UFC introduces product that tracks punching statistics

October 23, 2018

The UFC has announced the launch of a first-ever UFC Force Tracker smart device for heavy bags.  According to a UFC press release, the launch is in partnership with CSG Taiwan Limited.  IMG negotiated the multi-year licensing agreement between the UFC and CSG Taiwan Limited.

Per the UFC press release, “[t]he UFC Force Tracker is a Bluetooth enabled smart device that records an individual’s speed, power and endurance when training with a heavy or free-standing punching bag.  The device connects with the Xforce Tracker mobile app for iOS and Android devices to record and store the user’s progress.  The mobile app also allows users to compare training statistics with others via the global online leaderboard.”

The device connects with the bottom of a heavy bag or the top of a free-standing punching bag.  The product is sold via retail at Walmart.com and other online and retail distributors in Europe and Asia.

Payout Perspective:

Statistics in sport is a rising industry and one can see this product being used in UFC Gyms as well as other MMA/boxing-type gyms.  The device can be used to track progress in training as well as there being a social aspect to compare use with others.  While it is not reported on as much as its PPV/sponsorships, the licensing of the UFC brand name and products is another source of revenue for the company.  In conjunction with its gyms, we could see more of these products being launched.

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