UFC-Bas Rutten partner to market Bas Body Action System

September 13, 2018

The UFC announced that it has partnered with Hall of Famer Bas Rutten to launch the UFC Bas Body Action System.  It is the same system that Rutten has marketed in the past.

Via UFC press release:

The agreement, negotiated by IMG, allows Rutten, a former UFC heavyweight champion and three-time King of Pancrase, to produce a UFC branded edition of his patented MMA training device to sell online and at select retailers globally.

Developed by Rutten to maximize and revolutionize martial arts training, the Body Action System has a patented design that incorporates a head pad for strikes, hooks and uppercuts; a torso pad for punches, elbows and knees; and a focus pad to offer greater mass for core training, side-to-side striking, and kicks.

“The UFC | BAS Body Action System combines a complete training device for MMA with the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization,” Rutten said. “This system is the closest thing having a real sparring partner with you inside the Octagon, and it’s a fantastic all-in-one system that delivers a world-class workout!”

Notably, the Bas Body Action System filed for its trademark with the USPTO in March 2018.  An Office Action has been filed for an apparent likelihood of confusion with a registered mark Body Action.

Payout Perspective:

One could see that the system can be used with UFC Gym’s and developed into a class.  The system is similar to the one that Bas has marketed in the past.  The home fitness market is a big industry and this type of training would be much better than actual sparring where injury is imminent.

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