Jon Jones declines California’s suggestion of VADA testing

December 19, 2018

MMA Junkie reports that Jon Jones is skipping VADA testing despite the recommendation by the California State Athletic Commission earlier this month.  He is scheduled to return to the Octagon on December 29th at UFC 232.

CSAC recently granted Jones a license to fight ahead of next Saturday’s Light Heavyweight showdown with Alexander Gustafsson.  Some of the commissioners at the hearing opined that maybe getting tested by VADA would dismiss any further speculation about Jones using PEDs.

Via MMA Junkie:

As a sweetener, the commission essentially agreed to pay for the extra effort, subtracting the costs of VADA’s fees from a $205,000 fine Jones paid for a positive steroid test at UFC 214 that also cost him his license. Initially, Jones appeared open to the idea of testing. Jacobs later qualified that his client was “agreeable in principle” to VADA but needed to see the fine print of what was required.

Howard Jacobs, Jones’ attorney, told MMA Junkie that there were “some issues” with the CSAC suggestion. VADA is known to many as an alternative to USADA when it comes to athlete drug testing.  It conducts comprehensive “Olympic style” drug testing and passes test results directly to athletic commissions.  It also does not conduct its own results management.

Jones had failed a drug test at UFC 214 held in Anaheim, California in July 2017 which required him to return to the jurisdiction of California to seek a license.

Payout Perspective:

In addition to the NSAC testing, Jones will be subject the standard USADA testing under the UFC Anti-Doping Program.  Declining to the VADA testing can be seen as a hit against his public image but I’m not sure if its too much of a hit considering that most of his strongest critics are MMA fans.  The additional VADA testing can be just intrusive especially if he is still subject to Nevada and USADA.  Also, there is an inference that there were additional strings attached.  Yet, if turns up with another failed test, this could spell the end for Jones.

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