Ahead of the biggest event of its year, WWE files TRO to protect its trademarks

April 5, 2019

As wrestling fans descend on New York for Wrestlemania weekend, the WWE has filed a preemptory complaint to ward off trademark infringers that may sell merchandise bearing trademarks owned by the company.

In a verified complaint filed in New York, it requested that the Court issue a temporary restraining order and seizure against sales of goods with counterfeit marks.  Essentially this would enable the WWE to immediately stop the bootleg sale of goods on the spot.

As a part of the request, WWE has included a schedule of its 2019-2020 live events schedule to obtain relief for the rest of the year.  It claims that it has encountered counterfeiters at other events and requests the Court’s order.

Complaint by on Scribd

The WWE brings up the fact that when it held Wrestlemania in New Jersey in 2013, it requested and was granted the same thing.

As for why it needs an order to confiscate counterfeit merchandise, the WWE cites the poor quality of the knockoffs.  Since this motion was done without naming defendants, it felt the need to let the court know of several cases that the court denied in the past.  This included the questions of why the WWE could not name defendants and the potential for a lack of jurisdiction as a result.

Payout Perspective:

As one might expect, the WWE aggressively protects its trademarks and with a huge event such as Wrestlemania, it’s clear that they do not want anything or anyone to get in their way including those that may want to make some money off of their name

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