the list. Lance Armstrong, No. 8 on the list last year, fell off the list completely as he announced his retirement last February. Despite retiring, Shaquille O’Neal remained No. 7 on the list.

Payout Perspective:

Will there be a UFC fighter on this list next year? Certainly, Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre would be the two names that would come to mind when it comes to the criteria. Jones would be more likely to make the mainstream jump this year consdering GSP’s injury. A combination of Jones’ personality, his athletic ability and the UFC’s visibility through the Fox deal should help land Jones on this list.

UFC weigh ins provide comedy, branding opportunity

November 19, 2011

UFC 139’s weigh-ins last night provided some comic relief and three overweight fighters in preparation for tonight’s PPV. With some of the weigh-in comedy, one wonders whether the weigh-ins are now a place to work on fighters’ personal branding.

Remember when putting on a Jabawockeez mask to intimidate your opponent at the weigh-ins caused a near riot? It seems like the weigh-ins are becoming much more entertaining than just that.

Here are some highlights from yesterday:

-Danny Castillo wearing a tux which you could zip off from the back scored major points in the creativity department
-Tom Lawlor going Steven Seagal (shooting glasses and all). He also did his best Baron Von Raschke impression during the staredown as he gave the infamous claw. He also sported an XBox 360 shirt. In speaking with an XBox rep, Xbox is sponsoring Lawlor for its launch of the Kinect Sports 2. Demetrious Johnson remains as the only UFC fighter to be exclusively sponsored by XBox.
-Kyle Kingsbury and Stephan Bonnar hammed it up with a WWE-type posedown on the scales. With his patented fanny pack, Kingsbury is Zubaz and doo-rag away from being a 1980s wrestler from the Mid-South region.
-I’m not sure why more t-shirt sponsors of fighters allow the sponsored fighter to throw out free shirts to the crowd at weigh-ins. It gets your brand out there to the fans with the hopes of them coming back to purchase shirts. Of course the other side of that is the crowd is a considerable distance from the fighters. Thus, you get the Rick Story problem as he was unable to reach the crowd with some of his t-shirt throws. Since the NBA is out for some time, could the UFC borrow some of those t-shirt cannons to shoot out into the audience?
-Was Nick Pace confused in what division he was fighting in? Six pounds over really means that he should fight at 145 not 135.

Payout Perspective:

The weigh-ins seemed unorganized in terms of the actual weigh in. Whether there were issues with the scale or operator error, the weigh-ins seemed much more of an issue. Even though there were several fighters overweight, it usually doesn’t stop the pace of the weigh-ins. Also, it didn’t seem like the woman operating the scale knew about the one pound weight allowance as she grimaced each time she had to move the scale.

Similar to how the UFC wants its fighters to use twitter as a way to market themselves, the weigh-ins seem like an opportunity for fighters to promote themselves as well. Yes, the weigh-ins are usually something people pass over as its just guys getting on a scale. But, with a little more personality, it could be something that can be capitalized on in the future.

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