Report: Diaz not yet provisionally suspended by USADA

October 25, 2019

ESPN reports that Nate Diaz has not been provisionally suspended by USADA despite his tweet that a USADA drug test found a potential banned substance in his system.

The report quotes a USADA spokesperson that the, “UFC and USADA are gathering information and will issue a statement as soon as possible.”  The ESPN report nots that Diaz tested positive for trace amounts of a prohibited selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM).

According to another report by Bloody Elbow’s Nick Baldwin, USADA would have a statement about the situation on Friday.

Payout Perspective:

If it is true that Diaz failed a USADA drug test, then per the current rules, he should be out of next Saturday’s fight.  If USADA determines that Diaz can fight under some sort of clarification, you have to think that the UFC influenced it into making this decision.  Certainly, its unfortunate that Diaz had an adverse finding which may be due to a tainted supplement (according to Diaz).  But, if USADA allows him to fight Saturday, one has to wonder what went on in making the decision.  Also, it would bring into question cases where fighters had been provisionally suspended due to similar situations.

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