Payouts, net gate information from Top Rank Boxing event August 17th

August 30, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payout sheet from the August 17th event at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, California.  The $501,500 total reported purse has Jessie Magdaleno and Emmanuel Navarrete as the top earners making $125K a piece.

Per a CSAC records request, MMA Payout was provided with the payouts as follows:

Elvis Rodriguez  $6,000 def.

Jesus Gonzales  $3,000

Brian Mendoza $10,000 def.

Rosemberg Gomez  $5,000

Dmitry Yun  $5,000 def.

Javier Martinez $3,500

Javier Molina $20,000  def.

Manuel Mendez  $8,500

Chris Van Heerden  $20,000 def.

Aslanbek Kozaev  $10,000

Janibek Alimkhanuly $12,500 def.

Stuart McLellan $5,000

Arnold Barboza, Jr.  $50,000 def

Ricky Sismundo  $8,000

Jessie Magdaleno  $125,000 def.

Rafael Rivera $10,000

Emmanuel Navarrete $125,000 def.

Francisco De Vaca  $75,000

The Commission records show that the Top Rank event drew 5,529 fans in which 1,469 were sold for total receipts of $87,090.00.  There were $1,173.48 worth of comp tickets paid for by Top Rank. After adjustments, the net house for the event drew $79,800.85.  Also, Top Rank paid fees to the state of $40,892.63.

Payout Perspective:

If you do the quick math, the roster payout was slightly over half a million dollars and Top Rank netted slightly less than $39,000 from the gate.  This was geared to telecast but one can see the great expenditures the promotion is taking in these events with the anticipation that the bigger events will compensate for these where it looks like they are losing money.

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