Other residents join UFC’s Chiasson in lawsuit for June crane collapse

September 30, 2019

Macy Chiasson suffered a loss this past Saturday at UFC Copenhagen.  The setback is not as bad as what the fighter experienced this past June when her residence was damaged by a crane during a windstorm this past June. Chiasson has joined other residence of the building in suing the people they believe were responsible for the accident which caused one death.

Originally, Chiasson filed the lawsuit on her own.  Recently, other residents have joined the lawsuit which claims that the crane company that was working on an adjacent building and the apartment owner for the accident.

Chiasson stated that she lost everything as she was only able to grab her dog as she fled her apartment when she heard a noise and debris started to fall.

Omnibus Plaintiffs Petition… by Jason Cruz on Scribd

The lawsuit states that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fined the crane company over $150,000 for 14 violations related to this accident.  Obviously, Chiasson and other residents of the complex are fortunate to survive this horrific accident.  It’s clear that something went wrong with securing the crane during this type of weather and it will be a matter of determining who is at fault and what insurance will cover with respect to compensating Chiasson and the other residents that lost their homes.

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