NXT wins ratings head-to-head versus AEW pre-Thanksgiving

December 2, 2019

NXT on the USA Network scored its second head-to-head ratings win against AEW on TNT.  Despite the overall viewership win, AEW edged out NXT in the younger demos.

NXT drew 810,000 viewers on the USA Network the day before Thanksgiving.  AEW on TNT drew 663,000 viewers.  AEW did earn a slight victory over NXT in the Adult 18-49 demo 0.26 to 0.24.  It also edged it in the male 18-49 demo 0.33 to 0.31.  There was more of a gap with the younger ages as the Adult 18-34 demo drew 0.16 for AEW while NXT had 0.12.  The WWE-product still manages to grab a larger over 50 demo drawing 0.40 versus 0.25.

Payout Perspective:

An interesting turn which will have AEW fans a little concerned although the Wednesday before Thanksgiving television can be thrown out due to audience fluctuation due to many traveling or doing other things before the holiday.  For NXT fans, the interspersing of WWE talent on NXT programming has helped boost interest and ratings.  We will see if this trend continues for NXT.

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