Khabib gets new deal with GSP clause, but first up is Poirier September 7th

June 4, 2019

Khabib Nurmagomedov has signed a new contract with the UFC and his first fight under the new deal is against Dustin Poirier on September 7th in Abu Dhabi.

The fight to unite the UFC lightweight titles will happen at a yet to be named venue in Abu Dhabi.  In addition, Khabib’s new contract will include a possible match-up with GSP.

Presumably, if Georges St-Pierre ever decides to come out of retirement, Khabib will have an opportunity to fight him.  Depending on when and if it happens, it could be one of the biggest-selling fights in recent memory.  The announced clause, also sends out a flare to St-Pierre that Khabib is interested.  Rumors had it that the UFC shot down the thought of GSP fighting the lightweight champion.

As for the fight with Poirier, it should be one to look forward to this fall as the Louisiana-natives is on a hot streak and will take on Khabib who will be coming off of almost a year long break from fighting. The fight will get international press as the intent all along was to have this match in Abu Dhabi.

The results of the fight could have signs a big ending to 2019 with the possibility of Conor McGregor for the winner.

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