The cat-like Will Osperay doesn’t back down

July 5, 2019

The Aerial Assassin is an appropriate nickname for Will Osperay. He is one of the most acrobatic and exciting workers in any wrestling ring.

His recent twitter feud with WWE superstar Seth Rollins has gained more eyes for the UK star.  As New Japan begins its G-1 Tournament with the first stop in the United States, Osperay will be one to watch.  Of course, if you’ve seen him in the ring, he’s always been one to watch.

The current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion will take on native Texan Lance Archer at the G1 Climax as part of one of the “A” Block Tournament matches.  It will be a unique, one-time home turf advantage for Archer as the Japanese-based company makes its first-ever stateside appearance for the tournament.


Osperay earned the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title with a highlight-filled match against Shinjo Tagaki at Best of the Super Juniors this past June.  He is just one of two junior heavyweights to earn entrance in the G1 this year.

His cat-like ability to land on his feet is one of the most stunning things about his style.  Trained at the London School of Lucha Libre, Ospreay has taken his style to new heights.

He hasn’t backed down after responding to a tweet that he feels as good as any WWE superstar.  In fact, he told SI that his championship is more prestigious than Rollins’ Universal title.

“My championship is a little bit more prestigious than your championship,” said Ospreay. “More power to him, good luck, but my string of matches from this year alone has a lot of people talking about what I can do, and I’ll focus on that instead of what Seth Rollins is doing on social media.”

The two exchanged unpleasantries via social media with the WWE superstar rethinking his position.  Ospreay agreed to the détente with the two moving on.

The social media battle showed the fearlessness and unabashed confidence of the cruiserweight.  He’s complemented his sublime aerial style with some ground tactics to make him one of the best all-around in-ring talents in professional wrestling.

His match last week at Southern Showdown in Australia showed that he could also tell a story in his match with Robbie Eagles.

All signs point to Ospreay remaining in his spot on the New Japan roster and not looking to jump to AEW or WWE.  Despite the possibility of more U.S. visibility like Ricochet or Kenny Omega, Ospreay is staying put where he can put on spectacular 20 minute matches without restraint.

And for that we should be happy.  Ospreay will start off the G-1 Saturday night in Dallas and on AXS TV.  It will be one of the few instances you can see him stateside.

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