Dillashaw drops bantamweight title after adverse drug test finding

March 20, 2019

In a surprise announcement, former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw announced that he was vacating his title after he received an adverse finding related to his January fight against Henry Cejudo.  The New York State Athletic Commission has issued a one-year suspension per ESPN.

Via Dillashaw’s Instagram:


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Due to USADA’s rule that it would not disclose provisional suspensions to the public until a resolution, we would not have known of this until a decision.  But, Dillashaw decided to voluntarily make it known to his fans via his Instagram account.

Payout Perspective:

Dillashaw’s weight cut for the Cejudo fight was well documented by ESPN.  The article includes a now ominous photo of a dozen or more supplements that Dillashaw was utilizing in preparation for his fight. One would assume that one or more of those supplements may have been the culprit which caused the adverse finding.  While some may have fought the ruling, it seems as though he will not dispute the New York State Athletic Commission suspension.  He still has USADA discipline to face which might include up to two more years from fighting although there have been instances where suspensions are reduced for mitigating circumstances.

The news stifles Cejudo’s quest for a rematch against Dillashaw to obtain the Flyweight and Bantamweight titles.  He still may go after the title and a potential matchup with Marlon Moraes is being fought on twitter.

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