Jon Jones in trouble again after revelation of incident at strip club in April

July 22, 2019

An Albuquerque, New Mexico television station, KRQE, reported that Jon Jones is being charged with battery for an incident that happened at a local strip club this pat April.  A bench warrant was issued for Jones as he failed to show for failing to show at a mandatory hearing.

Jones’ spokesperson stated that the light heavyweight champion did not know of the charges.  They also deny any wrongdoing and claim that this was a false allegation.

According to the report based on a police investigation Jones slapped a waitress inappropriately and “pulled her down to his lap and kissed her neck.”  She also told police that he placed her in a chokehold and picked her up off the ground.

While there seems to be more to investigate before drawing a conclusion, prosecutors believe that there was enough to charge Jones with battery.

Payout Perspective:

Jones seemingly was in a good place with his life and career and his victory in July highlighted the fact he is the top star in the promotion and at the peak of his career.  But Jon Jones’ worst enemy may be himself.  While its not known the veracity of the claims made by the waitress, the fact that he was in another situation where things could go wrong is an ongoing flaw with the otherwise unflappable fighter in the Octagon.  Moreover, the fact that this incident seemed to be swept under the rug of anyone covering the sport highlights the issues with reporting that is a question mark to all that are fans.

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