Barthelemy-Easter top Showtime Boxing event payouts

May 2, 2019

MMA Payout has obtained the payouts from the Nevada Athletic Commission regarding Saturday’s Showtime Event at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Main eventers Robert Easter, Jr and Rances Barthelemy earned the most on the card earning $250,000 each.

Robert Easter, Jr: $250,000

Rances Barthelemy: $250,000

Viktor Postol: $20,000

Mohammed Mimoune;  $20,000

Efe Ajagba: $15,000

Michael Wallisch:  $20,000

Terrel Williams:  $15,000

Justin Deloach:  $11,000

Daniel Guzman:  $1,500

Fernando Ibarra:  $1,500

Flavio Rodriguez:  $4,000

Gaku Takahashi:  $3,500

Yovani Rodarte:  $4,000

Clay Burns:  $3,000

Burley Brooks:  $2,000

Steven Crowfield:  $2,000

Ranfils Encarnacion:  $8,000

Joe Bustos:  $1,500

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