Show Money Special Edition: UFC Antitrust Lawsuit Expert Hearings

August 26, 2019

It’s a special edition of Show Money with myself, John and Paul recording from a Tony Roma’s in downtown Vegas after attending the first day of the UFC Antitrust Evidentiary Hearings.

Some observations:

– Judge Boulware is very active and is pushing the parties along with the direct.  He wants to get to the models for both the experts to determine whether he should certify the class of litigants.

– Judge Boulware does not want impeachment on cross examination, or any information outside the scope of the expert reports.

-Any quotes from the UFC or about the UFC which may have been seen by the public as damaging were not entertained by the Court.  Judge Boulware was strictly interested in the experts and regression analysis.

-Cross exam for the UFC did not go well as Judge Boulware would not entertain attempts to discredit the work of Singer from depos or other information.

– Jon Fitch and Kliff Kingsbury were in attendance for the whole day and plan to be there the whole week.

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