Spence-Garcia draws a reported 300,000 buys

March 20, 2019

The Errol Spence-Mikey Garcia PPV drew a reported 300,000 PPV buys in initial reports and could rise to as much as 400,000 buys per Mike Coppinger.

The PPV event was the first Fox boxing PPV which took place at Jerry Jones’ Cowboys Stadium.  The PBC event was heavily promoted throughout Fox’s various platforms.

Spence defeated Garcia in a yawner of a main event.  After the fight, Spence challenged Manny Pacquiao to a fight.  Pacquiao, who was in attendance, seemed nonplussed by the challenge.

Payout Perspective:

The reported buy rate goes to the power of the marketing behind this event.  The card was stacked with mismatches including the main event.  Yet, the buy rate exceeded the amount of the hardcore boxing fan.  This would infer, in my opinion, that the promotion on Fox helped facilitate the amount of casual boxing fans to purchase the PPV.  The fact that the prelims only scored slightly over 400K PPV buys tells one that many had already decided on buying the fight.  For the PPV debuts of Spence and Garcia, this has to be a pleasing result.

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