Conor McGregor faces another sexual assault complaint in Ireland

October 19, 2019

Conor McGregor faces a second complaint of sexual assault in Ireland according to a report by the New York Times.  There had been several reports about the investigation but McGregor’s name had been left out of the reports.

According to the New York Times, last week a woman in her 20s was sexually assaulted in a vehicle parked outside a Dublin pub.  McGregor has yet to be formally charged related to this complaint.  He has yet to hear about a previous allegation that occurred last December.

Per McGregor’s publicist, he is denying the allegations of the second complaint.

This is just the latest of McGregor’s legal troubles while he contemplates a return to the Octagon.  Last week, McGregor appeared in court related to an assault of a man at a pub in April.  He’s also had run-ins with the law in the U.S. with throwing a hand truck at a bus in Brooklyn and breaking a fan’s cell phone in Miami.

Payout Perspective:

McGregor needs MMA more than MMA needs him at this point.  The continued spiraling out of control of the once face of the UFC is disturbing and sad.  Moreover, the reports suggest he is hurting others which could lead to more legal problems.  He needs to have something or someone in his life steer him in the right direction or else he will just be another cautionary tale of combat sports.

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