Pitbull leads Bellator 228 Payous Saturday

September 30, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from Saturday’s Bellator event at The Forum in Inglewood, California.  Patricio Freire led the roster of payouts with $200,000.  Main eventers Gegard Mousasi and Lyoto Machida earned $150,000 each for their fight which Mousasi won via split decision.

Via the California State Athletic Commission:

James Barnes  $2,250 def

David Duran  $2,250


Joshua Jones $2,000 def

Dominic Clark $2,000

Weber Almeida  $6,000 def

Castle Williams  $2,000


Leandro Higo $14,000 def

Shawn Bunch  $13,000


Mike Jasper $10,000 def

Johnny Cisneros  $4,000

Antonio McKee $25,000 def

William Sriyapai  $5,000


Ava Knight  $10,000 def

Shannon Goughary  $3,000


Al Agazarm  $14,000 def

Jonathan Quiroz  $2,000


Ian Butler  $1,500 def

Emilio Williams  $1,200


Ozzy Diaz  $1,500 def

Andre Walker  $1,500


Benji Gomez  $1,500 def

Johnny Santa Maria  $2,000


Adrian Najera  $1,200 def

Jason Edwards  $1,200


Daniel Weichel  $40,000 def.

Saul Rogers  $20,000


Darrion Caldwell $125,000 def

Henry Corrales  $30,000


AJ McKee $50,000 def

Georgi Karakhanyan  $30,000


Patrico Freire  $200,000 def.

Juan Archuleta  $75,000


Other residents join UFC’s Chiasson in lawsuit for June crane collapse

September 30, 2019

Macy Chiasson suffered a loss this past Saturday at UFC Copenhagen.  The setback is not as bad as what the fighter experienced this past June when her residence was damaged by a crane during a windstorm this past June. Chiasson has joined other residence of the building in suing the people they believe were responsible for the accident which caused one death.

Originally, Chiasson filed the lawsuit on her own.  Recently, other residents have joined the lawsuit which claims that the crane company that was working on an adjacent building and the apartment owner for the accident.

Chiasson stated that she lost everything as she was only able to grab her dog as she fled her apartment when she heard a noise and debris started to fall.

Omnibus Plaintiffs Petition… by Jason Cruz on Scribd

The lawsuit states that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fined the crane company over $150,000 for 14 violations related to this accident.  Obviously, Chiasson and other residents of the complex are fortunate to survive this horrific accident.  It’s clear that something went wrong with securing the crane during this type of weather and it will be a matter of determining who is at fault and what insurance will cover with respect to compensating Chiasson and the other residents that lost their homes.

Zuffa files Motion for Reconsideration regarding Joe Silva Testimony in UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

September 29, 2019

Zuffa has filed a Motion for Reconsideration from a Court ruling in the UFC Antitrust Lawsuit which sustained an objection and struck portions of the testimony of Joe Silva.  The former UFC matchmaker provided testimony in the UFC Antitrust in Richmond, Virginia this past Monday.

The Court took issue with the direct examination of Stacy Grisby, Zuffa’s attorney, asking Joe Silva whether he knew about wage share.  The Court sustained Plaintiffs’ objection citing that Silva had not previously testified to wage share and/or paying athletes based on Zuffa event revenues.  The Court also struck any testimony that Silva had given related to this.

Zuffa argues in its motion which asks the Court to reconsider its original ruling due to the fact that Plaintiffs had an opportunity to inquire about it during his deposition. Also, Zuffa claims that the Court had wanted to hear from Silva about his knowledge as to whether it had a practice of paying fighters based on event revenues and percentages.  Despite Plaintiffs’ claim that Silva was offering a lay opinion based on information that may need expert testimony (i.e. economic wage share), Zuffa argues that Silva’s testimony is based upon his own personal knowledge.

Payout Perspective:

It’s hard to think the Court overturns its own decision despite Zuffa’s assertion that the purpose of having Silva testify was premised upon his knowledge of what he new about how the UFC paid fighters.  Yet, it will be considered and appealable issue in the case that the Court grants Class Certification.  Notably, Zuffa has included the declaration of Silva which was likely included in the case the Court determines that Plaintiffs may have an opportunity to inquire about Silva’s knowledge.  The overarching issue here is preventing the strategy of unfair surprise on the part of a party.

UFC Copenhagen attendance, gate and bonuses

September 29, 2019

UFC Copenhagen took place on Saturday with Jarod Cannonier stopping local favorite Jack Hermansson in the second round of the night’s main event.  Cannonier took home led the performance bonus winners with upset victory over the higher-ranked middleweight.

In addition, Ovince St. Preux scored another Von Flue (shoulder) choke and earned a Performance bonus.  Also, John Phillips and Jack Shore scored $50,000 Performance Bonuses for their respective stoppages.

It was the company’s first appearance in Copenhagen and the event drew a sellout with 12,767 for a gate of $1.6 million at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Payout Perspective:

The big turnout for the company’s debut in the country reflects the continued advancement in popularity of the sport around the world.  It helps to have fighters in the region on the card that builds interest for the event.  Its clear that tapping new regions during its Fight Night events is a great way to build the sport and gain traction when promoting its brand.

Will the casual boxing fans buy Spence-Porter?

September 28, 2019

Saturday night Errol Spence meets Shawn Porter at Staples Center highlighting Fox’s latest PPV effort.  The PPV will be another test to see how much the pull of boxing PPV.

To its credit, Fox has backed this event with shoulder programming.  Notably, its PBC specific shows focusing on the fight have scored well in ratings in recent weeks.  PFC Face-to-Face featuring the two fighters averaged 334,000 last Sunday while PBC Fight Camp grabged 334,000 viewers.  Also, Porter appeared on Fox NFL Sunday for a segment which posted 4.817M viewers per Fox Media.  Fox promoting the fight during its NFL games have also assisted in getting a casual boxing fan to take notice of the PPV event Saturday.

The cross-promotion by Fox is similar to what it did for the UFC when the two companies were partners.  It helped for the UFC, will it help for the PBC?

One would think so.  But, if you are a fan that casually follows the sport, its hard not to forget the last Fox PPV (not including Manny Pacquiao).  Spence defeated Mikey Garcia this past March in what was an easy walkover for Spence over an overmatched, yet talented Garcia.  The matchup was a mismatch considering Garcia was fighting up in weight class which seemed to be a distinct disadvantage for him.  Yet, the PPV drew 360,000 buys for an event that drew over 47,000 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Can PBC replicate the same buy rate?  Kevin Iole doesn’t think so.

It’s hard not to disagree with this projection if you factor in what some may have seen in March with Spence-Garcia.  Yet, if you believe that the NFL push may have gain some traction with a casual fan, it could near what March’s PPV could do.

Certainly, there are some boxing fans that believe that the matchup is the ‘best you can do’ given that Terrence Crawford is a Top Rank promoted fighter.  Odds say that Spence wins via Unanimous Decision.  There is talk that the winner would face Manny Pacquiao although many would like to see the eventual showdown with Crawford.

For Spence, Saturday’s fight will help solidify him as a PPV draw.  He’s one of the best boxers in the world and despite his talent in the ring, he has not broken through as a recognizable star for the casual boxing fan.  There was the ratings for his one fight on NBC after the U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball team which drew 4.8 million viewers, but there was a set of circumstances (namely the Olympic team) that facilitated that big rating.  One wonders if another UD over Porter will get him the notoriety he deserves or will this be another stepping stone to either Pacquiao to get him mainstream praise.

In any event, Saturday’s PBC event at Staples Center should be interesting not for just the action in the ring but what transpires with business after.

NXT Episode 2 draws 1.006M viewers

September 27, 2019

The second episode of NXT on the USA Network scored 1.006 million viewers per Nielsen via ShowBuzz Daily.  The ratings reflect a decrease in viewership from last week’s rating of over 1.17 million viewers.

It was the second week of WWE programming on the USA Network as it gets a head start on Turner’s debut of All Elite Wrestling on TNT.  The competition will surely bring about the best in content for the pro wrestling fan.

With the news that AXS TV will carry Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night’s, we are seeing a renaissance for the pro wrestling fan.

Next week’s debut of AEW will certainly take away some live viewers from NXT although we will have to see the impact on how many households turn into wrestling Wednesday nights.

Endeavor calls a halt to IPO

September 26, 2019

Endeavor has shuttered its IPO which was set for Friday amid concerns of weak stock market demand.  Earlier in the day, the company had lowered expectations of its share price prior to making the announcement that it would delay the IPO.

The company anticipated raising $600 million with the IPO.  But investors seemed unimpressed with the company’s “road show” which was intended to entice those willing to stake a claim into the company.  According to a report in the New York Post this morning, the rumor from those in the know was that Endeavor was not receiving the buzz it wanted.

Notably, exercise equipment maker Peloton went public Thursday and its stock dipped from its initial opening price of $29.  Witnessing the treatment Peloton received on the Street seemed to be one of the reasons Endeavor decided to not go through with its IPO.  Similar to Peloton, Endeavor suffers from a high debt load – a characteristic that appears to be a concern with investors.

Moreover, the IPO market has not been kind to companies.  Similar to Peloton, Uber experienced a decline in its stock when it launched in May.  WeWork has had internal problems which postponed a potential IPO and now it appears that the company is unravelling.

Bringing a halt to the Endeavor IPO is a sign that investors are concerned with the debt that it currently holds.  According to The Motley Fool, Endeavor carried a $4.6 billion debt load and the IPO capital would have helped pay off one of its loans.

Via The Motley Fool:

It goes like this: in conjunction with its 2016 acquisition of UFC, UFC — now a subsidiary of Endeavor — issued $360 million preferred equity units. On Sept. 11, these preferred note-holders redeemed the notes at the earliest date possible (the third anniversary of the acquisition). Including interest and the early call premium, Endeavor quickly paid $537.7 million to these preferred equity holders. To do so, Endeavor used $77 million of cash on hand and drew $465 million of UFC First Lien Term Loans.

As a result of these maneuvers, The Motley Fool states that this may have put the company in violation of its debt covenants:

The company’s debt covenants say that Endeavor’s first-lien debt cannot exceed 7.5 times its adjusted EBITDA in certain circumstances, and drawing the extra $465 million for the UFC preferred notes should have brought first-lien debt load to about $4.97 billion. That’s a bit over 8.3 times the trailing 12-month adjusted EBITDA of $594 million.

One should note that it’s not the UFC that is the concern for the company.  The New York Post indicated that there was concern with the UFC’s competition.  However, more pressing may be the company’s dispute with the Writer’s Guild of America.  Additionally, the company’s inability to close a deal to acquire On Location Experience may have contributed to the demise of the IPO.

Internally, postponing (indefinitely) the IPO may hurt the employees that had hope to reap the benefits of an IPO.

What will happen next?  With the markets fluctuating, people concerned with a looming recession and investors turning their back on companies rich in content but heavy on debt, we may not know when or if Endeavor will announce an IPO.

Endeavor’s IPO faces weak opening according to report

September 26, 2019

The New York Post reports that Endeavor’s IPO is facing a weak opening.  The company goes public on Friday.

Earlier this week, the company anticipate to price the IPO at $30-$32 per share as it will open on the New York Stock Exchange under the EDR ticker symbol.  However, the New York Post reports that the price range could fall “as low as $25 to $26 per share.”  Although a remote option, the Post notes that a source indicated that it may pull the IPO but that option is less likely.

The belief, according to the Post article, is that investors were not impressed with the “road show.”  The company has positioned itself as a “growth company that can seize on the volatility of the media industry.”  However, “there are some concerns about the company’s portfolio.” One of which is the UFC.  The article notes that the UFC, “Endeavor’s biggest earnings driver, is facing an influx of competition…”

Notably, on Wednesday, Peloton the fitness startup that sells its own subscription-based exercise equipment priced at $29 per share which was at the high-end of the expected range.

Payout Perspective:

Its hard to tell whether the article is based on speculation or if there is truth to the concern that the IPO is in jeopardy.  WeWork has delayed its IPO indefinitely as its valuation has collapsed due to issues with its infrastructure and the ousting of its founder and CEO.  But, Endeavor will not experience such a collapse.  But its initial offering could fail to meet expectations based upon the article.  The UFC facing an “influx of competition” seems far-fetched even if they believe the finances of One Championship.  Certainly, Bellator is an established organization in the U.S. but falls far from usurping the chokehold the UFC has on the MMA industry.  The article could be a way as to temper expectations if Friday’s opening fails to yield the support it desires.  What will be interesting is seeing how this will determine how the UFC’s expectation of its own IPO evolves in the not-too-distant future.

PFL announces partnership with DraftKings

September 25, 2019

The Professional Fighters League announced a partnership with DraftKings starting with the 2019 PFL Playoffs Bracket Challenge.  The press release indicates that MMA fans will have two opportunities to “earn up to $50,000.”

The details on how to play from the press release:

The 2019 PFL Playoffs Bracket Challenge is free and easy to play. Fans will need to pick the winners of each quarterfinal fight, then pick two fighters from the overall bracket that they think will advance to the championship. Semifinal picks are worth double. The women’s lightweight playoffs on October 11 are semifinals only. All picks will have to be locked in before the fights begin, and a leaderboard will update rankings at the conclusion of each playoff round so players can see how they size up against the competition.

Each PFL playoff event will pay out $10,000 split equally among players with the highest total points. Players with the highest total points across all three fight nights will have a chance to earn up to $30,000. Entrants must be 21 years or older to participate.

The 2019 PFL World Championship Pick ‘Em contest is presented by Presidente. For each weight class, players will earn points every time they pick the outright match winner, in addition to how a fighter won, in what round, and at what time they won. A leaderboard will update player rankings at the conclusion of each fight, and up to $20,000 of prize money is up for grabs. Additionally, DraftKings will run a social sweepstakes for a trip to New York and VIP ticket package to the 2019 PFL World Championship.

Payout Perspective:

One Championship recently released details of its own Fantasy Game in which fans can use its app to play where they pick winners from a card.  Similarly, PFL’s game will engage fans as the 2019 Playoffs begin next month.  After what feels like a hiatus from the Fantasy Sports frenzy, it seems to be back.  Certainly, the picking of winners and creative ways to have fans interested in the fights could/should/will lead to the eventual move to gambling on the events.

PBC on FS1 draws 282,000 viewers

September 24, 2019

PBC on FS1 Saturday night drew 282,000 viewers per Nielsen via ShowBuzz Daily. The event featured Alfredo Angulo as he defeated Peter Quillin via split decision.

The event took place in Bakersfield, California at the Rabobank Arena.

In addition, Thomas Dulorme defeated Terrel Williams in a co-feature on the event.

Payout Perspective:

This past August, PBC on FS1 drew 345,000 viewers making it the best rating on the network since January. The 282,000 viewers is fairly strong for this event and at a late time slot on Saturday night.

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