UFC unveils new championship belt

January 18, 2019

The UFC unveiled its new title belt on Friday prior to its debut on ESPN.  The belt replaces the old UFC belt and has some new features to it.

The belt was to be unveiled at UFC 232 but with the Jon Jones fiasco, the UFC did not want the unveiling to be buried.

The Legacy championship belt will be given to the winner of the Henry Cejudo-T.J. Dillashaw Flyweight title bout.

The belt weight a little over 10 pounds and 8 countries are represented on the front plate by flags of the countries of the first UFC champions.  There are 25 stones which represent 25 years of the UFC. The left plate will be customized for every fighter that wins one.  It will have their name and weight class as well as their nation’s flag. For every successful title defense, there will be a red stone.

One notable change is that champions will receive one belt unless they fight for the belt in another division.  It replaces the old UFC custom of awarding a new belt for each defense. So there will be no scenes like this anymore:

Payout Perspective:

The new belt has received mixed reviews.  While the belt seems to be well-thought out with some nice touches in reference to its history, it also seems like an unnecessary makeover for the sake of a makeover.  The unveiling makes sense this weekend, its debut on ESPN.  We’ll see if the sales of replica belts take off like it has in pro wrestling.

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