UFC on Fox 13 draws 2.27M in overnight ratings

December 14, 2014

Television By Numbers reports that UFC on Fox 13 drew 2.27 million viewers in overnight ratings Saturday night.  It drew a 3 share and 0.9 rating.  It placed second in network viewing with the old holiday classic of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer drawing over 5 million viewers opposing the UFC.

UFC on Fox Ratings

UFC on Fox 1: 5.7 million

UFC on Fox 2: 4.57 million

UFC on Fox 3: 2.25 million

UFC on Fox 4: 2.36 million

UFC on Fox 5: 3.41 million

UFC on Fox 6: 4.22 million

UFC on Fox 7: 3.3 million

UFC on Fox 8: 2.38 million

UFC on Fox 9: 2.9 million

UFC on Fox 10: 3.22 million

UFC on Fox 11: 1.98 million

UFC on Fox 12: 2.5 million

UFC on Fox 13: 2.27 million

UFC on Fox 13

Payout Perspective:

The ratings are off 10% from last December.  The 2.27 million viewers do not account for the overrun from 7PT/10pm ET-7:30PT/10:30pm ET. The main event aired during the overrun so one might expect this number to rise here.  Coming in second to the holiday classic cartoons on network TV is not out of the ordinary since this happened last year too.  MMA Payout will have more on the complete ratings for the event as we get it.

TUF 19 Episode 12: 586,000 viewers

July 10, 2014

MMA Payout has learned that the season finale of TUF last Wednesday received 586,000 viewers which was the third highest in the season.  Overall, the season average was 477,000 viewers.

TUF 19 Episode 12 Graph

Payout Perspective:

We will be trying to obtain the DVR number to round out the graph.

Unfortunately for UFC fans, this was one of the more disappointing seasons in the TUF franchise. The fights were boring, not a lot of characters were drawn out and even the coach’s challenge wasn’t that fun.  With the exception of a scoring controversy, there was nothing remarkable about season 19.  The irony is that both finals were action-packed first round finishes.

So what do we make of the ratings.  One thing that stands out was episode 11 registered one of the lowest (if not the lowest) rating ever on TUF.   However, it was the highest rated show on FS1 for that day.  This tells us that despite the decline that MMA fans have seen over the years, Fox execs are still pleased with its performance.  One of the things that Fox has been pleased with is the amount of people watching on the DVR as DVR +3 ratings have gone up gaining 278,000 viewers compared to TUF 18’s DVR +3 average of 250,000 viewers.

It will be interesting to see how TUF 20 is received with it being the all women house. One thing seems to be certain, TUF is here to stay.

UFC-Fox sever ties with Sonnen

June 30, 2014

MMA Junkie reports that the UFC and Fox are severing ties with Chael Sonnen after he failed a second drug test.  Sonnen will no longer serve as analyst for Fox and MMA Junkie confirmed with the UFC that he is no longer under contract with the company.

MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani first reported that Sonnen failed another drug test after his initial drug test revealed he had taken banned substances.  After the first failed drug test earlier this month, Sonnen immediately defended his position on FS1 television.  Later that week, on the show he served as co-host, he announced his retirement on FS1’s “UFC Tonight.”

In his second test, it was discovered that there was presence of human growth hormone (HGH) and recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO).

Via MMA Junkie:

“The UFC and FOX Sports organizations announced today the termination of their respective broadcasting services agreements with analyst Chael Sonnen,” the statement read. “This decision comes in light of Sonnen failing a second test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission for banned substances in June. Sonnen was previously under temporary suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for failing an initial test conducted in May.”

Payout Perspective:

It will be interesting to see how Fox handles this news.  FS1 did not mention it on Saturday night during UFC Fight Night.  Certainly, something will have to be said when UFC Tonight returns.  Although we could point to ex-athletes that have been in trouble still having studio jobs, this one is different.  Severing ties with Sonnen was the only thing to do in this instance especially with the use of HGH and EPO.  MMA is a sport that many mainstream people are not comfortable with due to the perceptions of it being extremely violent.  The news that its fighters are taking PEDs would only confirm to some that the sport is dirty.  Having Sonnen continue on air on FS1 or with the UFC would tacitly convey that the UFC and Fox are ok with Sonnen taking PEDs.

Even if the UFC wanted to continue working with Sonnen, its working relationship with Fox compelled them to make the decision.

UFC on Fox 11 ratings adjusted up to 2.5 million viewers

April 22, 2014

MMA Payout has learned from a Fox source that the Live plus Same Day ratings for Saturday’s UFC on Fox 11 event raised the initial overnight of 1.99 million to 2.5 million viewers.  The peak of 3.3 million viewers occurred during the main event between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne.

The main event received a 2.0 rating with a 4 share and averaged 1.4 for Men 18-34 and a 2.0 with Men 18-49.  Per the Fox source, “[T]o put those demo ratings in better perspective, Saturday night’s Fox UFC Saturday Main Event would have placed within the Top Five Primetime programs of the week among the Broadcast Networks on Men 18-34 and within the Top 10 with Men 18-49.”

Saturday’s show drove Fox to win the male demos (Men 25-54 and Adults 18-49) in primetime among the networks and second to ESPN’s NBA coverage on cable.

In terms of the overall event it drew a 1.6 rating and a 3 share based on the adjusted ratings.  The Live plus Same Day includes the time slot overrun and the number of viewers who watched the event the same day but not live (i.e., via DVR).  The DVR +3 numbers will not be out until later this week.

Payout Perspective:

The significant bump was due to factoring in the overrun for the main event.  The numbers may not be pleasing overall but Fox likely is interested in how it is doing among its key demos (i.e., males and adults 18-49).  Dave Meltzer of MMA Fighting pointed out that Fox events outside of the NFL and college football season have not done as well as those within football season due to the promotional push during football.  While the numbers are still at the bottom of the curve for UFC on Fox shows, it’s unlikely that network executives are going to pull the plug.

UFC on Fox 11 overnight rating: 1.99M viewers

April 20, 2014

Television By Numbers reports that the overnight ratings for UFC on Fox 11 received 1.99 million viewers for a 0.8 rating and 3 share for Saturday night.   It was the lowest rating for a UFC network show and was last in terms of average viewers in its time slot among network shows.

UFC on FOX Ratings:

UFC on FOX  1: 5.70M viewers (3.1 rating)

UFC on FOX  2: 4.70M viewers (2.6 rating)

UFC on FOX  3: 2.42M viewers (1.5 rating)

UFC on FOX  4: 2.44M viewers (1.4 rating)

UFC on FOX  5: 4.40M viewers (2.5 rating)

UFC on FOX  6: 4.22M viewers (2.4 rating)

UFC on FOX  7: 3.70M viewers (2.2 rating)

UFC on FOX  8: 2.38M viewers (1.5 rating)

UFC on FOX  9: 2.80M viewers (1.8 rating)

UFC on FOX 10: 3.22M viewers (1.9 rating)

UFC on FOX 11: 1.99M viewer (0.8 rating)

Average UFC on FOX Viewership: 3.45M viewers.

UFC on Fox Overnights

UFC on Fox Overnights

Payout Perspective:

The ratings are disappointing considering the card and the fact that the event was a sell out in Orlando.  Winning the time slot for network television was the annual Easter tradition of ABC showing of “The Ten Commandments.”  The movie scored 5.87 million viewers and 1.0 rating among adults 18-49 with a 4 share.  In terms of overall viewership, UFC on Fox 11 lost out to a rerun of Mike and Molly on CBS which received 2.20 million average viewers.

The numbers do not account for the overrun which was about 20 minutes but the first look at the ratings is definitely not what people expected.  It could be that the UFC is running too many shows together that viewers are either picking or choosing what to watch or just inundated with the amount of shows that they cannot keep track.  Yesterday’s network show was very entertaining yet was the lowest rated UFC show on Fox so far.  MMA Payout will keep you posted of adjusted ratings as they become available.

UFC on Fox Sports Ratings (12/09 – 12/15)

December 26, 2013

MMAPayout will be covering in detail the FOX – UFC  TV deal, quarterly and weekly, in order to analyze the performance of both properties throughout the lifespan of the TV deal.  In this week’s edition, we will be looking at the UFC on FOX sports network ratings for the week of 12/09 – 12/15.



UFC on Fox Sports 1 Wednesday Night Block (12/11):
UFC Tonight: 127,000 viewers (7-8 PM)
UFC Reloaded: 480,000 viewers (8-11 PM)

UFC on Fox Sports Friday Night Block (12/13):
- UFC on FOX Weigh-Ins on FS1: 44,000 viewers (7-8 PM).
UFC Tonight: 54,000 viewers (8-9 PM)
– UFC Ultimate  100 Knockouts Replay on FS1: 275,000 viewers (9-10 PM).
– Golden Boy Boxing on FS1: 188,000 viewers (10-1 AM).

UFC on Fox Sports Saturday (12/14):
- UFC on FOX Prelims on FS1: 613,000 viewers (5 – 8PM).
– Big East Basketball on FS1: 212,000 viewers (8 – 10PM).
– FOX Sports Live on FS1: 137,000 viewers (10-11 PM).

Other Key Programming Notes :
– Ultimate Insider (12/15) on FS1 drew 37,000 viewers.
– UFC Unleashed (12/15)  on FS1 drew 217,000 viewers.
– UFC Breaking Ground(12/15) on FS2 drew 133,000 viewers.
– UFC Road to the Octagon (12/13) on FS1 drew 44,000 viewers.
– Best of PRIDE FC (12/10) on FS2 drew 48,000 viewers (FS2 viewership high for the week).



 Fox Sports 1 & 2 Weekly Totals:
– Fox Sports 1 Primetime Viewership: 155,000 (last week: 186,000)
– Fox Sports 2 Primetime Viewership: 14,000 (last week: 30,000)

Ratings provided by Nielsen TV Ratings & Fox Sports.


Payout Perspective:

This week is no different than last week, as FOX Sports continued to struggle since TUF and the College Fottball season came to an end.  This week, the primetime viewership averaged 155,000 viewers, a drop from the 186,000 average viewers the previous week.  In the past three weeks, primetime viewership on FS1 has declined from 514,000 to 155,000, which is roughly a 70% drop. Fox Sports 2 primetime viewership this week also dipped from 30,000 the previous week to 14,000, which is more than 50% but typical due to the small viewership numbers.

Despite the declining primetime viewership numbers for the network, UFC programming claimed the highest viewership on FOX Sports 1  and four out of the top five  for the week. What’s even more surprising is that only one out of those 4 were live sport events.  Out of the top 5 programs for the week, only the UFC on FOX prelims and the Big East college basketball game on Saturday were live events.  The most successful non-live programming was UFC Reloaded, a replay of a previous UFC PPV event, which drew 480,000 viewers.

The most watched non-UFC programming on FS1 for the week was the Big East CBB game on Saturday, which drew 212,000 viewers.

UFC on Fox 9 Prelims on FS1: 613,000 viewers

December 17, 2013

MMA Payout has learned from Nielsen sources that the UFC on Fox 9 Prelims held Saturday on FS1 received an average viewership of 613,000.  The ratings are off from UFC 167, the previous prelim card airing on the network.

It was the first time that the UFC on Fox prelims aired on FS1.

UFC Prelims on FS1

UFC 164                 809,000

UFC 165                 722,000

UFC 166                 628,000

UFC 167                 998,000

UFC on Fox 9         613,000


Payout Perspective:

The prelim card did produce the Fight of the Night and the oddest appearance of the night with Cody McKenzie and his white Nike shorts.  Putting up the UFC on Fox prelim ratings next to the PPV prelims may be unfair but it gives some context as to the viewership interest for Saturday’s card.

Fox looks at TUF ratings differently

December 8, 2013

The Sports Business Journal (subscription required) reported the ratings of this past season’s Ultimate Fighter and addressed the reasons for its 22 percent viewership drop in its first season on FS1.  But Fox execs are not worried as it is assessing the overall consumption of the reality show.

According to the article, the overall consumption of the series is up 8 percent over last year when it was on FX.

TUF 18 featuring Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate had hoped to make a splash by having men and women fighters in a house.  The belief would have had viewers excited by the novelty of men and women sharing the same house and coupling that with the fierce rivalry between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. They also had hoped it would make a big splash on the new network FS1.   Instead, many were turned off by Rousey’s behavior during the show.  The ratings did not reflect the hope that it would gain traction with fans.  For a while, the viewership reflected the interest in the women’s fights as there was a spike each week the women fought.

According to the SBJ, TUF 18 averaged 648K viewers which is down from 832K viewers last season when it ran on FX.  Fox sports execs are viewing the ratings differently as it is not assessing the overnight ratings as it would a live sporting event.  Rather, the tact is to view the ratings in total which would include the DVR usage and re-airs.

When taking into consideration the total numbers, TUF attracted “14,844 million viewers this year through 163 airings on two sports channels plus DVR users,” according to the SBJ report.  In comparison TUF 17 pulled in 13.8 million viewers through 24 airings on FX and DVR users.  Same day viewership is off 22 percent but live plus 7 day viewership is down only 10 percent and it increased its male 18-49 and male 25-54 demos according to the senior vice president of programming and research of Fox Sports.


Payout Perspective:

Spin or correct reassessment of programming by Fox?  As most know, the TUF series has taken a downturn in ratings since the UFC left SpikeTV.   But the article suggests that the TUF franchise is not going anywhere and with the launch of two new all-sports networks, it is willing to be patient with the show as well as look at the overall picture of how it is contributing to the ratings.

Certainly, a 7pm start time on the west coast with no same night replays on FS1 does not really help the overnight ratings.  The west coast is known for having higher viewership for MMA programs.  While there’s nothing definitive that would suggest that TUF has higher ratings on the west coast, the fact that there are a lot of MMA fans out west would make Fox look to all of the airings of TUF and not just the live version.  In the future, perhaps programming might also look to same night reruns as well as this might boost viewership for FS1

UFC on Fox Sports Ratings (11/18 – 11/24)

December 3, 2013

MMAPayout will be covering in detail the FOX – UFC TV deal, quarterly and weekly, in order to analyze the performance of both properties throughout the lifespan of the TV deal. In this week’s edition, we will be looking at the UFC on FOX sports network ratings for the week of 11/18 – 11/24.



UFC on Fox Sports 1 Wednesday Night Block (11/20):
– UFC Tonight: 136,000 viewers.
– Big East Basketball: 114,000 viewers.
– The Ultimate Fighter (new episode): 510,000 viewers.
– Fox Sports Live 104,000 viewers.

UFC on Fox Sports 1 Sunday (11/24):
– Ultimate Insider: 28,000 viewers.

Other Key Programming Notes :
– UFC Reloaded (11/21) on FS2 drew 59,000 viewers (most watched program on FS2).
– UFC Unleashed (11/20) on FS2 drew 45,000 viewers

Note: UFC’s regular Wednesday night block programming did not air on FS1 due to the Big East college basketball game, which drew 114,000 viewers. The college basketball game was the lead in to TUF this week.


Fox Sports 1 & 2 Weekly Totals:
– Fox Sports 1 Primetime Viewership: 136,000 (last week: 289,000)
– Fox Sports 2 Primetime Viewership: 28,000 (last week: 9,000)

Ratings provided by Nielsen TV Ratings & Fox Sports.


Payout Perspective:

This was a very slow week for UFC programming on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2, and the viewership numbers for the week indicated just that.  With no UFC events and The Ultimate Fighter dropping to 510,000 viewers, Fox Sports 1 saw its third week in a row of declining primetime viewership.  In the past three weeks, the network’s primetime viewership has dropped from 630,000 (two weeks ago), to 289,000 (last week), to 136,000 (this week).  That’s a substantial drop off after setting their primetime viewership record just two weeks prior (630,000).

On the other hand, Fox Sports 2 was able to increase their primetime viewership from 9,000 last week to 28,000 this week.  That can be attributed to showing UFC programming during their primetime blocks every week.  Seven out of the top 10 shows on Fox Sports 2 were UFC programming, where UFC Reloaded drew the most viewership for any programming on Fox Sports 2 with 59,000 viewers.

The numbers should pick up some this week with the TUF Finale episode, which aired on Wednesday, and Saturday’s TUF Finale event.

UFC on Fox 8: Payout Perspective

July 29, 2013

Welcome to a special edition of Payout Perspective.  This time we take a look at UFC on Fox 8 from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington where hometown fighter Demetrious Johnson turned back challenger John Moraga.

Johnson armbars Moraga in 5th

Demetrious Johnson earned a 5th round submission of John Moraga in front of the hometown crowd.  Johnson was cruising up 4-0 going into the 5th round built on a relentless motor in which he outwrestled, outgrappled and scored more strikes than the challenger.  Moraga was game and defended numerous submission attempts until the eventual end.  But it was obvious that Johnson far superior than the former Arizona State collegiate wrestler.  


Jake and Rory both lose

Rory MacDonald won a unanimous decision in the Octagon in a fight that most in attendance hated in total.  Dana White blasted both fighters in the post-fight press conference which may have been a sign that MacDonald wouldn’t get a title shot (and thus calming any tension with the need to answer the question of fighting his friend, GSP) with this win.  Ellenberger looked as though he froze and didn’t press MacDonald at all.  In a fight which many thought to be the real main event, it was the least entertaining of the night.

Ruthless Robbie back in title hunt?

Robbie Lawler used a headkick to dispose of late addition Bobby Voelker.  For Lawler, its a career resurgence.  With the stinker of a de-facto #1 contender fight between Ellenberger and MacDonald, Lawler could find himself in the mix for a title shot in 2014 if the cards fall right.  

Carmouche outclasses Andrade

Liz Carmouche was one of the most popular fighters on this card. Similar to the Lawler fight, she dominated the whole fight.  Carmouche went from mount to back and it was a matter of time before she ended this fight.

Attendance and Gate

We discussed the attendance and gate in an earlier post.  The unofficial totals had it at 7,816 in attendance with a gate of $735,000.  Attendance was down from the last two shows in Seattle but this was largely due to the card.  As noted earlier, a lot of empty seats on a picture perfect day outside.  

Would you go inside?

Would you go inside?


The bonuses were $50,000 each with the only controversy being that Melvin Guillard received the KO of the Night over Robbie Lawler which received a highlight on Sportscenter.

FOTN:  Trevor Smith-Dave Herman

KO:  Guillard

Sub: Demetrious Johnson

Television Rating

The overnight rating for UFC on Fox 8 was a 2.04 for a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demo.  This made it the lowest rated UFC on Fox since it began on the network.  Still, it won its demo for the night and it aided in launching Fox’s late night adult cartoon shows.  


The octagon sponsors included the usual:  MusclePharm, UltimatePoker.com, MetroPCS, TapouT. Dodge Ram, Alienware and Bud Light in the center.  

Head and Shoulders and UFC official sponsor Corn Nuts were also on the Octagon mat and bumpers respectively.

As always, Mighty Mouse had XBox 360 as his sponsor.  He also sported tights by Australian sports company Body Science.  It also touts Ironman Triathlete world champion Craig Alexander (and someone I saw at Lake Stevens, WA at a 70.3 earlier in the week) as an endorser.

Jake Ellenberger sported Virus Athletic Clothing and also longtime sponsor Lunar Pages.  He stated in the Seattle Times live chat that he got the Lunar Pages sponsorship after meeting its CEO.  It was also announced during the week a sponsorship with Body Glove Surge, an energy shot product.

Promotion of the Fight

The normal UFC Road to the Octagon show the Sunday before the Saturday night fight was excellent in detailing Demetrious Johnson’s training and family life while introducing the audience to John Moraga.  In addition, it looked at Ellengerger, MacDonald, Lawler and Voelker.  Out of all the fighters it was the Moraga portion that was compelling and made you want to pull for the guy.  

Locally, buses in and around Seattle had the UFC on Fox signage with Johnson/Moraga as the headliner for months.  During fight week Jake Ellenberger participated in a Q&A session with the Seattle Times.  He also had a get together for a sponsor in which fans could attend earlier in the week.

There were multiple ticket giveaways at MetroPCS stores in the area.  Most of them were in Puyallup, Parkland and Tacoma…basically Johnson’s neighborhood.  Matt Hughes and Ronda Rousey also had signings at MetroPCS stores.  For those wondering, the headquarters for T-Mobile (the company that has acquired MetroPCS) is in suburban Seattle, Washington.  MetroPCS was the only sponsor with a table promoting itself at the KeyArena.

Dana White also had two ticket giveaways which occurred near KeyArena.  One was near the International Fountains for those of you familiar with the Seattle Center area.

Odds and Ends

Maybe these summer events should be in the Eastern time zone.  It was sunny and 75 degrees when the first fight started at 1pm.  The fights ended and there was still 1.5 hours of sunlight left.  Sparse crowd for early fights whereas the last two events had more fans in their seats for the prelims.

Probably not seen on television but Germaine de Randamie and Jessica Andrade were very emotional on their walk outs.  

Did you know that there’s a UFC Gym in Seattle?  I didn’t until Friday at weigh-ins.

New hero, Manolo Hernandez, the trainer for Liz Carmouche. Very entertaining at open workouts.

Fun at open workouts

Fun at open workouts

At what point does Melvin Guillard have to drop the “Young” from his nickname?

So Seattle fans thought it dodged a boring fight when Brendan Scaub/Matt Mitrione were taken off the card. Then, we get Ellenberger/MacDonald.

Fighters in attendance that did not fight on Saturday night:  Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Dan Hardy, Joseph Benavidez, Pat Healy, Cub Swanson, Mark Munoz (coached Ellenberger) just to name a few.

Dana White met Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll during fight week as the Hawks began training camp this week.

More criminal issues:  Jerramy Stevens or Jeremy Stephens?


A very entertaining afternoon of fights.  Sure, the attendance and ratings were low but you have to think that the UFC knew that this was a possibility.  Seattle is a very good market for the UFC and while Demetrious Johnson didn’t draw, its not like there was support on the card for the event.

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