Jon Jones enrolls in VADA testing

December 25, 2018

On Monday, ESPN reported that Jon Jones has enrolled into VADA as a result of UFC 232 being moved to California from Nevada.  Previously, Jones had turned down the suggestion by the California commissioners to enroll in VADA.

According to the ESPN story, a condition of Jones receiving his license was enrolling in the VADA program.  Jones is also committed to the UFC Anti-Doping Program conducted by USADA.

UFC 232, which occurs this Saturday was abruptly changed from Las Vegas, Nevada to Inglewood, California due to an out-of-competition test which was flagged by USADA for metabolites of the same banned substance Jones tested positive for in July 2017.  The UFC and USADA indicated that the test were remnants from July 2017 despite the fact that he had cleared several drug tests between then and now.

Payout Perspective:

Putting aside the PR gaffes going on here with Jones and his lawyer deciding not to let Jones go into VADA testing last week (with the knowledge of the failed out-of-competition test) and now deciding to sign up for it when essentially forced into the program, the question of this event is an issue.  Displaced fighters and fans have really made this event hard to support.  With additional testing, it puts a little more stress on Jones and also brings up the concern that he may not pass a drug test which would make this whole situation another catastrophe with Jon Jones at the center.

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