Pro boxer wins fight, earns nothing per commission records

August 16, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from Showtime Boxing’s Next Generation event held July 12th.  The payout sheets were released by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

The event aired on Showtime with the main event being Jermaine Franklin and Jerry Forrest in a battle of heavyweights.

Franklin made $25,000 to show and another $25,000 for his victory over Forrest.  Despite his losing effort, Forrest earned $50,000 for the matchup.

The rest of the payouts for the card are as follows:

Constantine Bejenaru  $6,000 defeated

Jose Corral  $3,600


Giovanni Cabrera-Mioletti  $7,975 (originally payout was deducted $25 for license) defeated

Luis Porozo $6,947.50  (30% deduction from $10K payout for taxes)


Eric Hunter  $0 (Original payout of $100 deducted for missing weight)

German Meraz  $5,518 (Original $5,300 payout was deducted for medicals)

Payout Perspective:

The most notably lack of a payout goes to Eric Hunter.  He won his fight against German Meraz but was penalized for not making weight.  Hunter, a boxer with a 22-4 professional record, was only scheduled to make $100 for this fight.  This is brutal for the Philly-based fighter who flew all the way tot he west coast for a $100 purse.  One has to assume that he is being compensated elsewhere although the department of license does not have the payout reported.

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