1 million buys for Spence-Garcia? Not out of question according to Schaefer

March 15, 2019

1 million PPV buys?

Richard Schaefer claims that it’s possible for this Saturday’s Errol Spence-Mikey Garcia fight at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.  In a piece by Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, he indicated that the fight has sold over 35,000 tickets as of Thursday.

Spence-Garcia will be the first PPV for both fighters.  It has received the promotional push on all of Fox Sports’ platforms on behalf of PBC.  The estimated buy rate for the event is 300,000 but Schaefer seemed to think that the number was out of line with his belief of how the fight was trending.

FS1 has given the PPV event this Saturday a push with PBC shoulder programming.  Last week’s PBC on Fox gave casual fans another reminder.

But 1 million PPV buys is a lofty goal. The GGG-Canelo Alvarez fights were the last two boxing events to draw over 1 million PPV buys.

Payout Perspective:

Schaefer stressed the fans that are coming to event to back Garcia.  This would account for the massive amount of tickets being sold according to Schaefer.  But the true test of this event will be how it will do on PPV.  With the UFC running a show in the afternoon, Saturday night belongs to this event.  PBC has done as much as it could to promote this event via Fox in order to introduce the casual fan to Spence and Garcia. The question will be is whether that translates into a $75 purchase.  If the event draws 300,000 buys I would suggest it a success considering that the heavyweight bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder hit 325,000.  Of course, Schaefer is a promoter so 1 million is an aspirational projection not a concrete number.

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